The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 5 Episode 11

Granny Lives It Up

Aired Unknown Nov 23, 1966 on CBS
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Granny Lives It Up
The family is doing spring-cleaning when there is a knock on the door. John Cushing comes to take Granny out. When Drysdale finds out, he gets Mrs. Drysdale’s father, who was in Vegas and is sent to Beverly Hills with his “financial advisors” (Las Vegas showgirls), to also sweep Granny off her feet. Soon she is juggling both Mr. Farquhar and Mr. Cushing, trying to decide. But both men give up and head to Las Vegas with the two financial advisors, and Granny goes back to her spring-cleaning.moreless

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    Jo Ann Pflug

    Jo Ann Pflug

    girl #1

    Guest Star

    Charlie Ruggles

    Charlie Ruggles

    Lowell Redlings Farquhar

    Guest Star

    Anne Newman-Mantee

    Anne Newman-Mantee

    girl #2

    Guest Star

    Roy Roberts

    Roy Roberts

    John Cushing

    Recurring Role

    Harriet MacGibbon

    Harriet MacGibbon

    Mrs. Margaret Drysdale

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • We learn that Granny is 77 years old when Elly wishes that she could have that much fun when she gets to be Granny's age, meaning Granny was born in about November 1889.

    • QUOTES (10)

      • (Jed comments on the giraffe Cushing bought for Granny as a present)
        Jed: Some neck.
        Granny: Yeah. But all he done was buy me a stuffed animal.

      • (Elly brings Granny her courting cider)
        Jed: This ain't your hard stuff, is it?
        Granny: Course not.
        (Jed walks over to the fire place with a glass of cider and tosses the cider in, creating the fire to blaze greatly)
        Granny: Well, it might have a little edge to it.
        Jed: Edge? This stuff will strip paint!
        Granny: Well I don't wanna end up with another stuffed animal.

      • Jed: Elly, you take this courtin' cider and put it back in the keg, real gentle.
        Elly: But Pa, Granny was countin' on this to help Mr. Cushing to fall for her quicker.
        Jed: Might help him fall quicker, but he'll be a lot longer gettin' up.

      • (Elly tells Jed how Granny is running from room to room for Lowell and John)
        Jed: Leave it to Granny to fish two cricks at once.
        Elly: I sure will be glad when I get to be seventy seven, have me some fun.

      • (Jed plans to talk to the two financial advisors, while Jethro is trying to talk to them)
        Jed: Come back later boy. Girls, I need ya help. Ya see, I got sixty two million dollars.
        Lill: Sixty two million?
        Jed: Yes ma'am.
        Jill: Wow.
        Jethro: But Uncle Jed, I-
        Lill and Jill: Come back later boy.

      • (Lowell brings Granny an orchid to wear)
        Lowell: May I pin it on?
        Granny: I thought ya brought it fer me?

      • (Granny is trying to decide between Lowell and John when Mrs. Drysdale visits)
        Granny: If I was to marry your Pa, and you was my step-daughter, would we visit every day, cook together, sew together, and be real close friends?
        Mrs. Drysdale: Absolutely not.
        Granny: (whispering) Shucks! He's still in the runnin'.

      • (Cushing gives Granny a present)
        Granny: Oh, a comb for my hair!
        Cushing: Yes. It's very old.
        Granny: Well, your hair ain't exactly young.

      • (Farquhar introduces his two financial advisors, two young, attractive Vegas show girls)
        Farquhar: Milburn, meet Lill and Jill.
        Lill: Hi.
        Jill: Hello there.
        Farquhar: I can't remember which is which
        Lill: I'm Lill.
        Jill: I'm Jill.
        Drysdale: I'm ill.

      • (Jed says that Granny can put her money in Mr. Cushing's bank if she wants)
        Jed: That's one fourth of everything I got, whatever that comes to.
        Cushing: Uh, fifteen million, seven hundred and eight six thousand, uh, four hundred and twelve dollars and twenty two cents. Approximately.
        Jed: Well, no use splitin' hairs.

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