The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 2 Episode 25

Granny Versus the Weather Bureau

Aired Unknown Mar 25, 1964 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • (Jed goes to talk to Addison about Granny and her threats to the Weather Bureau)
      Addison: Did you say Granny?
      Jed: Well, her real name is Daisy.
      Addison: You mean Hurricane Daisy?
      Jed: That's the one.
      Addison: Yes, she is beginning to give us trouble. We just started tracking her.
      Jed: I was afraid of that. But couldn't you just forget about her? She ain't doin' no harm.
      Addison: Not now perhaps, but if she ever moves North, there's no estimating the damage she might do.
      Jed: I think I can promise ya she ain't gonna move north.
      Addison: Well, I wish the government Weather Bureau could be as certain as you are. No, I'm afraid we cannot ignore a force as potentially dangerous as Hurricane Daisy.
      Jed: What are you plannin' to do?
      Addison: Well, we're going to try something new with Daisy. We're going to fly over her with high altitude Air Force jets.
      Jed: You mean a airplane?
      Addison: Bombers, the biggest we've got. And we're gonna drop silver iodine and dry ice right in her eye!
      (Jed stands up, angry)
      Jed: Mr. Addison, government or no government, I reckon I can't let cha do that.
      Addison: Well, with all do respect Sir, I hardly see how you're going to stop us.
      Jed: Well maybe not, but I'm gonna do my best.
      Addison: What are you, a hurricane lover? Please believe me Mr. Clampett, Daisy is a violent, destructive force. She's unpredictable; she's dangerous!
      Jed: I grant cha all that Mr. Addison, but she's still my mother-in-law.