The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 8 Episode 26

Honesty is the Best Policy

Aired Unknown Mar 18, 1970 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Spanish - English dictionary, as according to Honest John:
      Iguana – pleasure
      Tacos – rude
      Tortilla – marvelous
      Oy vey – unbelievable
      Escondido Avocado – money
      Guadalajara – love you/forgive you
      Yuck – on a diet
      Sierra Madre – Mother (a term of endearment)
      Caper – a Spanish delicacy made of olives and wine
      Flo – a term of endearment Honest John uses for his "mother"
      Jersey City – a quaint little hamlet nestled in the hills of Barcelona

  • Quotes

    • (Drysdale refuses to give Jed the money)
      Jed: You're acting awful tacos. You should be more tortilla.
      Jane: Tortilla?
      Jed: Yeah. It's a good thing Granny ain't here to see him.
      Jane: I believe you're talking about a thin, crusty, corn product.
      Jed: That's Granny.

    • (Granny mentions the front hall safe behind the mirror)
      John: You keep goat cheese in it?
      Granny: Well, I used to keep it in my root cellar, but the Board of Health made me take it out.

    • (Granny gives Flo some of her tonic, after she fainted from the smell of Granny's goat cheese)
      Flo: Holy cow!
      John: Very religious woman, my mother. You see, in Spain, the cow is sacred. The bulls, they don't treat too well.

    • (Flo and Shifty are talking about their plan to trick the Clampetts)
      Flo: What if they say something to me in Spanish?
      Shifty: Are you kidding? They can barely speak English.

    • (After Flo had some of Granny's tonic, she is feeling very sensitive)
      Flo: Shame on you. How can you be so rotten?
      John: What's rotten? C'mon, let's go. Driver, the bag!
      Flo: NO! This belongs to the sweetest people in the whole world. And you're not gonna take it from them. You crook!
      John: Flo!
      Flo: Sierra Madre to you.
      John: Oh boy.
      Flo: Those sweet people in there never gave us anything but iguana, and now you wanna be tacos! I'll never Guadalajara you again!

    • (Drysdale feels sick after learning the truth of Jed's plan)
      Jed: Granny will have you feeling iguana in no time.
      Jane: Iguana is a great big lizard.
      Jed: No ma'am, it's a big pleasure.

    • Granny: You could have met Jed's partner and his Sierra Madre.
      Jane: Sierra Madre is a mother mountain.
      Jed: Well, she was kinda stout, but I wouldn't go that far.

    • (Flo is crying after having some of Granny's tonic, wanting to give the money back)
      Jed: Why is your Mama cryin'?
      Honest John: Homesick. Homesick for the place of her birth.
      Flo: Jersey City.
      Honest John: Um, quaint little hamlet nestled in the hills of Barcelona.

    • (Granny tells Jane about the plan to drill a hole through the mountain to get rid of smog, but not for oil)
      Jane: I trust that Mr. Clampett's secret partner is a qualified engineer.
      Granny: Oh, I don't think they's gonna run a train through the tunnel. Just smog.

    • (Honest John introduced his "mother," actually his wife, to the Clampetts, and she keeps repeating the same phrase)
      John: Not only does she speak no English, she speaks very little Spanish.

    • Jane: Chief, Mr. Clampett is you friend, your largest depositor, your benefactor. How can you undercut him?
      Drysdale: That's what I'm trying to figure out. How?

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