The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 8 Episode 23

Hotel for Women

Aired Unknown Feb 25, 1970 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Jethro says how the girls in the secretarial pool of the Commerce Bank are very pretty. But in some episodes before this, the secretaries of the bank are described as either plain or ugly. They don't measure up to the girls of the bank in this season.

    • For some reason, Jethro couldn't get into the mansion. But Jed was able to - by going through the back door. Why didn't Jethro just walk around the house and enter from the entrance in the kitchen to get in?

  • Quotes

    • (Jethro comes down the stairs dressed like a woman so he can sneak into Shorty's party)
      Jed: Oh, howdy ma'am.
      Jethro: Hi Uncle Jed.
      Jed: Jethro? Is that you?
      Jethro: Yes sir. Guess you're wonderin' what I'm doin' in this getup.
      Jed: It did cross my mind.

    • (Jed examines the stockings hanging to dry, one particular pair)
      Jed: These seems to be considerably bigger than these others.
      Shorty: Uh yeah, well, uh, them belong to Jethro!
      Jed: Jethro wears this stuff too?
      Shorty: Yeah, looks great in em. You oughtta see him.
      Jed: I ain't so sure I'd like to.

    • Gloria: Oh don't you know? Shorty and I were married.
      Helen: Really?
      Gloria: Yeah, for about an hour.
      Helen: Well, for Hollywood, I guess that isn't bad.

    • Jed: How's everything up to the mansion?
      Shorty: Great! Just great!
      Elly: If ya get lonesome, ya can come get Bossy.
      Shorty: No, I'll let Granny stay here.

    • (The family can't find Granny in the house anywhere)
      Jethro: Oh, please don't let no harm come to my darlin' little Granny!
      Jed: That's real touching, boy.
      Jethro: Well, I sure don't wanna hafta eat Elly's cookin'.

    • Jed: And let me give you some advice.
      Shorty: What's that?
      Jed: Put on your long johns before you get back home.
      Shorty: What cha mean?
      Jed: It may be alright in Hollywood, but you wear that fancy underwear back in the hills and they'll ride you outta town on a rail.

    • (Jed sees the secretary's underwear hanging in the kitchen, which Shorty says is his)
      Jed: When did ya take to wearing stuff like this?
      Shorty: Just since I come to Hollywood.

    • Jed: Well, two heads are better than one.
      Granny: Not when one of em's Jethro.

    • Jethro: Jetsetters don't slop hogs!
      Jed: They don't huh?
      Jethro: No sir. Uh-uh. No! We jets around betwixt Paris, Rome, and tequila, and drinks Sokopoco.

    • (Elly tells Jed if he wants to stay in the mansion, Elly will do the cooking)
      Elly: Well, I need the practice.
      Jed: True. True.

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