The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 7 Episode 19

Jed Clampett Enterprises

Aired Unknown Feb 05, 1969 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Drysdale mentions that it was Cratchit who started the petition to have Christmas Day off, and Cratchit says that he whipped him for this. Neither of these could really be gotten away with. With the exception of hospitals, nursing homes, police stations, fire departments, and a few other places, businesses are closed on Christmas, including banks. And as for Drysdale whipping Cratchit, he could have gotten in massive trouble for that, since it is a form of assualt. Plus, bosses are not allowed to physically abuse their employees.

    • The Clampetts see a picture of Rock Hudson in their offices, but don't recognize him. However, when they first visited their movie studio, Mammoth Pictures, they saw a scene from a movie which starred Rock. Did they forget him after that?

  • Quotes

    • Drysdale: Just pack them up and clear out!
      Jethro: You keep this up and I'm gonna move to another building!
      Drysdale: Great!
      Jethro: You're flirting with professional suicide. One word from me and you'll never work in another picture.
      Drysdale: I don't work in pictures, never have worked in pictures, and never will work in pictures!
      Jethro: See what I mean? Don't fool with Mr. Show Business.
      Drysdale: Jethro, just pack up your stable, your stooges, your stuff, and scram!
      Jethro: I'm gonna give you one more chance. Do I get my private projection room, sauna bath, and media port?
      Drysdale: Never!
      Jethro: I just want a straight yes or no answer.
      Drysdale: It's no.
      Jethro: Make up your mind!
      Drysdale: Out! Get out!
      Jethro: That's tears it doll! You can beg all you want! I'm movin' out!

    • (Jed tells Granny putting a sign under Rock Hudson reading "Teeth By Granny" isn't truthful)
      Granny: It's good to have a honest partner. Ain't much fun in it, but it's good.

    • Jethro: Elly May, you can't ask a boy genius to do something like that.
      Elly May: Well I ain't. I'm askin' you.

    • (Granny gives Jed some of her scalp stimulator)
      Jed: That stuff kinda smarts Granny.
      Granny: Well, that's a sign it's getting' right down to the roots.
      Jed: It feels like it done hit bone.
      Granny: Good.
      Jed: What's in that stuff?
      Granny: Oh, mostly turpentine, ginger, with a lye base.

    • (Jethro's limo drives up, and to keep Jed and Granny out of sight, he throws a sheet over them. He gets in and drives away)
      Granny: Jed, did you see that?!
      Jed: No Granny, I missed that.

    • (Drysdale is trying to think of customers for the new business the Clampetts have, suggesting orphans and the elderly)
      Jane: To victimize poor, weak, defenseless, frightened people . . .
      Drysdale: That's it! That's it! That's it! The bank employees!

    • (Drysdale tells Granny that he doesn't need any of her medical services)
      Granny: Seems to me that you patronize your own tenants.
      Jed: Now Granny, he didn't know about us.
      Drysdale: That's the truth.

    • Granny: Ain't that a sorry sight? A perty girl like Elly, wasting her time, running around the neighborhood with an ape, peddlin' critters. No wonder she's an old maid!

    • (Drysdale comes out of Jethro's office)
      Miss Murray: Mr. Drysdale, please don't disturb him anymore.
      Drysdale: Don't worry. He's as disturbed as he can get.

    • Jethro: Just one picture like "The Sound of Music" and I'm well.
      Drysdale: You don't have a picture like "Sound of Music."
      Jethro: Got Julie Andrews.
      Drysdale: You?
      Jethro: Through an exclusive lifetime contract. Right Julie?
      (A man walks up behind Drysdale)
      Julie: Right Mr. Show Business!
      Drysdale: This isn't Julie Andrews!
      Jethro: Show him your driver's license Julie.

    • Jethro: That's me baby, J.B, Jethro Bodine. Or you could turn it the other way around and ya got B.J, Boy Genius.

    • Jethro: The buses come by cause they's a famous celebrity lives here!
      Jed: Boy's right Granny.
      Granny: Oh, now. I'm a fair barber and a good dentist and a brilliant doctor, but I ain't famous.

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