The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 6 Episode 1

Jed Inherits a Castle

Aired Unknown Sep 06, 1967 on CBS
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Jed Inherits a Castle
Jethro tells Jed that he has inherited a castle in England, after hearing the word from Drysdale. He gets costumes from Tudor times, thinking that Queen Elizabeth I is still reigning. Jethro even makes Granny wear an oaf costume, since she doesn't have Clampett blood. Drysdale and Jane visit, and Jane tells the Clampetts that what Jethro is telling them is wrong. But after Drysdale paints a picture for Jane, the two convince the Clampetts to go, even providing an oaf for Jethro, Miss Jane. After Jethro finally makes Granny "royalty," the clan, dressed in normal clothes, goes to get their passports. Though after letting Jethro speak for them, the clerk doesn't believe about the castle and thinks he is on a hidden camera show. The clan prepares to leave to England, stopping by the bank first, where Jethro has Drysdale become his oaf. After that, they go to board their plane to go to England.moreless

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    Donna Douglas

    Donna Douglas

    Elly May Clampett

    Buddy Ebsen

    Buddy Ebsen

    Jed Clampett

    Nancy Kulp

    Nancy Kulp

    Jane Hathaway

    Irene Ryan

    Irene Ryan

    Daisy Moses "Granny"

    Raymond Bailey

    Raymond Bailey

    Milburn Drysdale

    Max Baer Jr.

    Max Baer Jr.

    Jethro Bodine

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      • Jed: If he's the U.S government, I'm kinda glad we's going to England.

      • (The Passport Office clerk thinks he is on hidden camera, and Granny tells him to get down because they're busy, while waving her purse)
        Clerk: Oh a miniature. One of those little Japanese jobs.
        Granny: I ain't neither.

      • (Jethro volunteers to be first in filling out the application at the passport office)
        Clerk: Raise your right hand please.
        (Jethro raises his left, realizes, and quickly switches)
        Clerk: Do you swear the statements you are about to make are the truth?
        Jethro: Yes sir.
        Clerk: State your name please.
        Jethro: Jethro.
        Clerk: And your surname.
        Jethro: Sir Jethro!
        Clerk: Sir Jethro?
        Jethro: Yes sir. Sir Jethro de Bodine, Head Varlot to the Royal Family. (points to Jed, Granny, and Elly)
        Clerk: That's the, Royal Family?
        Jethro: Yes sir. The biggin is the Earl of Clampett hisself. The girl is my royal cousin. The little one, she used to be an oaf. But I done kinighted her.

      • (Jethro tells Jane he needs an oaf, wanting her to be one, but she says she can't)
        Jane: I looked it up and an oaf is a man.
        Jethro: Yeah, come to think of it, all the pictures I've seen of oafs and maves and such was men.
        Jane: There you are.
        Jethro: Yeah, but where am I gonna find me a man oaf this late?!
        (Drysdale comes in in his new $500 suit, saying a few words with an English accent)
        Mr. Drysdale: Miss Hathaway, Sir Jethro is waiting for his oaf.
        Jane: And we never break a promise, do we Chief?
        Mr. Drysdale: Never!
        Jane: One oaf coming up.
        Drysdale: That's the spirit.
        (Jane throws Drysdale the oaf suit)

      • (Granny tells Jethro she refuses to be an oaf, and throws her costume in his face.)
        Jethro: Are you revolting?!
        Granny: Not as revolting as you!

      • (Miss Jane explains England to Jethro, Elly, and Granny, who still believe that it is the way it was during Queen Elizabeth's reign)
        Jane: And there is no debtors prison. No torture for those overdrawn at the bank.
        Drysdale: Will you stop putting England down!

      • Drysdale: England is my kind of country! That's where I wanna live!
        Jane: But what if your wife doesn't want to go?
        Drysdale: Think there's a chance?!

      • Drysdale: Oh, this is fabulous. Fabulous! I can see it now: the presentation at Court, knighted, a seat in the House of Lords, luncheon with the Prime Minister, tea with the Queen!
        Jane: Chief, Mr. Clampett is hardly prepared for such honors.
        Drysdale: Not him, me!

      • (Granny tells Jed that she isn't listening to anyone wearing what Jethro has on - tights and a woman's hat)
        Jethro: This here is what the Queen favors for her knights!
        Granny: What she sleeps in is her own business.

      • (Jethro tells the Passport clerk about the clans' English castle, which the clerk thinks is a joke)
        Clerk: Tell me something, Sir Jethro. (puts his pen on his nose) Is this a rib?
        Jethro: No, sir. That's a nose.
        Clerk: Oh my goodness.

      • (Jethro is wearing a Tudor costume)
        Jethro: This here was worn by Francis Drake.
        Jed: Well I hope it looked better on her.
        Jethro: Francis Drake was a man. A fightin' man! A sailor.
        Jed: A sailor runnin' around like that better be a fightin' man.

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      • When the passport clerk says, "Hi, Allen! I love your show!", into the light fixture, he's referring to Allen Funt, host of Candid Camera