The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 1 Episode 17

Jed's Dilemma

Aired Unknown Jan 16, 1963 on CBS
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Jed's Dilemma
Pearl is trying to give Granny a break, figuring that Granny is so old and feeble that she cannot perform her household chores anymore. This upsets Granny greatly because she knows she can still get the job done. Granny chases after Pearl, and Jed decides to get the family to relax by taking them sightseeing around Beverly Hills. But the drive doesn’t solve the problem, only causing Granny and Pearl to bicker more. When they get back home, they continue their fight, but Jed tries to solve it, not finding any success. He then tells the women to swim with Elly May, but only Pearl goes. While everyone is at the pool and Granny is making lunch, Pearl decides to heat up some ham hocks on the barbecue. The clan eats until they are stuffed, and Granny comes out of the house to discover Pearl has done what Granny told her not to – cook for the family. Out of anger, Granny shoves Pearl into the pool and the barbecue she cooked on right after her.moreless

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    Max Baer Jr.

    Max Baer Jr.

    Jethrine Bodine

    Recurring Role

    Bea Benaderet

    Bea Benaderet

    Pearl Bodine

    Recurring Role

    Linda Henning

    Linda Henning

    Jethrine Bodine (voice only)

    Recurring Role

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      • Pearl: Jethro, why don't you try using her head fer thinkin?!
        Jethro: I have tried Ma. And it hurts.

      • (Jed tells Granny how she once bragged about Pearl's figure)
        Jed: You said Pearl's got the kind of figure a man likes.
        Granny: Yeah. Then I said, "Too bad a man didn't get it instead of Pearl!"

      • (Jed, Elly, Jethro, Jethrine, and Pearl are resting as Granny goes to the swimming pool looking for the family)
        Jed: Granny, them little hams is the best you ever cooked.
        Granny: I didn't cook no hams.
        Pearl: I cooked em, Granny.
        Granny: How'd you get in my kitchen without me seein' you?!
        Pearl: I cooked em on this here stove with wheels.
        Jethrine: Ma can cook anywhere.
        Granny: Well, let's see her cook where I'm gonna . . .
        Jed: Don't do it Granny!
        (Granny pushes Pearl into the swimming pool)
        Granny: Just a minute! Here's your stove! (pushes the portable barbeque grill in the pool)

      • (Granny makes fun of Jethrine's singing)
        Pearl: For your information, my daughter's playin' for the stage!
        Granny: Well now, that's one thing she can do: drive a stage.

      • Pearl: I happen to be on the sunny side of forty-five!
        Granny: Well then, move into the shade! You're dryin' up somethin' awful!

      • (Granny and Pearl are bickering)
        Pearl: (to Granny) You're built like a sack full of horseshoes!
        Granny: And you're built like a sack full of doorknobs!

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