The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 1 Episode 17

Jed's Dilemma

Aired Unknown Jan 16, 1963 on CBS



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    • Pearl: Jethro, why don't you try using her head fer thinkin?!
      Jethro: I have tried Ma. And it hurts.

    • (Jed tells Granny how she once bragged about Pearl's figure)
      Jed: You said Pearl's got the kind of figure a man likes.
      Granny: Yeah. Then I said, "Too bad a man didn't get it instead of Pearl!"

    • (Jed, Elly, Jethro, Jethrine, and Pearl are resting as Granny goes to the swimming pool looking for the family)
      Jed: Granny, them little hams is the best you ever cooked.
      Granny: I didn't cook no hams.
      Pearl: I cooked em, Granny.
      Granny: How'd you get in my kitchen without me seein' you?!
      Pearl: I cooked em on this here stove with wheels.
      Jethrine: Ma can cook anywhere.
      Granny: Well, let's see her cook where I'm gonna . . .
      Jed: Don't do it Granny!
      (Granny pushes Pearl into the swimming pool)
      Granny: Just a minute! Here's your stove! (pushes the portable barbeque grill in the pool)

    • (Granny makes fun of Jethrine's singing)
      Pearl: For your information, my daughter's playin' for the stage!
      Granny: Well now, that's one thing she can do: drive a stage.

    • Pearl: I happen to be on the sunny side of forty-five!
      Granny: Well then, move into the shade! You're dryin' up somethin' awful!

    • (Granny and Pearl are bickering)
      Pearl: (to Granny) You're built like a sack full of horseshoes!
      Granny: And you're built like a sack full of doorknobs!

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