The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 6 Episode 24

Jethro Proposes

Aired Unknown Feb 21, 1968 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Granny feels bad for Miss Jane after learning no man has ever asked for her hand, but in episode 137, Granny Tonics A Birdwatcher, Professor Biddle proposes to the secretary. Did Granny or Jane forget about this event?

  • Quotes

    • Jed: She might say "Yes" and get stuck with ya.
      Jethro: On no she won't, and I'll tell ya why. See, Miss Jane is what cha call a intellectual. Real educated and full of fancy manners and high-toned ways.
      Jed: Yeah.
      Jethro: Well, she ain't gonna marry no chuckle-headed yokel with the manners of a Billy goat that's got the roots stickin' out of him like quills on a porcupine.
      Jed: Yeah, I see what ya mean.
      Jethro: Sure. So all I got to do is pretend that I'm like that for a while. You know, fake it.
      Jed: Fake it?
      Jethro: Yeah. Of course I got to forget that I'm a sophisticated international playboy and find out how a country hick would propose to a girl.
      Jed: That's true.
      Jethro: So would you give me some pointers?
      Jed: What can I tell a fella that's got your way with words?
      Jethro: You can help me be a hayseed. See, this Beverly Hills sophistication has done rubbed off on me, but thank goodness you're still just as rough as a cob.
      Jed: Thanks again boy.

    • Jed: Yeah Granny. Every time Elly has a birthday, you dress up in a black dress and go into mourning.

    • (The dressed up Elly May and Granny, dressed as a old man, are at the restaurant to spy on Jane and Jethro)
      Elly: They didn't even recognize us.
      Granny: Why should they? We look like the average Beverly Hills couple.

    • Elly: She said "Yes." Wait till Pa finds out about this!
      Granny: You can wait if you want to. By sun up I'm gonna be across the state line.

    • (Granny has Elly bring out her Love Potion X4)
      Granny: Wear that around your neck Jethro, and it will not only rid ya of any unwanted sweethearts and fiancés, but it will kill any flying insect within a hundred yards.
      Jed: And any human being within ten!

    • (Jed bursts Jethro's breathing pop-over)
      Jethro: Thanks Uncle Jed, I think you saved my life.
      Jed: Yeah. It seems like after all these years of you attacking your food, it's finally getting' back at ya.

    • (Jethro just tried Elly's pop-over, which tastes horrible)
      Jethro: Elly ain't never gonna get herself a fella using bait like this.
      Granny: There's still a chance. Man don't live by bread alone.
      Jed: He eats some of Elly's he don't eat period.

    • (Granny wants Jed to propose to Miss Jane)
      Granny: But Jed, I don't want you to take her out or call on her or court her.
      Jed: That's a good thing.
      Granny: All ya hafta do is propose to her.
      Jed: Oh, well, when ya put it that way it's hard to refuse.
      Granny: Good!
      Jed: But I'm gonna.

    • (Granny plans to have Jethro propose to Miss Jane)
      Granny: Miss Jane may decide it was better never having been asked.

    • Granny: How'd ya do Jethro? Miss Jane goin' out with ya?
      Jethro: Granny, I'm in love.
      Granny: What'd she do, give ya something to eat?
      Jethro: She's the most wonderful, perfect, beautifulest girl in the whole world.
      Granny: Miss Jane? She did give ya something to eat.

    • Jed: I said you keep your secret. Somebody will tell me 'fore long.
      Jethro: Oh no they won't. Elly couldn't, Granny wouldn't, and Miss Jane don't even know that I'm gonna propose to her. So that only leaves me. And I am just a little bit to smart to-. That's a dirty trick Uncle Jed.

    • Waiter: Would madam care for a cocktail?
      Jethro: Uh-ah. If she decides on chicken, she'll get the whole bird.

    • Jethro: Me, I'm having baked hog livers.
      Waiter: We have no baked hog livers.
      Jethro: Alright, then deep-fry em in possum fat.
      Jane: Jethro, they don't have any here.
      Jethro: What about beaver tail? Possum shanks? Pole gizzards? Buzzard eggs?
      Jane: No.
      Jethro: And ya ain't got no hog livers?
      Waiter: No hog livers.
      Jethro: I thought you said this was a high class restaurant.
      Jane: Well Jethro, Jethro it is. As a matter of fact, they have excellent foie d'oie. That's goose liver.
      Jethro: Goose livers? Yuck. How can people eat such things?

    • Jane: Forget about the hog livers.
      Waiter: I wish I could.

    • (Jethro is trying to figure out a way to commit suicide)
      Jethro: I've bout decided I'm gonna take an overdose of food and eat myself to death.
      Jed: That's a fittin' way to go. But with your stomach I ain't sure it's possible.

    • Jed: Being one of them Vassar girls, she's probably mighty impressed with your sixth grade education.
      Jethro: Forget my brain. What about the way I look?
      Jed: Well, I wouldn't count on that stoppin' her. It ain't up to now.

    • Granny: A lot of work went into that potion Jed.
      Jed: Yeah, I hate to think of what else.

    • Ilse: Hello.
      Jethro: Meilsa!
      Ilse: Nein. Me Ilse. You seventy three million!

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