The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 9 Episode 24

Jethro Returns

Aired Unknown Mar 23, 1971 on CBS

Episode Recap

As Granny is planning Elly's marriage, Jed is doing repairs. They go inside the house, and Jed leaves his bucket of mortar outside. Granny tells Jed that this is the day Jethro returns. They hear the car pull up, but it quickly pulls off. They also realize the bucket of mortar is gone.

At the bank, Elly and Jane have a confrontation with Drysdale, who made Bessie carry a sign around Beverly Hills as an ad for the bank. When Elly threatens to tell Jed, Drysdale makes Bessie the head of advertising.

At the mansion, a police officer returns with Jethro, who thinks the mortar he ate were grits. But during Jethro's suffering, Granny tells the cop about Tennessee and how he should visit there. When Jed offers the officer some grits, he quickly drives away, after the effect the "grits" had on Jethro.

While Jed tells Jane that Jethro is home, Elly has another driving lesson from Robert, though can't handle a car. Granny "operates" on Jethro by pulling the mortar out of his stomach. After that, Jethro has made a full recovery. But Granny scares Jethro off by talking about a wedding, and he thinks it is for him. He tells her to leave food for him, but no grits, after what happened before.

At the bank, Jane types up a poem for Robert, who brought Granny the Confederate flag his "great grandfather carried into battle," and when Elly practices her typing with this poem and Drysdale sees this, he believes Elly loves him. He goes to the mansion, where Robert is visiting, to tell him this and that he and her should go to Vegas to get married. Drysdale returns the bank happy, and Robert and Elly are on their way to Vegas, when it is revealed she doesn't love him. The two return to the bank, and Robert reveals who he really is. Drysdale tells him he is no longer an out-of-work actor, and gives him a job – washing windows.

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