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The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 7 Episode 17

Jethro the Flesh Peddler

Aired Unknown Jan 22, 1969 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Jethro the Flesh Peddler
Jethro has started a new career, as a flesh peddler, a talent agent. He gets set up on the fifth floor of the bank to run his office. Drysdale learns that the talent agency he rented the fifth floor to is actually Jethro and isn’t too happy about that, hoping to get Jethro out. Meanwhile, at the mansion, Cousin Roy has stopped in Beverly Hills to record an album, and the clan tells him that he should get Jethro to be his agent. But Jethro turns him down, depressing Roy, making him want to leave. Elly convinces Roy to stay in Hollywood by flirting, and Roy decides to go through with making the album.moreless

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    Donna Douglas

    Donna Douglas

    Elly May Clampett

    Buddy Ebsen

    Buddy Ebsen

    Jed Clampett

    Nancy Kulp

    Nancy Kulp

    Jane Hathaway

    Irene Ryan

    Irene Ryan

    Daisy Moses "Granny"

    Raymond Bailey

    Raymond Bailey

    Milburn Drysdale

    Max Baer Jr.

    Max Baer Jr.

    Jethro Bodine

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      • Jed: Roy's goin' back home because Jethro won't take ten percent of him.
        Granny: The only thing that boy's got ten percent of is a brain.

      • Jethro: When I give out my bio, would you mind if I said I was adopted?
        Granny: Personally, I would appreciate it!

      • Granny: Well, if yer startin' a new job, you oughtta at least come yer hair.
        Jethro: Comb my hair? Baby, I paid twenty-five dollars to have it styled like this! The teased it fer an hour!
        Granny: It looks like they got it mad.

      • (Drysdale and Jane find out that the JB Bunny signed is actually Jethro)
        Drysdale: Miss Hathaway, there are some nitroglycerin tablets in my desk drawer. Get them quickly.
        Jane: Chief, I didn't know you had a heart condition.
        Drysdale: I haven't. Take the nitroglycerin up to the fifth floor, give it to Bunny, and push her out the window.

      • (Jethro is playing golf, holding the club upside down)
        Drysdale: Jethro, you're holding the club wrong. Why don't you try hitting the ball with the head down?
        Jethro: And flatten out this twenty-five dollar hair do?

      • Elly: I'm awful sorry to hear you going back home Roy.
        Roy: You are?
        Elly: I sure enough am. I was hoping you'd take me along when you went to make your recording.
        Roy: You was?
        Elly: I sure enough was. Why, I just love to here ya perform.
        Roy: You do?!
        Elly: Sure enough do. Why it just turns me on.
        Roy: It does?!
        Elly: It sure enough does!
        Roy: Well, gol-holly. Gee, eee-god.
        Elly: Oh Roy, you Rascal, you sure know how to sweet talk a girl.

      • (Jethro is talking to Sophia Loren over the phone in "Italian," actually, just an accent)
        Jethro: Hey a Bambina. That's a you there; that's a me here. You wanna make a movin' pitch? (whispering to Drysdale) That's Italian for movie picture.

      • (Drysdale is trying to get out of renting the floor to Jethro, with the great sign)
        Drysdale: Say, wait a minute! Maybe I could rent this floor to Jack Benny.
        Jane: He?!
        Drysdale: What do you think he'll pay?
        Jane: About what you're getting now.

      • Bunny: JB only sees people with big names, like Elizabeth Taylor and Sir Laurence Olivier.
        Jed: Well, I reckon that let's us out. His name's Roy, mine's Jed, Granny, Elly. Ain't a really big name in the bunch.
        Bunny: That's too bad.
        Elly: Well, my full name is Elly May Margaret!
        Bunny: That's a big one! I'll tell him!

      • Granny: Where was ya playin' Roy?
        Roy: New Crawdad Room of the Bugtussle Biltmore.
        Jed: You mean to tell me that they have added on to the Biltmore?
        Granny: It already was the biggest hotel in the county.
        Roy: And now they built on a partial second story.

      • Jed: Granny, don't go askin' Roy to play music right off. We ain't pass the time of day yet.
        Granny: Oh, you're right Jed. I'm sorry. When did ya leave Bugtussle, Roy?
        Roy: Early Monday morning Granny.
        Granny: That's a good time of day, and now that we passed it, let's here some music.

      • Drysdale: And as to your night time employment, you can give that up now.
        Bunny: Oh gee, I don't wanna get out of show business.
        Jane: Oh, you're never out of it dear. I've seen you walk from your desk to the water cooler.
        Bunny: Isn't it sweet the way the tellers whistle and stomp their feet?
        Jane: Just darling.

      • (Drysdale tells Jane about JB Enterprises, which is a talent agency)
        Jane: I've never heard of them.
        Drysdale: That's because you're not show business oriented. But Bunny is.
        Jane: She's a stripper.

      • Jed: Oh, he's just feelin' spry cause he's got hisself a brand new job workin' in a butcher shop.
        Granny: Butcher shop?
        Jed: Yeah. He told me he was gonna be a flesh peddler.
        Granny: Well, he told me the same thing, but he said that meant being a agent.
        Jed: What's a agent?
        Granny: Well, he finds work, and other folks does it.
        Jed: That'd suit Jethro alright.

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