The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 6 Episode 11

Jethro's Military Career

Aired Unknown Nov 15, 1967 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Granny finally realizes what Penicillin is. In a previous episode, she just took the "moldy bread" as a home remedy.

    • Jethro tells Granny what a Frog Man is, but when Elly May date ones, she thinks he is half man, half frog. Meaning she must have forgotten what it was.

  • Quotes

    • Granny: I hope this batch is as good as the last.
      (Jethro launches the rocket, causing Granny, the ground, and her table and still to shake)
      Granny: Eat yer heart out, Jack Daniels!

    • Jethro: Guess what Granny?! I'm gonna get me a rocket and go to the moon!
      Granny: You pull me in the pond one more time, and I'll put you there without a rocket!!!

    • (Mr. Drysdale plans to take his Super Banker comic books to Jethro)
      Jane: Chief, Jethro has a sixth grade education. He won't read these. He's too intelligent

    • (Miss Jane is talking to Jed over the phone about Jethro blowing himself out of the cement pond while trying to be a Frogman)
      Miss Jane: What broke his fall? Oh, his head.

    • Granny: I tell you, that's my wonder drug!
      Jed: It sure is. It's got ya wonderin' what drug yer in.

    • Granny: You don't believe I've seen him, do you?!
      Jed: Course I do. 'Nough of that liquid corn bread of yours, and you can see pink sea serpents.

    • (Jed tells Granny to dump the rest or her moonshine/wonder drug)
      Granny: Jed, do you want the people of Beverly Hills to be laid low?!
      Jed: No I don't, so let's go.

    • Jed: Now Granny, I told ya not to make another batch of that moonshine.
      Granny: I ain't Jed. It's My Shoe Flu Brew.
      Jed: Shoe Flu Brew?
      Granny: To head off the flu epidemic. It's a vegetable compound, made out of natural juices of corn and certain neutral spirits.
      Jed: Ain't nothin' neutral about them spirits. Now ya probably got yer nose wet too. Let me smell ya breath,
      Granny: Not while yer smokin'.
      Jed: I thought so.
      Granny: Well Jed, as a medical researcher, I'm duty bound to test the stuff. Might have side effects.
      Jed: It has. Enough of that, ya roll over on yer side and stay there.

    • Granny: Jed, get yer gun! There's a monster in the cement pond!
      Jed: Monster?
      Granny: Great big black slimy lookin' thing. Must be eight or ten foot long.
      Jed: Probably just Elly's pet seal.
      Granny: Do seals eat old women?! This one reached up outta the water and grabbed me!
      Jed: Maybe it's her ape.
      Granny: Whoever heard of a underwater ape? It's bigger than a gator. Must be twelve foot long. Has one great big bulgin' eye right in the center of its forehead. Big roots growin' outta its mouth. Ugly growth on its back. Must be fifteen feet long.
      Jed: This monster's growin' pretty fast.
      Granny: You've seen him, have you?

    • (Granny drinks her flu serum)
      Granny: That's what cha call real sippin' whisky.
      Elly: Did you say whisky?!
      Granny: Risky, honey! Risky! Ya sip this at yer own risk.

    • Elly: Pa says you wasn't to make no more moonshine.
      Granny: Moonshine?! This is my flu serum. We's expecting a epidemic you know. And it's my duty as a doctor to be ready.
      Elly: This will cure the flu?
      Granny: Well, it's more what cha call a body conditioner. If yer body can handle this, it can handle anything.

    • Elly: Well, what does a Toad man do?
      Jethro: Not a Toad Man. A Frog Man.

    • (Jethro takes off his mask and Jed says that there isn't a monster, it is Jethro)
      Jethro: Sure had ya goin' though, didn't I Granny?.
      Granny: You mean it was you who grabbed my pole and pulled me into the cement pond?!
      Jethro: Yeah.
      Jed: You was under the water?
      Jethro: Well, yes sir. This outfit's got an air tank, flippers, mask, weights.
      Jed: If it ain't got wings, I think you're in trouble.
      (Jethro runs as Granny pulls his air tank)
      Jed: Granny don't let go!
      (Granny lets go of Jethro's oxygen tank as he is running away)
      Granny: What'd you say, Jed?
      (Elly comes in from outside)
      Elly: Boy, old Jethro sure can sleep any place. He's layin out in the corn patch in his toadman's suit.

    • (Granny sees Jethro enter the kitcehn in his Frogman outfit, thinking the "Creature From The Cement Pond" is after her)
      Granny: Pray, Jed, but quiet. The way a hymn sets him off, a prayer will drive him into a frenzy.

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