The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 9 Episode 22

Love Finds Jane Hathaway

Aired Unknown Mar 09, 1971 on CBS

Episode Recap

Jane stops by the mansion to drop off some of Elly May's pets, and tells Jed how his daughter is doing down at the bank and is providing great help for the treatment of the girls.

At the bank, Drysdale tries to show Elly the capitals, as in capital letters, but she just says the capitals of Southern States. When Jane comes back, she finds Drysdale typing. He lets Jane take over the typing, and complains about Elly just as Jed walks in. So to cover, he says he is talking about his wife.

Jed has come to give Drysdale a check. But when he first tries to give it to the banker, neither can find it. Drysdale starts nearly undressing Jed, desperate to find the check. Granny stops by the bank and tells Jed and Drysdale how she found the check, but Elly's ape took it. Jethro tried to grab the check, but Elly's raccoon took the check and ran under the house. Then Elly's bobcat ran after the raccoon, but Granny grabbed the bobcat, and later got the check. She tells Drysdale she has it now, asking him if he'd like to have it, but after Drysdale mistakenly asks if Reagan would like to be governor again, they don't know the answer and decide to ask Jane.

Elly and Miss Jane go to the apartment so Elly can learn to type with some of Jane's old typing books. As they leave, a man walking past sees the two. He speaks to Phinney, the landlord, and asks about Elly. Phinney tells Dick Bremerkamp, now going by Paul Redford, previous Robert Neumann, that Elly is worth over one hundred million dollars and wouldn't look twice at him. In order to get to Elly, he poses as a birdwatcher, a Robert Audubon, and attracts Miss Jane. The secretary falls for this unemployed actor. Jane decides to spend the day at the beauty shop to get the full treatment to appeal more to Robert. While she is out, Elly fills in for her, much to Drysdale's unhappiness and Robert visits. In order to get in good with Drysdale, he poses as Robert Audubon Getty, making him believe he is a member of the Getty family. Drysdale tells Robert and Elly to go off together, which they do.

Robert is able to finally make a move on Elly, but before he does, Jane comes in, doing the mating call of the Wild Canadian Goose, and ruins it. Robert runs out, and Jane thinks she tempted him too much.