The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 8 Episode 8

Manhattan Hillbillies

Aired Unknown Nov 12, 1969 on CBS
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Manhattan Hillbillies
After Honest John was told to leave, the Clampetts are alone in New York City, with Drysdale and Jane trying to find them. The clan is planning to build a cabin in Central Park, and they are working on preparing everything. A police officer finds the Clampetts cooking in the Park, telling them what they are doing is illegal, but once Granny tells the Irish cop that the man who told them what they are doing is okay's last name is “Oh, Schaffer,” and her son-in-law’s last name is “Oh, Clampett,” he changes his attitude and lets the Clampetts get away with everything. Jane and Drysdale finally find the Clampetts and convince them to go back to Los Angeles with them. The hillbillies finally agree to leave after they start realizing they are homesick and get on a plane to head home.moreless

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    Donna Douglas

    Donna Douglas

    Elly May Clampett

    Buddy Ebsen

    Buddy Ebsen

    Jed Clampett

    Nancy Kulp

    Nancy Kulp

    Jane Hathaway

    Irene Ryan

    Irene Ryan

    Daisy Moses "Granny"

    Raymond Bailey

    Raymond Bailey

    Milburn Drysdale

    Max Baer Jr.

    Max Baer Jr.

    Jethro Bodine

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • There is absolutely no way the policemen would let the Clampetts get away with their homesteading in Central Park, no matter the Irish factor.

    • QUOTES (15)

      • Jed: Well Granny, we didn't find you a blacksmith shop, but we sure found one hum-dinger of a general store.
        Granny: Biggest I ever did see. What was the name of them fellers that run it, Jethro?
        Jethro: Well, let's see. There was three of em: Aber, somebody, and, and Fitch.

      • (Elly says that she wants to go home to Beverly Hills)
        Jed: What do you think Granny?
        Granny: Well I gotta admit that I miss my still.
        Jed: Still?!
        Granny: Uh, peace and quiet. I like it still.

      • Granny: You know Jed, watching that boy eat is a hideous sight.
        Jed: Well of course you can always look away. It's the noise you can't get away from.

      • (Granny tells the police officer she's going to live in Central Park)
        Police Officer: Lady, are you daft?
        Granny: No. I can hear fine.

      • (The Clampetts are walking around New York)
        Granny: Reckon we'll find a blacksmith, Jed?
        Jed: In a town this size? Sure.

      • (The Clampetts are praising Honest John, but Drysdale tries to tell him he's a bad man, though soon he gives up)
        Drysdale: He's an angel. I love him. He's the sweetest, kindest, darlingest, most adorable, precious doll of a man that ever lived.
        Jed: We's fond of him too, but uh, let's not get sickening about it.

      • Jed: Is Mr. Drysdale with you?
        Jane: Well yes, but right now he's out searching for you in a taxi.
        Jethro: Heck, it hadn't oughtta take long to search a taxi.
        Jane: No, no, no, I meant. Hmm. You're right Jethro.

      • (Drysdale doesn't tip his cab driver, which does not make the driver happy)
        Cabbie: Look sport, you had me driving all over the island of Manhattan, looking for four creeps. I got two traffic tickets because you had me watching the sidewalk when I should have been watching the street! Now are you gonna give me a tip?
        Drysdale: Very well. Invest in railroads.

      • (Officer O'Sullivan meets Jethro)
        Tim: Oh, would ya look at that face? He's got the map of Ireland all over it.
        Granny: I thought I told you to wash.

      • Tim: Tell me, was there a Pete Bog near your place?
        Jed: I don't recall Pete, but there was a Clem Bog.
        Tim: I'm not familiar with Clem Bog, but we used to cook with Pete.
        Jed: We used to fish with Clem.

      • Tim: Oh Granny girl, you got the finest family a man could meet.
        Granny: You ain't met Jethro yet.

      • Drysdale: Now look, we've got to find the Clampetts. I want you to get in a taxi. (Jane doesn't look happy) I'll pay for it, don't worry. You can owe me.

      • Tim: And what's your name, child?
        Elly: Elly May,
        Tim: O'Clampett?
        Elly: Oh sure.

      • (Granny tells the cop Honest John said they could live in the park)
        Granny: That's what he told my son-in-law.
        Tim: And what might his name be?
        Granny: Jed.
        Tim: His last name?
        Granny: Oh, Clampett.
        Tim: O'Clampett you say?
        Granny: That's right.
        Tim: And where might he be from?
        Granny: Bugtussle.
        Tim: Bugtussle, huh? Is that by any chance in the old country?
        Granny: Taney County.
        Tim: Taney County?! I'm from Cork myself.

      • (Jed and Jethro are examining the fish Granny caught in Central Park)
        Jed: These gafilties looks a lot like bass, don't they?
        Granny: Yeah. Sure hope they taste like em.
        Jed: C'mon boy. We gotta cut us some more logs.
        Jethro: Can't we have vittles first?
        Granny: I ain't cooked em yet, buzzard boy.

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