The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 8 Episode 8

Manhattan Hillbillies

Aired Unknown Nov 12, 1969 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • There is absolutely no way the policemen would let the Clampetts get away with their homesteading in Central Park, no matter the Irish factor.

  • Quotes

    • Jed: Well Granny, we didn't find you a blacksmith shop, but we sure found one hum-dinger of a general store.
      Granny: Biggest I ever did see. What was the name of them fellers that run it, Jethro?
      Jethro: Well, let's see. There was three of em: Aber, somebody, and, and Fitch.

    • (Elly says that she wants to go home to Beverly Hills)
      Jed: What do you think Granny?
      Granny: Well I gotta admit that I miss my still.
      Jed: Still?!
      Granny: Uh, peace and quiet. I like it still.

    • Granny: You know Jed, watching that boy eat is a hideous sight.
      Jed: Well of course you can always look away. It's the noise you can't get away from.

    • (Granny tells the police officer she's going to live in Central Park)
      Police Officer: Lady, are you daft?
      Granny: No. I can hear fine.

    • (The Clampetts are walking around New York)
      Granny: Reckon we'll find a blacksmith, Jed?
      Jed: In a town this size? Sure.

    • (The Clampetts are praising Honest John, but Drysdale tries to tell him he's a bad man, though soon he gives up)
      Drysdale: He's an angel. I love him. He's the sweetest, kindest, darlingest, most adorable, precious doll of a man that ever lived.
      Jed: We's fond of him too, but uh, let's not get sickening about it.

    • Jed: Is Mr. Drysdale with you?
      Jane: Well yes, but right now he's out searching for you in a taxi.
      Jethro: Heck, it hadn't oughtta take long to search a taxi.
      Jane: No, no, no, I meant. Hmm. You're right Jethro.

    • (Drysdale doesn't tip his cab driver, which does not make the driver happy)
      Cabbie: Look sport, you had me driving all over the island of Manhattan, looking for four creeps. I got two traffic tickets because you had me watching the sidewalk when I should have been watching the street! Now are you gonna give me a tip?
      Drysdale: Very well. Invest in railroads.

    • (Officer O'Sullivan meets Jethro)
      Tim: Oh, would ya look at that face? He's got the map of Ireland all over it.
      Granny: I thought I told you to wash.

    • Tim: Tell me, was there a Pete Bog near your place?
      Jed: I don't recall Pete, but there was a Clem Bog.
      Tim: I'm not familiar with Clem Bog, but we used to cook with Pete.
      Jed: We used to fish with Clem.

    • Tim: Oh Granny girl, you got the finest family a man could meet.
      Granny: You ain't met Jethro yet.

    • Drysdale: Now look, we've got to find the Clampetts. I want you to get in a taxi. (Jane doesn't look happy) I'll pay for it, don't worry. You can owe me.

    • Tim: And what's your name, child?
      Elly: Elly May,
      Tim: O'Clampett?
      Elly: Oh sure.

    • (Granny tells the cop Honest John said they could live in the park)
      Granny: That's what he told my son-in-law.
      Tim: And what might his name be?
      Granny: Jed.
      Tim: His last name?
      Granny: Oh, Clampett.
      Tim: O'Clampett you say?
      Granny: That's right.
      Tim: And where might he be from?
      Granny: Bugtussle.
      Tim: Bugtussle, huh? Is that by any chance in the old country?
      Granny: Taney County.
      Tim: Taney County?! I'm from Cork myself.

    • (Jed and Jethro are examining the fish Granny caught in Central Park)
      Jed: These gafilties looks a lot like bass, don't they?
      Granny: Yeah. Sure hope they taste like em.
      Jed: C'mon boy. We gotta cut us some more logs.
      Jethro: Can't we have vittles first?
      Granny: I ain't cooked em yet, buzzard boy.

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