The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 8 Episode 11

Midnight Shorty

Aired Unknown Dec 03, 1969 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Granny seems to be enjoying playing the slot machines down at the swimming pool winning nickels from the slots. However, in the episode Jed, the Bachelor, where Granny goes to Las Vegas, she thinks that the slot machines that were being played by the people there were silly, and the people playing them were spending their money looking at pictures of sorry-looking fruit. Apparently, after five years in Beverly Hills after that, she learned better.

  • Quotes

    • (Granny says she saw Shorty pull up with a girl at 4AM)
      Jed: I didn't think you could see out front from your room.
      Granny: That's got nothin' to do with it! It was the most disgusting, disgraceful sight. I wanted to cover my eyes!
      Jed: Why didn't ya?
      Granny: Cause, I'd a fell off the roof.

    • Granny: Hold on. Where do you think you're going?
      Elly: Out to the pool to join the fun.
      Granny: You ain't gonna have no fun out there.
      Elly: Why not?
      Granny: Cause you ain't goin'.

    • (The girls dump Shorty in the pool after they find out he doesn't have 200 mil)
      Jed: What happened, Shorty?
      Shorty: Jed, in case you ever decide to marry a city woman, let me give you some advice.
      Jed: What's that?
      Shorty: They don't mind if ya drink, gamble, even cheat on em. But don't ever admit that cha play checkers.

    • Jethro: I'm going out to the swimming pool. Sounds like they's having fun down there.
      Granny: Jethro, you don't wanna go down there.
      Jethro: Why not?
      Granny: It's no place for a boy like you. They is girls runnin' around with little short skirts. And there's other girls wearin' nothing but skimpy little bathing suits. And there's some girls that don't even.
      (Jethro starts looking interested)
      Jed: Now Granny, I don't hardly think you're discouraging the boy.

    • (Granny is talking to Jed about what Drysdale is throwing for Shorty)
      Granny: It's shameful! They's machines down there that cheats ya! That's where I got this wheelbarrow full of nickels!
      Jed: Don't look like you got cheated.
      Granny: Well, I did! They promises ya fruit: cherries, oranges, plums. But all that comes out of the dern things is these nickels.

    • Jethro: You can't keep going like this. It's gonna catch up with cha.
      Shorty: You're probably right.
      Jethro: You got to start tampering off.
      Shorty: Good idea.
      Jethro: And I could help ya by taking some of them girls off ya hands.
      Shorty: It's a deal.
      Jethro: How soon will ya need me?
      Shorty: Bout six months.

    • (Shorty tells the girls he is tired, and to entertain Jethro, but they run past him)
      Jethro: Hey, how bout you entertain me?
      Gloria: Later, I'll read ya the comics.

    • (Jethro is trying to figure out why those girls are going for Shorty)
      Jethro: Look at the two of us! I got the size! I got the looks! I got the youth!
      Shorty: And I got the girl.

    • (Shorty tells Jed and Granny about his dates with four different women last night)
      Granny: Alright Jed, you heard him.
      Jed: I sure did.
      Granny: You gonna do something about it?
      Jed: I sure am. Come here, Shorty. (picks up a skillet)
      Granny: Jed! You ain't gonna hit him with that skillet?
      Jed: Heck no. I'm gonna fry him some eggs. He can't keep going like that on cookies.

    • Gloria: Oh Shorty, please let me be your first date tonight.
      Shorty: Well, let's see. I can give ya six thirty to eight thirty.
      Gloria: But that's so short.
      Shorty: So am I. Ya looking for quality or quantity?

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