The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 7 Episode 23

Sam Drucker's Visit

Aired Unknown Mar 05, 1969 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • (The telephone operator gives Granny her telegram)
      Operator: This telegram is from a Mr. Sam Drucker in Hooterville.
      Granny: Sam Drucker?! He's my sweetie!
      Operator: Congratulations. Uh, here's the message: Have been trying to get you for some time.
      Granny: That's the truth! You know he proposed to me by mail once, but Elly's bear ate my letter.
      Operator: I see. Uh, then he says: Am coming to Hollywood for my prize.
      Granny: Well that bold rascal! Comin' to carry me off, is he? Well, it won't be that easy. He's gonna hafta court me first.
      Operator: Yes. Um, well the message concludes: Will call on arrival.
      Granny: Well, that's a good joke on Sam. He ain't got no rival.