The Beverly Hillbillies - Season 2

CBS (ended 1971)




Episode Guide

  • Jethro's Graduation
    Jethro's Graduation
    Episode 36
    Jethro is very excited about graduating from the sixth grade, even getting a new watch as a present and a dark green and yellow-checkered suit with a glow in the dark tie. But in order to prevent embarrassment, Mrs. Potts gets help from Drysdale and Diana to get Jethro to miss his sixth grade graduation. Diana and Mrs. Potts turn Jed and Jethro’s watches back 45 minutes. Though Granny figured that the watches everyone is wearing are wrong and checks the time herself by using the sun as a clock. She is right, and she, Elly, and Skipper go to Jethro’s graduation and Skipper takes Jethro’s place in marching. Theodore Switzer, the man Mrs. Potts is trying to hide Jethro from, sees the chimp and is impressed that this creature could even make those grades. He decides to double the money he was planning to donate to the school.moreless
  • Jed Foils a Home Wrecker
    Drysdale tries to save the cabin for the Clampetts, but his wife calls a professional home wrecker to tear down the mountain shack. Meanwhile, Ginny Jennings and her sociology professor come back to visit the Clampetts, and see that they are still occupying the cabin. However, the clan is only cleaning up the cabin. Drysdale spends the night in it to save it to turn the home wrecker away, which he succeeds in. He wears old clothes, and Jethro takes his suit and his limo. When Ginny and the Professor come back, they see Jethro and he tells them Drysdale got thrown out of his house. Though while he means by Mrs. Drysdale, they think the Clampetts did so, and when they go to the cabin, they see Drysdale chained with Granny holding a shotgun, and she turns back the home wrecker and his partner. Ginny and her Professor leave, and Granny reveals the key for the lock has been missing for 40 years.moreless
  • Cabin in Beverly Hills
    Jed puts up the cabin for Granny's birthday, which Mrs. Drysdale is not happy about. During the celebrating, a sociology student stops by and sees the Clampetts. She thinks they are Drysdale's servants and works to liberate them, freeing them from their life of servitude.
  • Granny Learns to Drive
    After Granny takes a cab home and gets charged for the ride, she decides that it is time for her to learn how to drive. As she is, the taxi driver who took Granny home is still trying to collect the fair, but after a series of events, begins to believe that he is in a mental hospital. Granny, during her lesson, mistakenly gets on the road, but is pulled off the street by a police officer after her concerned family and Drysdale and Jane ask for an escort to bring her home safely. When Granny, Jethro, and the cop arrive at the mansion, the cabbie tells the officer what the mansion really is, and Granny promises not to drive. But soon Jed and Drysdale hear a car starting, but when they run outside, it is only Skipper, Elly May's chimp.moreless
  • Jed, Incorporated
    Jed, Incorporated
    Episode 32
    Jed becomes head of a corporation, which Drysdale organized for him as a tax write-off. The Clampetts decide they want to actually help out at their corporation, and get the penthouse suite in the bank building. They get all dressed up, Elly in one of her ball gowns, and go to the bank. Granny, the Vice President, finds trouble when she enters the elevator. And when she sees what “Vice” means, she gets upset and threatens to leave. Jed changes the sign so it says “Nice President,” and the clan calls Drysdale because they aren’t sure what to do. Jane explains it to them, and Drysdale sums it up by saying they have to get money to the people. They decide to give money to the people, by throwing handfuls of it out the window. Twenty thousand dollars later, the Clampetts are back to trying to make Elly lady-like and wear a dress.moreless
  • The Continental Touch
    After Elly refuses to learn cooking, especially after making biscuits that attacked, Jed takes Elly to The House Of Maurice, where they decide to teach her manners and give her gorgeous gowns. Elly’s transformation is a success, so much of one that when Mrs. Drysdale sees her, she mistakes her for a princess. They decide to play a trick on Margaret, after she mean-mouthed Maurice’s dear friends. Mrs. Drysdale invites her to a party, and after Elly hears it, she reveals herself to Mrs. Drysdale. When she learns the truth, Mrs. Drysdale cancels the party. Elly goes back to cooking, bread, but she puts in all the yeast, and it attacks the family.moreless
  • The House of Granny
    The House of Granny
    Episode 30
    The Clampetts are preparing to open up their new dress shop, The House of Granny, and at a decent hour – the crack of dawn. But when Jed and Jethro go down to the shop, trying to pick the lock because they don’t have their key, they get arrested since it appears they are trying to break in. Everything is resolved, and the Clampetts continue with their plan to open the shop, which includes a barber chair, checkers, a pickle barrel, a cracker barrel, and homemade dresses. When Maurice arrives, Jed tells him he can do whatever job he wishes to, and the doorman says he wants to be a couturier. Jed tells him he can, and after Maurice hugs Jed out of happiness, he says that if that is what a couturier does, he’ll go back to opening doors. After Drysdale and Jane visit, the Clampetts scare away a customer with their hillbilly hospitality. In the end, Jed decides to give his store to Maurice.moreless
  • The Dress Shop
    The Dress Shop
    Episode 29
    Mr. Drysdale buys the Clampetts a dress store using their money, and the clan decides to check it out. When they arrive at The House of Renee, they are mistaken for poor people, and Renee tries to help them. She thinks they need jobs. However, the Clampetts think Renee and her models are poor and starving. Renee gives the Clampetts money for food, and they think it is for them to buy food for Renee. They come back with food from home, saying they ran into a sale. Granny gives her some tonic, and when they go to feed the girls, Jane and Drysdale come, and think Renee is drunk. When the Clampetts come out, Renee is told they are the new owners and tell her to go to their mansion to eat. The Clampetts put on the fashion show Renee was going to give, with Elly as the model. They auction the dresses, each for less than twenty dollars, and at the end, they make nearly fifty dollars for Renee and the girls.moreless
  • The Great Crawdad Hunt
    There is excitement going on at the hillbilly’s mansion – the package from home arrives. They get everything they can’t get in Beverly Hills, including crawdads. Meanwhile, at the bank, Lucas and Pendleton are trying to find out what crawdad is. They overhear Jane on the phone with Jed saying that he will share his stock of crawdad with Drysdale. The Clampetts are trying to figure out how many crawdads they have and learn of how the government put three men on the task of finding moon(shine). And Fleming and Pendleton think they have figured out what crawdad is, an underwater tank. They send the man who delivered the package to learn about the family, and he comes back with reports that the entire clan is scientific geniuses. Granny makes the fuel that sends people to the moon (she’s making moonshine to send back home), Elly can alter genetics (she’s playing with a possum, giant rat, and a baby bobcat, giant kitten), and Jethro has a math where two and two equal five (trying to figure out how many crawdads will last a month, unsuccessfully). The three pledge to leave the secrets of the Clampett genius alone.moreless
  • The Bank Raising
    The Bank Raising
    Episode 27
    Jed gets invited to the opening of Drysdale’s new Commerce Bank building. Granny thinks that he will actually be building the bank. Jed attends the party and meets two of Drysdale friends, who think he is a market wizard. They listen to Jed talk and take tips from him, actually just Jed talking about food. When Jed is told he is helping to build the bank, he and Jethro head home to get tools and pick up Elly and Granny to help out. When they get there, they cause a bit of a disturbance and misunderstand what is going on. They think they have to help build the “barn.” And when everybody leaves, they feel they should do it themselves. The next day, Jane and Drysdale look out the window and see something in the space where the bank will be. The Clampetts built a very small New Commerce Bank building over night.moreless
  • Another Neighbor
    Another Neighbor
    Episode 26
    Countess Maria comes to Beverly Hills, making Mrs. Drysdale very excited. But she wants to keep the Countess away from the hillbillies. Though, that is too late. It's Spring Tonic time, and Granny passes it around the neighborhood, including at Countess Maria's house. She falls in love with the brew and visits the Clampetts. They become friends instantly. She starts falling for Jed, now planning to marry her 6th husband, hoping it is an American. She plans to throw a party with the Tonic, but gives up after Mrs. Drysdale dumps it in the pool. But soon she discovers that was a good thing. It is watered down perfectly for city folks. The party occurs, and the Countess finally gets her American husband - her chauffer Humprey.moreless
  • Granny Versus the Weather Bureau
    Granny gets tired of the weather girl on TV saying that the weather is going to be clear when it is actually going to rain. She has ways to correctly measure the weather, mainly her weather beetle, Cecil. She confronts the head meteorologist of the U.S Weather Bureau but without luck. Jed goes down to speak to him and mentions the name “Daisy,” making Addison thinks he means Hurricane Daisy, and tells of the plan to get rid of her. After the misunderstanding it cleared up, Addison heads to the Clampett mansion to show a movie about how the weather is measured in modern times. But when the movie ends, it starts to rain, just as Granny predicted. The next day, the Weather Bureau receives many calls of complaint, and Addison guarantees that the weather prediction will be right from now on – Granny gave him tips and her weather beetle.moreless
  • A Bride for Jed
    A Bride for Jed
    Episode 24
    Country musicians Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs visit the Clampetts and decide that Jed needs a wife. With the help of Jane and Drysdale, they decide to get him a wife the way they did - by holding auditions for girl singers. Meanwhile, Gladys and Louise travel to San Francisco to get away from Granny and her country cooking lessons, saying that is the way they can make Elly May ladylike. They find out about Lester and Earl holding auditions and realize that's how they got their husbands. They come home right away and Lester and Earl cancel the audition scheme, which Jed is still unaware of.moreless
  • The Critter Doctor
    The Critter Doctor
    Episode 23
    Duke is sick, and Elly calls the "critter doctor" from the zoo. When Jed finds out he is a "college boy," he thinks it is a possible beau for Elly May, not knowing he is a graduate and an older man. Granny is against this doctor coming, and she mistakes a young salesman who is selling bug repellents for the doctor. She is trying to get rid of the crazy "bug doctor," who is trying to sell his products on her. But she learns who the real doctor is and ends up going out on a date with him.moreless
  • The Clampetts Go Fishing
    Drysdale and Jane try to get the Clampetts interested in deep-sea fishing, but face an obstacle - Granny. She has a fear of water and refuses to on a boat. So, Jane comes up with the idea of letting them visit Marineland. They decide to go right away and are impressed by the giant fishing holes. And Granny sees the fish of fishes, a giant whale. She tries to catch it, but Jed takes the family home to keep them out of trouble. When they get home, Elly reveals she brought home a baby seal. The Clampetts plan to visit Marineland to return it, and Granny plans to finally catch that whale.moreless
  • Son of Lafe Returns
    Son of Lafe Returns
    Episode 21
    Elly May and her new beau, Fred Penron, are getting rather serious. Meanwhile, Lafe Crick returns, this time with his son Dub. He plans to set Dub up with Elly, to once again try to get some of Jed's money. Jed and Jethro try to hide this from Granny because the Cricks really rile her up. She sees the Cricks, but Jed tries to convince her that she is having visions. She sets a trap, thinking she caught a Crick, but actually just catches Jethro. When Jethro shows her the Cricks, Granny refuses to believe, thinking it is another vision.moreless
  • Lafe Returns
    Lafe Returns
    Episode 20
    Jed is looking for a beau for his gorgeous daughter, so Drysdale and Jane set Elly up with Fred Penrod, a young accountant at the bank. However, no one can seem to get his name straight. Meanwhile, Lafe Crick returns to plant a paw-paw tree in the back yard, really to look for the Clampett fortune he still believes is buried in the back yard. He tries to ensure that the Clampett fortune will be shared with him, by trying to get Jed to set Elly up with his son and by getting Fred to leave, making him believe Elly is his twin sister, just bigger and tougher. Fred meets Elly, and they hit it off right away. And Lafe volunteers to dig a hole for the tree, hoping to find money, and ends up hitting oil four times. Lafe says he plugged up the hole the oil came out of, but it backs up and ends up coming out of the fountain in the pool.moreless
  • The Race for Queen
    Episode 19
    Elly May enters a Beverly Hills beauty contest, Queen Of Beverly Hills, and the Drysdales and Miss Jane try to make sure that she'll win. Though, when they hear it is a race, Granny is set on entering. When she finds out what type of contest it is, Granny drops out. Elly makes the final two, but doesn't win when she makes her speech. Instead, the judges give the prize to one of their own, a hidden beauty, to represent the city of Beverly Hills.moreless
  • Lafe Lingers On
    Episode 18
    Lafe Crick returns to the Clampett mansion looking to get rich, off of Jed's money. He tries to get a job at the bank guarding Jed's money, only to get a few million of it. But Granny has her doubts about the freeloader, though he seems to be proving her wrong. He's excited to work at the bank, though nobody else knows the reason why. He even digs Granny's root cellar, thinking that they buried their fortune in the back yard. Lafe never does get any of the Clampett cash.moreless
  • The Girl from Home
    Episode 17
    Lafe Crick arrives with his daughter Essiebelle. He found love letters Jethro wrote to his daughter, a beauty contest winner. He plans to get Jethro and Essiebelle married so he can get his paws in the Clampett fortune. However, the two don't want to get married, Essiebelle already has a man back home, and Jethro doesn't want to marry Essiebelle because she doesn't look the way she did before. She has gained a considerable amount of weight. When Jed finds this out, he arranges a plan to get Lafe to cancel the engagement between the two, and it works. So in the end, everybody's happy. Essiebelle is marrying her boyfriend back in the hills, and the Clampetts give her the diamond jewelry they bought at the jewelry store. And Jethro is still single.moreless
  • 1/8/64
    At the mansion, the clan is in need of food, because the hunting in Beverly Hills is horrible. They call a catering company, but get mean-mouthed. At the bank, Drysdale gets a call and learns that he got a kangaroo from a friend and it is at his house. But the kangaroo gets out, and Granny sees it, thinking it is a giant jackrabbit. When she tells Jed, he thinks it is a vision from her jug. She never can seem to catch the creature, and whenever she tells someone, they don't believe her. She finally does, and when Beverly Caterers comes, Granny tells her to cook it, but it escapes from her rope, and runs back to the Drysdale place.moreless
  • A Man for Elly
    Episode 15
    Granny is glued to the television set the Clampetts received for Christmas, especially with one TV Western star, Quirt Manly. She really wants to meet him, and Drysdale arranges it to happen. And Granny already has him set up for Elly May, because she knows he is probably the only who can tame the vine-swinging girl. However, when he arrives at the mansion, the Clampetts see he isn’t who they thought he was. Quirt Manly is actually a short actor with a high-pitched voice who doesn’t do any of his own stunts or riding. But Elly begins liking him, though Granny is disappointed. Jed tries to make Quirt look more impressive, but without much luck. Meanwhile, Jethro borrowed Quirt’s car and many girls on the street believe he is their favorite Western star. When they all arrive at the mansion, Jed tells the girls he’ll pay them if they make a fuss over the little cowboy inside. They do, but over Skipper, in a cowboy outfit, instead. And Granny begins shooting at Quirt, chasing him out.moreless
  • 12/25/63
    It is Christmas time, and the Clampetts receive beautiful gifts from the Drysdales, including a boat and a television set. However, they mistake the gifts for other things, the TV set for a washing machine, and the boat as someone else’s. The Drysdales also give the Clampetts a pet chimpanzee, which they mistake for a sailor from another country. But Elly realizes it is actually an animal and begins to play with it. And to share the Christmas spirit, the Clampetts give Mrs. Drysdale what she wants – a full-length mink. Of course, she means the coat, while the Clampetts get the animal. When the Drysdales arrive, Mrs. Drysdale figures it is a diamond she is receiving, than learns that it is lost. And when her coat falls on the floor and Drysdale hides it to teach her a lesson, she worries about where that went to. She runs out in a hurry, trying to find her mink. To complete their Christmas, the Clampetts decide to find some water to sail their boat. However, all they see is people driving their boats around. They go back home and see on their TV/washing machine that it is all dried up too. They had a short Christmas, but a merry one.moreless
  • 12/18/63
    The Clampetts are having no success with getting acquainted with their neighbors. Not to mention, the clan is having trouble with Mrs. Drysdale and Mrs. Potts. They decide to go back home to the hills, and when they go see Drysdale, they feel they are not wanted. Drysdale tries to clear everything up, and even has his Italian tailor to make a full suit for Jed, though Jed thinks this man is trying to tie him up. But to solve all the problems, Drysdale organizes a bridge game with Granny, Jane, Mrs. Potts, and his wife, and he takes Jed and Jethro golfing. But when they get there, they decide to not change in the hall (actually the locker room), and head to the steam room, which shrinks their clothes. They return, and learn Granny and Elly had no success, so decide to go home. But they change their minds when they finally get the friendly treatment they were looking for - carolers Drysdale and wife, Jane, Mrs. Potts, and Janet Trego.moreless
  • Elly Needs a Maw
    Episode 12
    Jed visits the bank to tell Drysdale that he plans to go back home to look for a wife so Elly May can finally have a mother. Drysdale tries to think of a bride for Jed, and when Mrs. Fenwick visits, he decides that she would be a perfect match for Jed. However, the Clampetts still think she is poor as a church mouse, and Mrs. Fenwick believes this is all a business deal. When Mrs. Fenwick visits, Jed misunderstands her, thinking she desperately wants to get married, not beating around the bush at all, while she is only trying to get the funding for her project. In the end, Mrs. Fenwick realizes that Jed wants to get married to her and leaves, after getting her little dog back.moreless
  • The Garden Party
    Episode 11
    Mrs. Drysdale is having a garden party and tells the Clampetts not to attend. However, they misunderstand and think she wants them to come. Jane and Drysdale try to stop them, but when they say how they still want to go, Jane arranges for them to have society clothes. When they arrive at the party, Mrs. Drysdale sends them back next door to handle the overflow crowd. But the clan gets bored, and decides to make it more exciting. When Granny sees an alligator in the pool, actually inflatable, she shoots it, and a few of Mrs. Drysdale's party guests rush over to see what happened, and decide to stay, especially when they see Elly and Jethro. Eventually the whole party ends up at the Clampetts, and they show these Beverly Hills folk how to have a real party.moreless
  • Turkey Day
    Episode 10
    Elly May makes a pet out of the Thanksgiving turkey Drysdale gives the family, making it impossible for "Herman" to be killed. And to celebrate in her own way, Mrs. Drysdale organizes a picture to represent the first Thanksgiving. Of course, she has no idea that the two Native Americans are actors. When they head to the Clampetts mansion to get the turkey for the picture, Elly and Granny think they are being attacked. But in the end, all is resolved, and the Clampetts, the Drysdales, Miss Jane, and the two actors end up having a great Thanksgiving dinner without the turkey.moreless
  • 11/20/63
    Jake and Opal Clampett are continuing to stay at the Clampett mansion, and Elly and Jethro are more than happy to serve them. But Granny isn’t impressed by Jake at all, and isn’t even sure if Jake is related to Jed. Jethro and Elly both decide they want to get in the movie business, and the two get help from Jake and Opal. Jethro turns into a Marlon Brando-type and Elly becomes like a glamorous movie star, getting renamed Venus Adore. Granny still isn’t impressed, and Jake tries to get in good with Granny by telling her she will be the dance hall queen in the new Hoot Gibson picture. This plan works, and Granny goes Hollywood as well. But Jed isn’t happy about what has become of his family, and decides to make them realize how foolish they look. With the help of Jane and Drysdale, who has just learned of what happened, Jed goes “Hollywood” too, and the rest of the clan realize how ridiculous they look. Granny, Elly, and Jethro chase Jake away, and all is well again.moreless
  • 11/13/63
    After seeing the pool man putting chlorine in the pool, thinking it is poison and getting a letter they are overdrawn, the Clampetts think that they are broke and Drysdale is trying to get rid of them. However, this is all a misunderstanding, since the letter Jed got was meant for another J.D. Clampett, Jake, who is an out-of-work actor. When Jake gets Jed’s letter, he takes advantage of the notice that he has thirty-six million dollars, buying a new car and other things. Meanwhile, Granny thinks they spent all their money, and the Clampetts still wonder if Drysdale is trying to get rid of them, after they get threatened by a cop, see a man with hot tar in front of their house, and their water is shut off. Jed decides that they still need to earn the money that is overdrawn, so they decide to look for jobs to pay back the money. But Jane calls the Clampetts and soon learns an imposter has drawn out Jed’s money. Jake Clampett is arrested, and when the Clampetts hear this, they decide that if he is related to them, they want to have him over. Jake and his wife Opal visit, meet the family, and stay with them a week.moreless
  • Chickadee Returns
    Episode 7
    Jethro is still hoping to marry burlesque dancer Chickadee Laverne, and she still is hoping for a dance engagement from the Clampetts. Chickadee returns to the mansion, making Jethro very happy. She plans to show them her whole new act, Little Red Riding Hood. But after Elmer, the raccoon, pulls off her dress early by mistake, Jethro must marry her after seeing her in her underwear, really just a costume. Granny tries to prepare Chickadee for her upcoming marriage, teaching her to cook and clean. But it is all called off after Jethro sees the prop food in her Little Red Riding Hood basket, thinking it is real, and Chickadee doesn't want to do all the household chores Granny is trying to teach her for when she becomes a wife, as Chickadee thinks this is all part of what she has to do in her engagement.moreless
  • 10/30/63
    Jed is trying to see if Jethro is ready to start dating and tests him. After he sees that Jethro is ready to start, he tells him how you know a girl is right for you and how you hear a special music playing. Jethro decides to go down to the bank, where Chickadee Laverne, a burlesque dancer, is demanding her pay for a performance the previous night. As she is leaving, she has her hidden transistor radio on, and when Jethro hears it, he believes this is a sign of love. He rushes Chickadee home with him, and after talk about an engagement, Chickadee thinks she will be dancing in the mansion, unaware the Clampetts mean marriage. They try to get to know more about this girl. When Drysdale and Jane visit, Drysdale asks about the problem Granny mentions, and when he is told it is Chickadee Laverne, he tells Jed that she isn’t right for Jethro. As Chickadee is about to talk about her new routine, Drysdale whisks her away. Jed thinks this is a good thing, because he heard music playing when he looked at her, the same way Jethro did, thinking he started to fall in love with her.moreless
  • The Clampett Look
    Episode 5
    The Clampetts are getting ready for Mrs. Fenwick and Cynthia to come to share a meal with them, hoping to give them a better life than what the Clampetts believe they are leading. Jed and Jethro head to visit the Fenwick house, still thinking the gardener’s place is their house, and after seeing the little building, decide to get the Fenwicks to move into their place with them. Mrs. Drysdale hears this and is very excited that this high family might be her next-door neighbor. When the Fenwicks arrive, the Clampetts prepare to bathe the women they think don’t clean themselves. Before the meal, the Clampetts try to get the Fenwicks to see the pool for their bath, and the two women see Jethro. After a misunderstanding, Cynthia thinks he is the Duke Of Oxford, gets excited, and decides to visit the pool. After an unsuccessful try of giving Mrs. Fenwick a bath, the Widow runs out, but gets into a fight with Mrs. Drysdale. When the chauffeur comes, the Fenwicks run to the car, and the Clampetts follow. They see him take the women to what they think is his house, and leave after they see the good deed being done.moreless
  • Elly Starts to School
    Elly May is preparing for her first day of the Willows, a finishing school Mrs. Drysdale recommended where she hopes the girls will offend Elly and run the Clampetts out of town. Jane hears of Mrs. Drysdale’s plan and decides to prevent Elly from being hurt. She poses as a fashion expert who has heard that the famous trendsetter Elly May Clampett is going to the school. In doing so, one girl, Cynthia Fenwick, wants to acquire Elly’s hillbilly look. Elly returns home early, and the family decides to invite Cynthia over. When she hears this, Cynthia is very excited and tells her mother how the Clampetts are the top trendsetters, and they accept. But the clan misunderstands the Fenwicks, thinking they've fallen on hard times. They bring them clothes and after mistaking their gardener’s place for their house, decide to bring furniture. Mrs. Drysdale sees them packing and believes her neighbors are finally moving and helps them pack. Cynthia calls to say they can’t make it, and Jed invites them over for tomorrow. Jed tells Mrs. Drysdale that she can stop moving furniture, and after she leaves, Granny tells Jed she emptied most of the rooms.moreless
  • Granny's Garden
    Episode 3
    The Clampetts wake up before daybreak to plow and plant crops in the front yard. But the only one who is truly awake is Granny. The rest of the family falls asleep. After Granny complains, the family wakes up. As Granny goes to make breakfast, she sees the mule Elly got to pull the plow so Jed and Jethro wouldn’t have to. Granny is afraid she is having visions, until Jed confirms he sees it too. After breakfast, they start to plow, but Drysdale hears this from his house and runs over to stop them. But it doesn’t matter because the plowing mule refuses to work, until Elly steps in. And Drysdale says they can’t plow because there is a zoning ordinance. Jane visits, also telling the clan they can’t do any plowing. Since the mule decides to not work again, Jed tells Drysdale and Jane why Granny wants to plow the front yard. Jane comes up with an idea. She takes the Clampetts on a field trip to show Granny modern farmers a grocery store to show Granny she can buy her vegetables. After they return, Granny still wants to plow the front yard because her Confederate money was turned down and she couldn’t buy anything.moreless
  • 10/2/63
    Drysdale is planning to tell Granny to stop “doctoring” after she cut off his hair to “cure” him. He sends Jane to tell her, and when she arrives at the mansion, the clan is celebrating Possum Day, and Jane doesn’t go through with it. At the bank, Dr. Clyburn is complaining about what Granny did and tells Drysdale that he’s going to report her. Jane returns and says that she didn’t tell Granny to stop practicing medicine. Drysdale tells Clyburn he’ll stop Granny. Just as the family is about to leave to watch the Possum Day Parade, Drysdale and Jane pull up. Drysdale tells Granny she can’t practice medicine in Beverly Hills, but after seeing how she grew Jed’s hair back, he doesn’t stop her. Granny tries to grow Clyburn’s hair, but he mean-mouths her, and she decides to leave Beverly Hills. And the Clampetts get further offended when they are told there is no Possum Day, just as Drysdale is planning it. Clyburn visits the bank again, and sees that Drysdale’s hair grew back. Clyburn begs Granny to grow his hair back, and the Clampetts are told there will be a Possum Day Parade, but a day later. The next day, the family celebrates the holiday.moreless
  • 9/25/63
    Jed is feeling poorly, and the family is worried about him. To make Elly feel better, Jed reveals that he is faking an illness to please Granny. When Drysdale hears of this, he decides to help out to and fakes sick as well. Granny puts him in bed and tells him he needs to wait. When Drysdale’s doctor, Dr. Clyburn, hears of this, he rushes over to the Clampett mansion to see what is going on. Granny mistakes Clyburn as a patient and puts him in bed with Jed and Drysdale. Clyburn is now very upset about all of this. Jane visits and hears of Granny planning to cut on the patients. Elly calms her by telling her that Granny is only going to cut off hair and fingernails. Clyburn tries to help Granny out, when he learns of her plan to cut since she has no medicine. He tries to get her medicine, but at the pharmacy, Granny’s mountain medicines aren’t available. After that’s not a success, she goes on with cutting the hair and nails. In the end, the guys feel better, making Granny happy.moreless