The Beverly Hillbillies - Season 3

CBS (ended 1971)




Episode Guide

  • Jed Becomes A Movie Mogul
    Drysdale buys a movie studio, Mammoth Pictures, for Jed, Jane tells them, and the Clampetts decide to go check out their new property. At first they can’t get in, but they finally succeed. They meet Lawrence Chaplin, the head of Mammoth Pictures, who refers to Jed as a Zucker and a Roach, and Jed admires him for saying it to his face. They also meet a huge English star, Sir Trevor Gielgud Burton Guiness, dressed as Dr, Jeckyll, and believe that’s what he looks like. Chaplin tries to impress Jed and his clan by showing him a new picture and putting Elly in movies. She doesn’t do well and scares Sir Trevor out.moreless
  • Clampett City
    Clampett City
    Episode 2
    Because Mammoth Pictures is losing money, Drysdale decides to tear down the studio and turn it into Clampett City. The Clampetts are excited about getting a town and streets named after them, and when they go to explore their town, they come to a Western set, which they fall in love with. They move into it and live the way they did back home. The Clampetts are happy in their new location, but Drysdale is not because he really wants to tear down the studios and gain a profit.moreless
  • Clampett City General Store
    The Clampetts move into the Western street on their movie studio, and Drysdale tries to stop Jed from moving in. He gets the Clampetts a role in a new picture about Cleopatra and Nero, with Jethro as Caesar, Elly as a martyr who gets thrown to the lions, and Granny as Cleopatra. Though, Elly makes friends with the lion and Granny gets Nero drunk on elderberry wine. The family heads back to their store, but Granny, Jed, and Jethro get scared off after seeing the lion Elly brought back from the scene she was shooting.moreless
  • Hedda Hopper's Hollywood
    Mammoth Pictures is in danger of getting torn down, but Hedda Hopper wants to save it. She shows Jed the legacy of the stars of the studio, who all stuck their handprints in cement for the Walk Of Fame. After a misunderstanding, he works to fill the prints with wet cement. When they are stopped from doing that, they decide to make a picture of their own. They film on the Western street and end up making a silent movie starring the Clampetts and Drysdale and Jane. After Hopper sees the picture, she rushes out of the theatre – to tear down the studio herself.moreless
  • Doctor Jed Clampett
    Jed gets an honorary doctorate when he donates money to a college, and the family thinks he is now a legit doctor. However, Granny isn’t pleased with hearing that Jed is now a real college doctor and she isn’t because she didn’t go to college. Granny does her best to get a degree herself, but doesn’t find much success. When a busload of tourists comes by, a woman brings her daughter to see Jed, because she knows he owns a movie studio. She asks is she can bring others over, and when they arrive the Clampetts think they are patients in need of treatment. The family, especially Granny, who wants to help and has gotten over the certificate Jed got, does their best to cure them. In the end, Jed gives the degree back because it is too much stress curing those Hollywood folks.moreless
  • Jed the Heartbreaker
    Mrs. Drysdale is tired of the Clampetts, especially Granny, who keeps scraping with her. When Miss Jane tells her of a beautiful movie starlet who threw herself at Jed and how Jed stopped going to his movie studio when he found out she was married, she plans a scheme herself. Mrs. Drysdale decides to throw herself at Jed to get him and his family to move away from Beverly Hills. At first, he thinks she is just trying to say she is fat and can’t handle it. But she finally gets her message out. When Jed tells Jane what Mrs. Drysdale is doing, she lets him in on the trick that is being played on him. As the Clampetts pack to leave, Jed makes Mrs. Drysdale believe that she is expected to come with him and get married. When she hears this, she runs home and the Clampetts stay.moreless
  • Back to Marineland
    Back to Marineland
    Episode 7
    Jethro wants to serve his country as a 007 spy. When he is dissuaded from this, he has to decide what branch of the military to join. Granny gets his to join the Marines because she still wants to catch the whale she saw a year ago. The Clampetts head to Marine Land, where Jethro is given a job of feeding the fish, though he thinks he is now enrolled, and Granny tries to catch the biggest fish she’s ever seen. She lassoes the fish and gets pulled in the water, and Elly swims with a few porpoises. After their visit, the Clampetts head home, with no sea critters for pets or dinner, and Jethro is not in any service or job.moreless
  • Teenage Idol
    Teenage Idol
    Episode 8
    Rock n' roll singing idol Johnny Poke visits the Clampetts while in town to play the Hollywood Bowl. Granny's not too happy about it; she's worried Jethro will pick up his bad habits. Granny loses her temper and thinks she turned Jethro into a puppy when she says he needs to be taught a lesson. The Clampetts don’t know Johnny is now a superstar, still thinking he is a bum. When they meet at the train station, where the idol is in disguise in old clothes to hide from teenage fans, Johnny tries to explain himself, but Jed and Jethro don’t believe him from the way he’s dressed; plus, what he’s saying doesn’t really make sense. They return to the house, and Granny sees Jethro in human form and is happy. Jed isn’t happy with Johnny, who is making a play at Elly, and Granny is trying to mend her ways. But after she hears him talk, she says he should be cursed. He sneaks out when a skunk comes in, and the skunk goes to where Johnny was. Granny thinks she’s turned another person into an animal.moreless
  • The Widow Poke Arrives
    Granny flies the Widow Poke out to Beverly Hills to match-make him up with Jed. So she figures she can trick Jed into marriage, though Jed finds out what is going on. However, Jed doesn’t want to marry her, and it turns out that Emma doesn’t want to marry him. The two decide to upset Granny, who has called them a young couple. So Jed and Emma pose as just that. After taking a drive, they come back looking and talking like surfers. Granny gives up the matchmaking because the two are acting like big nuts.moreless
  • The Ballet
    The Ballet
    Episode 10
    Mrs. Drysdale gets Jed to back the Beverly Hills Ballet Company, and Jed figures that ballet is the perfect way to keep Granny, who is tired of getting “butler sassed,” among other things, in Beverly Hills. Jed gets her interested in the dance just as Mrs. Drysdale gets money she needs to save the Ballet Company.moreless
  • The Boarder
    The Boarder
    Episode 11
    Granny is having one of dreams fulfilled – she is managing her own boarding house. The Clampetts put out signs welcoming any incoming boarders and advertising what they offer. But when Drysdale and Jane drive up to the mansion, they see all the signs and take down most of them. This is also the same day that Mrs. Drysdale’s new butler Arthur Pinckney comes. He sees the remaining signs, which all are ”Welcome” signs, and figures this is the Drysdale home. He sees the Clampetts and thinks they are servants, and attempts to mold them into the perfect staff. Though, he has no luck. When Jane and Drysdale find out what is going on, they decide to let Pinckney remain with the Clampetts to mold them into society people.moreless
  • The Boarder Stays
    The Boarder Stays
    Episode 12
    Pinckney finds no success with molding the Clampetts into high society people. He runs out, planning to return to England. He tells Jane and Drysdale what all occurred at the mansion. Meanwhile, the Clampetts are mad that their boarder ran out on them. They decide to keep the boarding house open, but change a few things – pay up front. When Pinckney arrives, the Clampetts hold a trial for his skipping out before paying. Jane says that Pinckney is guilty. For his punishment, he works as a butler and a servant for the clan.moreless
  • Start the New Year Right
    When the Clampetts learn that Mrs. Drysdale is in the hospital, they decide to visit her to make sure she is getting cured. Little do they know, she is doing this in spite of her husband, and won’t leave the hospital until the Clampetts leave Beverly Hills. They visit her, not knowing she is sleeping in a dark, gloomy room for a reason. They try to make it more cheerful for when she wakes up, even moving the bed so it faces the window. Jethro plays with the buttons on the bed, causing the bed to rise and tilt, throwing Mrs. Drysdale out the window. The hospital staff thinks she is trying to escape. The Clampetts visit two more times, and each time Jethro messes with the buttons, causing their neighbor to fly out the window. The last time they see this, and they take Mrs. Drysdale home with them.moreless
  • Start the New Year Right - Part 1
    Learning that Mrs. Drysdale is in the hospital because of a nervous ailment, the sympathetic Hillbillies pay her a visit.
  • Clampett General Hospital
    Mrs. Drysdale wakes up to find she is no longer in the hospital but in her one hell – the Clampett mansion. After hearing she’s missing, her husband wants to sue the hospital. But when Jed and Jethro visit to return the mattress Mrs. Drysdale was on when they brought her home, the mystery of what happened is solved. Jane and Dr. Sanders visit the mansion to get the patient out. But Mrs. Drysdale has had a helping of Granny’s nerve tonic, and now she is floating around, calling herself “Tinkerbelle.” She returns to the hospital, and the Clampetts head to the hospital, where Drysdale has also tested the bed his wife was in, got thrown out the window, and hospitalized. The clan breaks their neighbors out, and Granny gives them each some “nerve quietener.” They head back to the mansion, and Jane and Dr. Sanders visit to see what is going on. And at the end, they see the Drysdales running loose in the front yard.moreless
  • Clampett General Hospital - Part 2
    Having "rescued" Mrs. Drysdale from the hospital, the Clampetts try their own brand of medicine on her ailing nervous system.
  • The Movie Starlet
    The Movie Starlet
    Episode 15
    Jethro falls for a movie starlet, Kitty Devine, who is not interested in him. But when she discovers that his uncle owns the studio and could get her better roles than beach babes in surfer movies, she takes interest. When she arrives at the mansion, she does her best to get Jed to notice her and tries to convince him she is capable of roles for a “woman,” that could make her a star. Jed misunderstands this, thinking they don't realize she's a woman, and ends up getting chased by Kitty, trying to prove to him she is capable of mature roles. Meanwhile, Elly is getting an offer to be in movies at the studio and asks Jed if it is okay. He gives her permission because the men at his studio don’t seem to know a woman when they see one.moreless
  • Elly in the Movies
    Elly in the Movies
    Episode 16
    Elly gets a job at Jed’s movie studio, though Granny and Jane are against it. Both are worried about Elly getting involved in the Hollywood scene. Both have heard stories from a girl who works in a flower mill. Elly gets there and meets actor Dash Riprock. He goes for her straight off, but is unaware that this is the girl he will be starring with, having been told he’ll be opposite the studio owner’s daughter, Miss Clampett. When he goes to visit Miss Clampett in her dressing room, Jane answers, and he thinks that this is Elly May Clampett. After seeing her, he tries to get out of starring with this woman. But he has to romance Elly, and ends up hitting on Miss Jane.moreless
  • Dash Riprock, You Cad
    Elly is disappointed about losing Dash to Miss Jane, so Jed and Drysdale try to fix everything. And Granny is trying to figure out why Dash is going for the plain Miss Jane instead of her gorgeous granddaughter. Another actor, Biff Steel, is set up for Elly, but once again, sees Miss Jane and figures she is Miss Clampett. Jed starts figuring that the Hollywood actors want to be prettier than their girl, and he decides to “ugly Elly up.” The studio sends the remaining young, handsome actors for Elly, and they go to her, with her new look. After seeing the Hollywood actors take to the plain Elly, Granny sees that she now has thrown seventy-five years of matchmaking down the drain.moreless
  • Clampett A-Go-Go
    Clampett A-Go-Go
    Episode 18
    After seeing Elly May in a bathing suit, hippie Sheldon Epps crashes his car. When the Clampetts see this, they take him inside their house to get better. He is healthy, but sticks around for Elly, driving Dash Riprock off. And the clan thinks he is sick because of the way he talks. But Epps improves, and even finds help with his art – Jethro. After Jethro messes up his painting, he finally is able to sell his work.moreless
  • Granny's Romance
    Granny's Romance
    Episode 19
    Drysdale sets Granny up with an older man on the Board of Directors, a playboy who dates young, attractive women. Mr. Cavanaugh meets Granny and is not too pleased with what he sees, wishing for a younger, more attractive lady. And Cavanaugh’s original date for the night, who is described as his "dear, sweet old aunt" is set up with Jed. Of course, this “Aunt Phyllis” is no older woman; she's a young, glamorous girl. At first, she has doubts about the night and is not enjoying herself at dinner. But once she learns Jed is a multi-millionaire, she warms up to him, and she and Jed dance the rest of the night away. Granny’s date doesn’t end that well, however, because her date gets tired out.moreless
  • Jed's Temptation
    Jed's Temptation
    Episode 20
    It is the day after Jed spent the night dancing with Phyllis, and he is stiff from all the dancing. Granny is throwing her “I told you so”’s at him. And when Phyllis invites him to the horse races, he accepts. When Drysdale and Jane learn of the type of woman she is, they warn Granny and drive her down to the racetrack to stop them. Meanwhile, at the racetrack, Jed and Phyllis are finding great success, because Jed can tell which horse will win. Granny gets there, but Jed and Phyllis leave before she can break them up. She gives money to Fred, who has been losing the races, to buy food, since she misunderstands him, and he bets on the horses, and wins. So Granny stays with him and they bet on the remaining races. Later that night, Jed and Phyllis plan to go out to dinner, and Jed is hanging around so Granny can have the pleasure of being right. Granny comes home depressed and goes straight upstairs. She won money on the fifth, sixth, and seventh races, but lost it all on the eighth.moreless
  • Double Naught Jethro
    Jethro decides to give up his dream of being a brain surgeon to become a “double naught spy,” like James Bond. So he does all he can to become one. Meanwhile, The Banker’s Convention is going on, including the beauty contestant for Most Beautiful Bank Employee, and Drysdale could lose because of Mr. Cushing’s contestant. He has no luck with finding a woman in the secretarial pool, and the beautiful Janet Trego has broken her leg. But when Jethro brings her to the bank for her to stay there, Elly ends up being the contestant for the beauty contestant, being given a job to qualify. And Jethro gets money for his spy car and spy equipment and goes to spy on the Merchant’s Bank. Though, he ends up spilling everything about Elly getting a job just to enter the contest. The Merchant’s Bank’s beauty contestant goes with Jethro to talk with Jed about opening an account, and Jethro gets in trouble for doing more “spying” than chores and causing Granny to fly into a tree.moreless
  • Double Naught Jethro, Pt. 1
    Jethro decides to give up his dream of being a brain surgeon to become a "double naught spy," like James Bond. So he does all he can to become one. Meanwhile, The Banker's Convention is going on, including the beauty contestant for Most Beautiful Bank Employee, and Drysdale could lose because of Mr. Cushing's contestant. He has no luck with finding a woman in the secretarial pool, and the beautiful Janet Trego has broken her leg. But when Jethro brings her to the bank for her to stay there, Elly ends up being the contestant for the beauty contestant, being given a job to qualify. And Jethro gets money for his spy car and spy equipment and goes to spy on the Merchant's Bank. Though, he ends up spilling everything about Elly getting a job just to enter the contest. The Merchant's Bank's beauty contestant goes with Jethro to talk with Jed about opening an account, and Jethro gets in trouble for doing more "spying" than chores and causing Granny to fly into a tree.moreless
  • Clampett's Millions
    Clampett's Millions
    Episode 22
    Jethro is still working on being a 007 spy, though it is annoying Granny. And Elly has been crowned Queen Of The Bankers Ball. Mr. Cushing is not happy about this though; he wanted his contestant to win. Since Jethro is having more fun at Cushing’s bank, he tries to get Jed to transfer his money to the Merchant’s Bank. Cushing sees this opportunity and tries to get that gorgeous Clampett account. Granny decides to put her share of the money in Mr. Cushing’s bank. Drysdale doesn’t want to give up the money, and Jed asks to see it. After Drysdale says he can’t give eleven million in cash, the clan believes he doesn’t have the money and spent it. They decide to transfer funds to the Merchants bank. When they go to visit the Merchant’s Bank, the Clampetts ask to see their 45 million. When they see he doesn’t have it, they put it back in Drysdale bank.moreless
  • Drysdale's Dog Days
    Drysdale's Dog Days
    Episode 23
    Granny demands to see her money in cash, and Drysdale tries to talk her out of it. He fails and upsets the Clampetts by accidentally throwing magazines at them, really throwing them at his wife and her dog. He tries to make things better by showing Granny what a million dollars looks like to turn her off from the idea, but ends up throwing more stuff at her. This upsets her, and she keeps the million and demands the rest that is hers. At the same time, it is time for Beverly Hill's Dog Show and Mrs. Drysdale plans to enter Claude, who is sick. To make up with Granny, Jane and Drysdale try to get Granny to make Claude healthy, and succeed. But when Elly sees that Claude won't win the dog show because he can't do tricks, the Clampetts replace little Arnie with Claude at the show. It's a shock, especially for Mrs. Drysdale, who faints when she sees this.moreless
  • Brewster's Honeymoon
    The Clampett money keeps rolling in as more oil is discovered on their land. And Mr. Brewster is coming out to marry his fiancée Edythe. Granny is planning to go back home to the hills, but Jed decides to put up the cabin they put up for Granny’s birthday. The Clampetts learn of Mr. Brewster’s engagement and decide to give them a honeymoon. They put the Brewster’s up in the cabin for their wedding night because it is such a sweet and simple honeymoon. It is quite the surprise, and they end up spending a horrid night there. They try to escape, but have no luck and fall into the pool. The Clampetts think they are crazy about swimming. They decide to go to bed and let the Brewster spend their honeymoon the way they want to.moreless
  • Flatt, Clampett, and Scruggs
    Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs visit the Clampett and solve the problems they are having at the mansion. They cure Jethro’s hunger by making him biscuits and red-eye gravy, and after Jed and Jane’s failed attempts, the duo cures Granny’s homesickness by letting her perform on stage with them. Though, she performs dressed more like a nightclub singer instead of a sweet little mountain lady.moreless
  • Jed and the Countess
    It is time for Spring Tonic, and the Countess Maria returns to meet with her good friends the Clampetts, as well as get some tonic. And after the Clampetts learn Maria is single again, having literally lost her husband at a party, Granny sees this as the time for Jed to make his move on the Countess. Jed doesn’t make a move, until Jethro is employed as the Countess’ new chauffeur, replacing ex-husband and chauffeur Humphrey, causing the Clampetts to think Jethro and Maria shall wed. But Jed never gets his chance, since Humphrey returns to get his bride back.moreless
  • Big Daddy, Jed
    Big Daddy, Jed
    Episode 27
    Beatnik Sheldon Epps returns with his friends from the Parthenon West Coffee House, asking Jed for money so they can keep their hangout. Drysdale is hoping to close the place down. But his plans fail when Jed befriends the hippies and supports them, providing music and lights.
  • Cool School is Out: Part 2 of 2
    Granny turns beatnik when she visits the Parthenon West coffee house to rescue Elly May and Jethro from a band of beatniks.
  • Cool School is Out
    Cool School is Out
    Episode 28
    Elly and Jethro join the beatniks at the Parthenon West, and Granny tries to get them out. But her attempts fail, and she becomes a beatnik herself, after inventing “The Tater Digger,” a new dance. Jed is all for the young ones expressing themselves, but once he sees Granny dressed the way she is and acting the way she is, he changes his mind. He goes down to the coffee shop and convinces Sheldon and the others to change their image, with the help of some desperately needed lettuce. They all transform themselves from cool beatniks in a bohemian coffee shop to squares in a boring restaurant dancing the waltz, and Granny and Jethro decide to split once they see the change, making the plan a success.moreless
  • The Big Bank Battle
    The Big Bank Battle
    Episode 29
    Drysdale tries to get the Clampetts interested in a hobby to occupy their time and to stop Jed from traveling around the neighborhood with a fix-it wagon. He shows Jed all types of hobbies, like collecting stamps and building a boat in a bottle. Jethro gets a hobby with these offers, getting the boat out of the bottle. The boat in the bottle belonged to Cushing at the Merchant’s Bank, and Jed brings it back to Cushing, who offers him a job to occupy his time. Drysdale learns of this and tries to get Jed away from the rival bank. But Cushing and Drysdale get into a fight over Jed, and to stop the two friends from fighting, he decides to not take a job from either. But the family finds something else to keep them busy – they create a family fix-it service on the truck, making Drysdale sick.moreless
  • The Clampetts Versus Automation
    The Clampetts are tired of their neighbors who mean mouth them and don’t appreciate them. They decide to go back to the hills. And at the bank, a computer is replacing Leroy Lester, an accountant. But this accountant believes he can still keep his job. Instead, Drysdale tells him he can balance his wife’s checkbook. On his way to do so, his car stops in the Drysdales’ driveway, and Jethro brings him to the mansion. The Clampetts take him in. But Drysdale believes he ran away with a fortune. He tries to find him to turn him in, though his theory is proven false. He learns the truth about Lester, and that the computer blew up. Now Drysdale wants this accountant back. Things finally improve for the once unappreciated Leroy. He stays with the Clampetts, his new friends, in the end. Leroy finally gets a much-deserved vacation. And Drysdale gets himself a substitute accountant for Leroy’s time off – Jethro.moreless
  • Luke's Boy
    Luke's Boy
    Episode 31
    Luke Short's boy Beau comes to town, and Granny has him set up with Elly. But Elly wants no part of this and tries to turn him off, first as a Hollywood siren, then as a scrubwoman. When this doesn't work, Jane convinces Beau and Jethro they should become international playboys and belong to all women. This upsets Granny when she finds out Beau jilted her granddaughter, and wants him back. But in the end, Jed learns that Beau didn't come to marry Elly, but to enlist in the army. And he leaves to serve his country, not to marry the lovely Elly May.moreless
  • The Brewsters Return
    The Brewsters come to Beverly Hills to build their new home on a vacant lot they purchased, and they request the Clampetts don't learn of this. But the Clampetts are planning to move back home to the Hills. When they tell Drysdale, he reveals the secret. Drysdale tells Brewster what he has done, but explains it was to save the Clampett oil account, and because of this, he has to visit the Clampetts. The Brewsters end up visiting the hillbillies and enduring farm chores. But Jane comes to tell the Clampetts they came to build their dream house. The next day when the Brewsters and Drysdale go to see their lot, they see the cabin put up instead.moreless
  • Jed, the Bachelor
    Jed, the Bachelor
    Episode 33
    Granny is tired of Beverly Hills and heads home for the Hills. But she never makes it back home and ends up in Las Vegas. And Jethro is having no luck being an international playboy and ends up getting arrested. Granny comes back that night, but with a story to tell about Vegas the next day. And things brighten up for Jethro too because he gets a job at the bank with lots of pretty secretaries. Though, he ends up getting arrested again. And Granny takes her wheelbarrow to leave Beverly Hills, but only to return back to Las Vegas to teach the people playing slot machines how to play checkers.moreless
  • The Art Center
    The Art Center
    Episode 34
    Mrs. Drysdale has a new plan to get rid of the Clampetts and add culture to Beverly Hills. She gets the Clampetts to donate their home as an art gallery. Of course, they misunderstand this and think they have to provide the art. They go on and sculpt and paint up a storm for this new art center and end up filling their mansion with their homemade creations.moreless