The Beverly Hillbillies - Season 4

CBS (ended 1971)




Episode Guide

  • Jethro Goes to College
    Jethro is trying to conjure up a girl with Granny's potions. Jed thinks that Jethro needs to get girls off of his mind, believing he should get more education. Drysdale tells Jethro he'll get a job at the bank if he gets a college degree. Jethro asks for college suggestions and decides to go search for himself. He ends up enrolling in a secretarial school, which is in desperate need of money. They accept him since he has a large amount of tuition cash. Though Jethro is a very unsuccessful student, and the head of the school decides to graduate him early. Elly graduates early from her school as well, the College of Judo and Karate, being awarded a black belt, though she didn’t have Jethro’s positive experience. Jethro gets to become the Vice President of Jed’s money, employing all the girls at the college he went to as help.moreless
  • Granny Tonics a Birdwatcher
    It is Tonic Time, and Granny has made a small batch, which is enough for the family and a few friends. She also hopes that she can tonic a man for Elly May to marry. Though Elly may not have a husband in her future, Jane thinks she does. She thinks that Professor Biddle will propose to her, but he reveals all he wants her to do is hatch a condor egg. Granny heads to the bank to get Jane and Drysdale to give Dash Riprock some of her tonic. Jane realizes what this could do and gets Professor Biddle to drink a bottle of tonic. But Elly visits the bank, and a “toniced” Professor starts chasing her, following her home. Jane chases after him, trying to get her man back. Biddle does propose to Jane, and although she turns him down, they become the proud parents of a baby condor.moreless
  • Jethro Gets Engaged
    Jethro Gets Engaged
    Episode 30
    Jethro gets a job as Dash Riprock’s double, thinking this will make him twice the actor that Dash is. Jethro also meets a girl who is using her to get to meet Jed for a screen test. However, Jethro, now going by “Beef Jerky,” learns that his new job isn’t all it is cracked up to be. He gets blown up and burned. When Dash finds out what Jethro got himself into, he tries to save Jethro. Jethro’s girl Debbie comes home with him, trying to get a screen test, but has no luck talking with Jed. All starts improving when Dash visits the Clampett mansion to get Debbie away from Jed before she gets her gold-digging hands in him, and Jethro gives up his new career.moreless
  • The Bird Watchers
    The Bird Watchers
    Episode 29
    Miss Jane’s bird watcher leader, Professor Biddle, comes to town to visit. And Jed and Granny are trying to get a man for Elly. After Elly shows up with Professor Biddle, Jed decides that fixing Elly May up with Dash Riprock couldn’t hurt. Drysdale blackmails Dash with a bad TV role to get Dash to ask Elly out. He doesn’t get to the Clampett mansion in enough time, and Jed has no luck with stopping Elly, so she ends up going with Professor Biddle, Miss Jane, and Jethro on their bird expedition. Elly plans a date with the Professor, and Dash demands her to break it. Biddle threatens Dash, and while Jane is explaining the condor to Jed, they hear Dash giving up. Elly has Dash in an arm lock and tells Dash she’ll go out with tomorrow.moreless
  • Jethro's Pad
    Jethro's Pad
    Episode 28
    Jethro hires himself out cleaning Mr. Drysdale’s garage, and he discovers the magazine “Swinger,” a magazine for international playboys. After reading the magazine, he does all he can to become an international playboy. He gets a “portable playboy parlor” at the city dump and heads to the Kitty Kat Club to get some girls. He has no luck, but Drysdale arranges for two Kitty Kats to show up to Jethro, one being Miss Jane. After not having luck with that, Jethro heads to the beach, where he meets a girl. They go in Jethro’s pad, but later realize that they are floating. The girl leaves a happy Jethro, who realizes that he now has a yacht.moreless
  • The Beautiful Maid
    The Beautiful Maid
    Episode 27
    The Clampetts take in Ulla, a Swedish actress hoping to learn their ways of life for a movie, and a girl they think is a poor sharecropper's daughter.
  • The Folk Singers
    The Folk Singers
    Episode 26
    After their careers don’t exactly work out well, Jethro, after unsuccessfully trying to launch himself into space, and Miss Jane, after quitting at the bank, decide to launch a career in folk music. But the two learn that what they actually had in mind isn't anywhere in their future and end up deciding to return to their original plans.moreless
  • Flatt and Scruggs Return
    Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs, and Gladys Flatt visit the Clampetts. Gladys is hoping for a career in singing, but all she gets is a country-cooking lesson. And Jane quits her job at the bank after Drysdale accuses her of joy riding, when in reality she was driving the Clampetts’ guests to the mansion and singing along with Flatt and Scruggs. But things improve in the end. Jane auditions for a career in folk singing, and Gladys finally gets her chance at a singing career as well.moreless
  • The Old Folks Home
    The Old Folks Home
    Episode 24
    It is Spring Cleaning time, and Granny is trying to clean the mansion from top to bottom. Jed wants to stop her from doing this and thinks the way to do this is to get Granny out of Beverly Hills. He tells the family to make Granny think she is too tired and too old to work so hard, and Jethro and Elly lay it on a bit too heavy. But it works, and Granny does stop the cleaning. Drysdale and Jed try to solve the problem. Jed tells Granny they should get a place in the country, but Granny fears she will be sent to the old folks' home. Granny tires herself out after hearing that by cleaning the house in a small matter of time. Jane hires a new housekeeper, making Granny leave. She goes to the bank, and Drysdale gives her Jane’s job to keep Granny in Beverly Hills. But Granny isn't any help, so Drysdale gives her a promotion as "Vice President Of The Whole Building," and Granny orders everything out for Spring Cleaning.moreless
  • The Great Jethro
    The Great Jethro
    Episode 23
    Jed and Granny decide Jethro needs a job. They send him down to the bank to try to get work. While he is there, he runs into a magician, Marvo, the Magnificent. After Marvo learns of his uncle’s many, many millions, he agrees to go home with Jethro. Marvo puts on a show for the Clampetts, and afterwards, Jethro decides to become a magician. He gets Jed to buy all of Marvo’s magic items and puts on his own show. Of course, Jethro can’t quite grasp the tricks of the trade and ends up going back to what he was doing before.moreless
  • Brewster's Baby
    Brewster's Baby
    Episode 22
    After Drysdale stops the clan from going back home to deliver a baby, the Clampetts try to help the Brewsters with their baby, while Jethro unsuccessfully tries to open his own version of the Kitty Kat Club. Of course, the Brewsters don't need the help because they are adopting, though after hearing the explanation given, the Clampetts believe they really need help and advice. But the clan learns that in Beverly Hills more is possible when the Brewsters return with a baby boy in their basket.moreless
  • Sonny Drysdale Returns
    Granny predicts that Elly will get married, but Jed doesn’t believe her. However, when Jethro tells them Sonny Drysdale is returning, Granny believes that this will be Jed’s future son-in-law. Drysdale believes the same thing, and has Sonny and Elly set up to be married. Drysdale makes Sonny get a job, selling beauty products door-to-door. When he stops at the Clampett mansion, he shows the products to Elly May, and tells her he wants her to have a few of the boxes, totally to nearly one thousand dollars. Drysdale is proud when he learns his son-in-law made such a sale, but when he learns who he sold it to, he make Sonny propose to Elly. That night, Sonny proposes to Elly, who turns him down, causing Sonny to run to his mother.moreless
  • The Big Chicken
    The Big Chicken
    Episode 20
    After Granny mistakes an ostrich that Drysdale owns for a giant chicken, which she believes she caused to grow to a huge size with her "growing tonic," made for her tomatoes, she tries to shrink it down to size and keep it a secret from anyone who could find out. She never does succeed in shrinking it back down to normal, so in the end Granny decides to enter this giant bird in the county fair because a creature of this size will definitely win a blue ribbon.moreless
  • The Cat Burglar
    The Cat Burglar
    Episode 19
    The city of Beverly Hills is on alert because a cat burglar is on the loose. Elly is worried that this person will steal her cats and kittens, since he is a "cat" burglar. And Jane and Drysdale are worried that the Clampetts will get robbed, since they are prime targets. The cat burglar shows up at the Clampett mansion, posing as a detective, to check the place out. Elly shows him the traps she has set. Mike and Bernie, the burglars, decide the caper here will be easy. Drysdale decides to stay with the Clampetts to be safe and sends Miss Jane to watch his house. That night, Jed and Granny run downstairs and see Mike, trying to break the safe which they believe is a radio he is trying to fix, Elly catches Bernie, and Miss Jane is caught by Jethro. But everyone learns that Mike isn't a detective Miss Jane hired after Mike takes Bernie away, but the two thieves end up getting caught in Elly’s trap.moreless
  • The Buggy
    The Buggy
    Episode 18
    Granny gets a buggy for her horse Ladybelle and gets the same thing for Mrs. Drysdale so they can have buggy races. But the horse she buys for her neighbor is known around the stables as "Old Gluepot." She tries to cheat to win, but ends up with Lightening, the poor horse, after Jed tries to teach her a lesson. Little do the Clampetts know, Mrs. Drysdale made a deal with her husband that the only way she would participate in the race is if the Clampetts leave Beverly Hills if she wins. Luckily, by feeding her horse straw and moonshine, Granny and Lightening win the race, running straight out of the buggy.moreless
  • The Trotting Horse
    The Trotting Horse
    Episode 17
    Granny needs to get around Beverly Hills and is having no luck with a driving lesson. When she hears that the Drysdale are looking at the horses, Granny decides she needs a trotter and buggy. Drysdale learns that the Clampetts want a horse, and after he learns of its potential winnings, the Clampetts acquire Ladybelle, a racehorse. Granny thinks this is a trotter she can take to the grocery store. She rides her, but learns that this horse is not much of a trotter. After the Clampetts are told they have acquired a racehorse, Granny decides to put her horse to use and enters the horse race. Ladybelle finishes first, but is disqualified because she didn’t start when the other racers did.moreless
  • The Richest Woman
    The Richest Woman
    Episode 16
    The world’s richest women, Tracy Richards, sees the Clampett estate and wants to fix it up and buy it. She learns that the house is not for sale, but is determined to buy it. She gets in good with Granny, Elly, and Jethro by treating them to the good city life and giving them some of her expensive possessions. Jed can see through her act, but the others refuse to believe it, and Drysdale is trying to get her account, keep Jed’s account, and keep everyone happy and himself wealthy. Tracy tries to get Jed to sell by getting romantic with him, but it backfires. The Clampetts end up staying in their mansion, which an unhappy Miss Richards never does acquire.moreless
  • The Common Cold
    The Common Cold
    Episode 15
    Granny is looking to cure people and learns of Mr. Drysdale’s illness. He has a common cold. Granny says that she has the ability to cure it with one spoonful of “Cold Cure.” She makes her cold cure to share with Dr. Clyburn, but he turns her down and mean-mouths her. So she decides to start her own doctor’s office and use her own cold cure to treat folks. She shares it with a medicine distributor and Miss Jane, and in the end they learn that Granny’s cure is the same as the city doctor’s is; it still takes a week to ten days to get better.moreless
  • Military School
    Military School
    Episode 14
    Jethro finally decides on his life’s calling again. He decides on being a five-star General. Jethro is hoping to attend West Point, but Drysdale talks him into going to Haven Hurst. He’d never actually get into West Point and has a better chance of becoming a general in Haven Hurst. Granny is against him joining because he might get hurt, and Drysdale is having trouble getting him in because this military academy is for boys. But once the Colonel learns Jethro lives where he does, he is accepted because they’d win the “war” against the red army from another military academy. Jethro passes out ammo for the troops, and they get the red army on the run, to Jed and Granny's surprise, because these are just little boys fighting a war.moreless
  • Mr. Farquhar Stays On
    Granny has taken interest in Mrs. Drysdale’s father, Mr. Farquhar. And Farquhar is trying to get someone to go to Las Vegas with him, first asking Drysdale, who turns him down. He asks Granny to accompany him, and Granny believes this is a marriage proposal. Farquhar tells Drysdale about this, who is against it, and Drysdale tells Jed, who is all for it. Granny is enjoying herself for once, which Jed thinks is a great thing. But Granny changes her mind. She realizes she’s been acting like a schoolgirl. She tells Farquhar she can’t go to Vegas with him, and he reveals he wants to go for gambling. Granny doesn’t tell Jed the exact truth, but mentions how desperate he is to get to Vegas. Before Farquhar leaves, he asks Jed, who turns him down. Farquhar leaves, hoping to find someone, and Jed sees how desperate he really is.moreless
  • Mrs. Drysdale's Father
    Mrs. Drysdale's father comes to Beverly Hills to visit. When he learns of the Clampetts, he decides he wants to meet them. He visits and ends up playing poker and pool with Jed. But Farquhar loses all his money because his tricks backfire and the Clampetts are better at the games then he could even imagine. In the end, Jed suggests they give up the gambling and just play a friendly game of pool.moreless
  • Hoe Down a-Go-Go
    Hoe Down a-Go-Go
    Episode 11
    Jethro is having trouble meeting girls and asks Jed for advice. He gives him advice, but learns from Granny’s advice for Elly it won’t work. When Jed and Granny see that Jethro and Elly need to meet some young women and men, they decide to throw a wingding. Jane is put in charge of getting a band and ends up hiring The Enemys. They arrive to the party with a bunch of kids from the Whisky-A-Go-Go Club Jane and Jethro visited, and the wingding ends up going rock n’ roll.moreless
  • The Poor Farmer
    The Poor Farmer
    Episode 10
    Drysdale organizes a financial syndicate, which includes a billionaire who he wants in his bank. Jed is one of the potential members of this group, but never makes the meeting because a new invention of Jethro’s, a chemical that turns water into gasoline, doesn’t work. When Jed finally arrives, it is too late, and Mr. Sebastian has left. Jane suggests that he visits him at his health club. But when Jed gets there, he sees him getting roughly massaged, pounded on, and worked over. Sebastian is dieting and trying to lose weight, but Jed thinks that Sebastian is a poor farmer and wants to help him, but Sebastian turns him down. He even offers Sebastian donuts at dinner later that night, but the billionaire continues to refuse the gifts. Jed says he’s never seen a prouder man.moreless
  • A Real Nice Neighbor
    The Clampetts get a new next-door neighbor, and when Aggie, the maid of Mrs. Phillip Brentwood Carrington III, drops by to the use the phone, they think this is she. This is the first rich neighbor who has proven to be kind and considerate. Drysdale is happy because this rich woman has moved next door and might be a wife for Jed. Granny also sees her as a match for Jed. The two try to set Jed and Aggie up in different ways. When Aggie says she isn’t interested, Granny gives her some rheumatism medicine to loosen her up. But she gets drunk, and Granny tries to sober her up. While under the influence, she dances and flirts with Drysdale, who is trying to get Jed to court her. But when the chauffeur comes to pick the Aggie up, Drysdale learns this woman is not a millionaire. But Aggie thinks she is now with Drysdale, and Granny and Jed realize they’ll have to break the news to his wife.moreless
  • The Courtship of Elly
    Granny tries to conjure a man for Elly May, but accidentally attracts Miss Jane's man, who is actually a hired escort Mr. Drysdale got for Elly. When the Clampetts find out, they work to get rid of him so Miss Jane can have her man back.
  • The Clampetts Play the Rams
    Jethro gets a date with the Drydales’ new maid Linda, but she is only interested in the fact that he has a color television set. Instead of paying attention to Jethro, she watches a football game the first night and an ice hockey game the next. Jethro attempts trying out the games, but isn’t very successful at football and doesn’t like the hockey gear. Jed tells Jethro to think about what football players and hockey players have in common, and he says commercials. So for his next date with Linda, Jethro does what players from both teams do, he shaves, and that, not to mention Drysdale’s promise of a color television set, impresses Linda.moreless
  • The Possum Day Parade
    Granny is preparing for her Possum Queen campaign, and also wondering why Mrs. Drysdale hasn’t fought back yet. When Jed asks Drysdale about this, he starts her campaign with a false radio interview and continues to try to get a Possum festival to go on. Granny continues with her campaign, and Mrs. Drysdale realizes that she has been campaigning without even knowing. Drysdale returns on Possum Day after being turned down by every city and town he went to, even Death Valley. He goes up to the Clampett mansion to tell them, but Granny reveals she is withdrawing from the race to let Mrs. Drysdale win the title. When he learns Granny’s truth, he doesn’t tell them that he couldn’t organize it and adds more lies. When he leaves, Granny plans for next year and celebrates this Possum Day with the help of her jug.moreless
  • Possum Day
    Possum Day
    Episode 5
    Drysdale tries to keep the Clampetts in Beverly Hills by telling them there would a Possum Day there. So Granny decides to run for Possum Queen in Beverly Hills, and Drysdale convinces her that she is running against Mrs. Drysdale. Meanwhile, Drysdale is desperate to actually get a Possum Day to happen for the Clampetts and starts traveling around for this to happen.moreless
  • The Private Eye
    The Private Eye
    Episode 4
    Jethro continues his fantasy of being a “double naught spy” by getting an office at the bank. When two bank robbers come, who have been waiting for that office which is above the vault, they make Jethro believe they are from London headquarters. K and J give Jethro a series of “spy tests,” all of which he is unsuccessful at. He plasters over his secret camera, sharpens his microphone pencil, and puts in his tear gas squirter backwards in his spy coat. After K and J tell him he needs an escape hatch, he switches offices with Elly and puts the escape in there. But when he busts through the floor and tells Drysdale what is going on, they contact the police. In the end, Barker is caught, though Jethro is not happy. It will take ten years for him to get out, and Jethro doesn’t want to wait that long to be a spy.moreless
  • The Sheik
    The Sheik
    Episode 3
    After entering an oil deal with Jed and O.K. Oil, the Sheik befriends the Clampetts, giving Jed four of his dancing girls for wives and tries to get the beautiful Elly May as one of his wives. Jed tries to give the girls back, while Jethro tries to enjoy some of the Sheik's life, mainly the company of his beautiful dancing girls, after selling his cousin. But the Sheik learns what Elly May is like, and she returns after beating the Sheik up. He leaves with his dancing girls, and Granny and Jed see the Royal Camel, which was left behind after being payment for Elly, thinking this creature just a sad and pitiful looking horse.moreless
  • That Old Black Magic
    Granny believes that Mrs. Drysdale has turned herself into a bird after she said a few Zodiacal words, which Granny believes is black magic. She tries to change her back to normal. Meanwhile, Jed and Elly try to get the real Mrs. Drysdale cured after the vet Granny called calls about the sick bird. Mrs. Drysdale thinks she is following correct advice, but in the end realizes she read the wrong day in her astrology book and that today would be unlucky. She mean mouths Granny and rushes home, but Granny is happy that her neighbor is back to normal.moreless
  • Admiral Jed Clampett
    Drysdale has hopes that Jed will buy a yacht and join the yacht club with him. The Clampetts are all ready to go, except for Granny who has been listening to Jethro and is now afraid of drowning and sharks. Jethro is sent away so Granny doesn’t worry anymore and ends up getting Jed an Admiral’s uniform from his movie studio. They head down to the pier, but get lost and mistake a Navy vessel for a yacht. The crew aboard this boat believes Jed is a first class admiral and tries to impressive him. Jed thinks they are trying to sell it to him. In the end, he decides to pass the boat, and the crew is happy because they have passed inspection, though Jed is confused because they just lost a sale.moreless