The Beverly Hillbillies - Season 6

CBS (ended 1971)




Episode Guide

  • Cousin Roy
    Cousin Roy
    Episode 30

    Cousin Roy visits the Clampetts in Beverly Hills, and the clan is thrilled to welcome him. But Granny is less than thrilled when she learns Roy has come to Beverly Hills to peddle his mother Myrtle's medicine, Big Momma's Magic Mixture.

  • From Rags to Riches
    From Rags to Riches
    Episode 29
    Drysdale tells the Clampetts to put the up the cabin, to make a commercial showing how he took a poor hillbilly family living in a dirty cabin and made them rich, putting them in a gorgeous mansion in Beverly Hills. Miss Jane doesn’t agree with his plan, and ends up getting upset after he lies about a giant nest egg, breaking her egg over his head. Drysdale arrives at the cabin to make sure all is all right and tells his wife what it is for. She throws him out on his head, and Granny thinks Drysdale has hurt his head badly, and decides to perform a head transplant. She sees the eggshell left from the busted egg and believes it is his skull. Luckily, Jane comes in time to say that Drysdale is all right and the commercial gets filmed. The Clampetts think this is a result of the hit on the head he got. But with Drysdale as Super Banker, the Clampetts film the commercial of how a hillbilly family went from destitute to rich with the help of Mr. Drysdale.moreless
  • The Crystal Gazers
    The Crystal Gazers
    Episode 28
    Granny believes she has the power to predict the future, and she is set on doing whatever she needs to make them all come true, especially when she realizes that she never actually predicted what started her on it all.
  • Dog Days
    Dog Days
    Episode 27
    While Elly is washing her dogs, Granny calls that the food is ready, and the dogs trample her. Granny tells Jed and Elly that if the dogs don’t go, she will. Drysdale is also having dog troubles, annoyed with the fact that his wife’s dog gets beauty parlor treatment. Jed finally convinces Granny to let the dogs stay, but after changing her mind, she gets trampled by Elly’s new dogs, causing her to want them all out again. Elly tries to store her dogs somewhere so Granny doesn’t get upset and ends up leaving them in Drysdale’s office. Jane tells Ilse, the gorgeous German guard, to walk Mrs. Drysdale's dog Fifi, so Claude doesn't smell another dog on her fur, and as she walks her in front of the bank, Jethro pulls up. Ilse gets her words mixed up, making Jethro believe he should clip Fifi. He does, and Mrs. Drysdale is happy about the results, telling Jed as Drysdale and Jane tell Jed and Granny about the dogs. The next morning, as Elly is getting ready to give away her dogs, Granny looks the cute faces over and decides they can all stay.moreless
  • The Soap Opera
    The Soap Opera
    Episode 26
    Granny wants to keep her doctor’s practice going in Beverly Hills. Elly, while on the phone with Miss Jane, is told about Rex Goodbody, who is a character on “A Journey To Misery.” Elly tells Granny about him and that he might need an operation, and they decide they want to help Rex Goodbody improve. Granny learns that Goodbody is a neighbor, and the Clampetts decide to prevent the operation. They finally get a hold of Goodbody. Granny starts treating him, and once Rex learns Granny is rich, he starts making a move on her, hoping to marry her. Though, Granny tells him to leave, since his character, thinking he is really him, is married. The next day on the soap opera, Rex has the operation, causing the Clampetts to rush to the studios, and they see that the doctors are wearing make-up. The hillbillies decide to take Rex home with them so he doesn’t get the “unnecessary” operation.moreless
  • The Clampetts Fiddle Around
    Jane took Jethro to a concert the previous night, sparking an interest in playing the violin in Jethro. Jed has Drysdale and Jane hire the violinist they saw, Sebastian Stromboli, to teach Jethro. Before his lesson, Jane learns that Jethro doesn’t care about the music, having fallen asleep during the concert, and only wants to meet girls. Jethro’s music lesson doesn’t go well at all because he keeps falling asleep and doesn’t take it seriously, not to mention he lacks talent. Granny and Jed aren’t pleased with the music they hear, and they call up an old friend, Fiddlin’ Sam, to give Stromboli lessons. Stromboli is offended at first by being told he needs help, but after he learns that Fiddlin’ Sam makes two million dollars a year, ten times more than he makes, he starts playing Turkey In The Straw.moreless
  • Jethro Proposes
    Jethro Proposes
    Episode 24
    Granny has heard that Miss Jane has never been proposed to and wants to help out. She tries to get Jed to propose, but has no luck with that plan. Granny then settles to have Jethro propose to her. Jethro asks Miss Jane out, and she accepts. While at the bank, Jethro also meets the gorgeous new night guard, Ilse. At the dinner that night, Jethro proposes, hoping Miss Jane will turn him down, but she accepts. The next day, Jethro is saddened by this, and Jane regrets her answer, wanting to let him down lightly. Drysdale is afraid Jane saying she takes back what she said would upset the Clampetts, but the Clampetts are okay with Jethro trying to get rid of Miss Jane. Granny makes a strong anti-love potion, X4, but it smells horribly, so it doesn’t get used. Jethro goes to the bank with the engagement ring, but Jane tells him no. Jethro is happy with the answer, and Miss Jane, not knowing how her ex-fiancé really feels, sees Jethro suffering, while kissing Ilse.moreless
  • The Great Tag-Team Match
    It is the day after Granny beat up the Boston Strong Girl, making her the new champ, and the Clampetts are celebrating Granny’s great victory. But not all is well. The woman who plays the Boston Strong Girl is in trouble for getting beat up. The woman who plays Rebecca of Donnybrook Farm, a former topless waitress, has learned the truth, getting an invitation from Granny to visit. Their manager, Gene Booth, sees this as an opportunity to get Granny to fight, after hearing the huge ratings the fight got, thinking the Clampetts are poor. They later learn that the Clampetts are well off. Granny isn’t interested at first, but after hearing that Rebecca and her family have to fight the Boston Strong Girl’s family and meeting the Boston Strong Girl’s parents, she agrees to a tag team match: The Clampetts, representing Rebecca’s family, and the Boston Strong Girl’s family. The fight happens, and Granny beats up all three of them, single-handed.moreless
  • The Rass'lin' Clampetts
    Granny has been in a bad mood for a while, so the Clampetts put up the cabin to cheer her up. After singing and rocking, Granny starts getting happier, but Mrs. Drysdale comes over to complain about the shack and gets in a fight with Granny. After Jed hears about this, he tells Granny that city women don’t fight like this, but Jethro tells him they do on TV. That night, Granny, as well as the rest of the clan, tune into Ladies Wrestling, watching the Boston Strong Girl fight Rebecca of Donnybrook farm. But, Granny thinks that this whole fight is real, as well as Rebecca’s sad story. After watching the Boston Strong Girl beat up Rebecca, Granny decides to take care of things herself. She heads down to the wrestling arena and beats up the Boston Strong Girl.moreless
  • The Great Snow
    The Great Snow
    Episode 21
    Granny misses the seasons, especially the snowy winter. She wants to go home to the Hills and see some snow. Jed decides to let Granny win and calls Drysdale to tell him that Granny wants to head back home to the Hills. He learns that she wants the snow back. Drysdale comes up with a plan to keep the hillbillies in Beverly Hills. He tells them that a big blizzard is going to strike Beverly Hills and stages the whole thing. He gets fake snow and wolves, sound effects, special effects, and turns the air conditioning up full blast. After all this takes effect, Drysdale and Jane visit the mansion to “help” the Clampetts. However, during their visit, the Clampetts see that these wolves are stuffed and the snow doesn’t melt, and Jed realizes that none of this is real. Drysdale pins the whole scheme on Miss Hathaway, and Jed thanks her for going through all this trouble to make Granny happy. So Granny won’t learn the truth, Jed tells her Drysdale is sick, and she gives him “snow” ice cream, making Drysdale run out for a hospital.moreless
  • Topless Anyone?
    Topless Anyone?
    Episode 20
    The Happy Gizzard isn’t doing well, and Jethro wants to improve his business. He thinks he has an idea to make his restaurant a huge success. After seeing signs outside other restaurants, he believes his restaurant should have topless waitresses. But he thinks this means the waitresses don’t wear hats. Jethro tells Drysdale just as he is working on landing twenty million dollar account, scaring the millionaire Vanderponts away. But luckily, the Vanderponts reconsider and Drysdale offers to take them to dinner. Jed invites Drysdale and the Vanderponts to dine at their restaurant that night. Luckily, before the meal, Jane clears the Clampetts about what a topless restaurant is. Jethro has the restaurant go French for the night, but Granny serves the country food. Drysdale and Mrs. Vanderpont aren’t happy, but Mr. Vanderpont enjoys it and reveals he and his wife are from the Hills. He offers to buy the restaurant from Jethro, with Granny as the chef.moreless
  • The Diner
    The Diner
    Episode 19
    Jed thinks that it is time for Jethro to start in the business world, and Jethro decides to become a fry cook and open his own restaurant. Jed is okay with this, but when he tells Drysdale, he is unsure of this because he is afraid of losing some of the Clampett money. The banker does end up buying Jethro a place on Restaurant Row, but the building is a wreck, with rent only thirty-five a month. Jethro is just glad to have a place of his own. But once he opens, no one even visits, except one lady who needs to use the phone. After she leaves, Jed, Granny, and Elly come down to Jethro’s place, “The Happy Gizzard,” because they miss him. Jethro is under the weather after having no luck, but after being offered the help of Granny’s cooking, he brightens up.moreless
  • The Housekeeper
    The Housekeeper
    Episode 18
    Miss Jane is worried about Granny, who cleans the entire mansion by herself. Jane tells Jed and Elly that she thinks they need a housekeeper. Drysdale tells Jane that his wife is looking, and Mrs. Drysdale comes through with one. They decide to have Granny accept her by telling her this housekeeper is a little lady just like her who needs the money, and Granny decides to allow the help. However, Mrs. Meek isn’t a sweet housekeeper, and Drysdale wants to get rid of her so she doesn’t hurt the Clampetts feelings. Granny learns that Mrs. Meek doesn’t do any real housework, and she decides she wants to get rid of her as well. Granny decides to mess the house up, knowing Mrs. Meek won’t clean it up. Mrs. Meek quits, having accepted a job as a prison guard, and Granny cleans it up, making her happy because she is doing what she enjoys.moreless
  • The Clampetts Play Cupid
    Granny is hoping that Elly May and Dash Riprock will settle down and get married, since the two have been out on a lot of dates for nearly half the night – eight o’ clock at night. Dash is hoping to get a more serious relationship with Elly as well, but her family keeps getting in the way. But Elly is not looking for a future with the Hollywood movie star; she’d rather have a farmer. When Granny hears this, she decides to set up another woman with Dash, Miss Jane. Granny tries to turn Dash off of Elly and get him hooked onto Miss Jane for his movie premiere. But Dash stays interested in Elly, making Granny give up. Elly decides to use her own plan, telling Dash that she wants him to give up the Hollywood life for that of a farmer who lives in a log cabin in the Hills. Elly’s plan works, and Dash ends up taking Miss Jane to the movie premiere, making Granny happy that her plan worked.moreless
  • Corn Pone Picassos
    Corn Pone Picassos
    Episode 16
    After Mrs. Drysdale buys a statue named "Ecstasy," which is nothing but a huge pile of metal scraps, the Clampetts decide to get involved in art to help their neighbor in the contest she is entering. Jed and Jethro buy an authentic Rembrandt, a Sam Rembrandt, and Granny uses her artist cousin as influence to paint Mrs. Drysdale a for-sure winner, thinking the statue she bought has no chance. Granny and Elly also cover up Mrs. Drysdale statue with mud and "correct" the painting Jed and Jethro bought. At the unveiling, Mrs. Drysdale wins, but not with her mud-covered statue or Sam Rembrandt. She wins with the painting of blue bananas Bessie made.moreless
  • Cimarron Drip
    Cimarron Drip
    Episode 15
    Jethro is hoping to get a part in Dash Riprock’s new TV series, getting a whole new image. Little does Dash know, the show, which is a rehash of every successful show since 1948, didn’t make it, and the female lead, Debbie Dimples, has impossible demands. Drysdale suggests that they use a monkey, Elly’s chimp Cousin Bessie. When Chapman and the director of the show come up to the mansion to audition Bessie, Granny, Jed, and Jethro think it’s for him. Jethro thinks he gets signed, when Bessie does, and tries to become a cowboy for the role in the series. He learns that it is Bessie who is the star and ends up becoming Bessie’s manager, dressing her like s starlet. After they see that Bessie’s sweetness and innocence has been taken away, Chapman and Von Schlepper decide to find another monkey.moreless
  • Jethro in the Reserve
    Granny still believes she captured the real Ulysses S. Grant, still unsure that he is an actor in a movie. Granny also thinks that Colonel Blake is responsible for starting the second Civil War. Granny is upset at Blake, as well as Drysdale, for running away from the battle. Drysdale tries to get in good with Granny by replacing Grant’s picture on the fifty-dollar bill with General Lee and tells her he captured Grant. Of course, she knows better. Jethro is getting ready to enter the Army reserve while Granny is getting more interested in General Grant. But he sees Elly May and goes after her. After Grant rejects Granny for Elly, she dumps him, in the pool. Jethro heads down to Reserve headquarters to take the test and enroll, where he hears Grant talking about shooting, the movie though. He tells Granny, and they head to the Culpeppers’ plantation, where Granny shoots him a final time.moreless
  • The South Rises Again
    Granny, Elly, and Jethro are preparing to fight the "Yankee soldiers" in Civil War II, but Jed has no plans to join. The cast and crew of the movie are getting ready to shoot it, but the actor playing Grant isn't a sober man, and the Confederate soldiers are missing. On their way there, Granny, Elly, and Jethro see the actors in Confederate uniforms marching to the shooting site. The clan prepares to help the soldiers, while Drysdale decides to get in good with Granny by joining her fight and dressing as a Confederate soldier. He thinks it is all a joke, but once he hears the shooting, he chickens out. Granny, Elly, and Jethro take up the fight, and Granny shoots Grant, but he gets back up. So Granny has a few more shots to give him, knocking him down with one of Elly May's lady finger bullets. Granny tells the Confederates to charge and then goes to act as a doctor to Grant, sharing her jug with him. When she gets home, drunk, she comes with a friend, General Ulysses S. Grant.moreless
  • The Reserve Program
    The Reserve Program
    Episode 12
    Jethro is getting ready to enter the reserves, and the Clampetts are giving him a party, with gifts, including lady fingers, a squirrel rifle, and a Confederate uniform. Jethro heads down to the reserve where they are preparing to shoot a Civil War movie. The men there think Jethro is an actor for the movie. Jethro soon thinks that the Civil War is going to happen again and rushes home to tell Granny and Elly. Granny decides to take up the fight to make sure the South wins, again, since she is convinced they won the first time. Granny, Elly, and Jethro head down to the reserve office to get some information. While looking in the Colonel’s office, Granny sees the actor dressed as Ulysses S. Grant and believes it is the real one. When she returns home, she tells Jed, who thinks it is a result of her moonshine.moreless
  • Jethro's Military Career
    Jethro is practicing being a Navy Frogman. Granny, who has been testing her flu serum, a.k.a. moonshine, sees Jethro and thinks there is a monster in the pool. When she tells Jed, he thinks it is a result of her moonshine. But Granny finally is shown that it isn’t a monster, but Jethro. Jed decides that Jethro needs some type of guidance, so he calls Miss Jane, who tells Drysdale. Drysdale decides to get Jethro interested in comic books, and after reading those, Jethro decides to get a rocket and go to the moon, thinking there are beautiful Moon Maidens up there. He decides to use Granny’s flu serum as his fuel and launches himself up. This makes the news, and the Clampetts, Drysdale, and Jane watch as Jethro says his words thinking he is at the moon. And Drysdale sees the bill for Jethro’s rocket, which turns him all green, just like Money Man.moreless
  • The Social Climbers
    The Social Climbers
    Episode 10
    Granny gets a letter from home, from Adeline Ashley, a hillbilly socialite. Miss Ashley says she going to stop by while visiting friends. However, she arrives early. And through her whole visit, she sets her sights on marrying Jed. Jed isn't at all interested, but hopes that Miss Ashley could meet Mrs. Drysdale and arranges it. But once Jed tells Drysdale Adeline arrived early, Jane arranges a way to get her excited, by spreading a rumor that Adeline is a leader of society. Soon Mrs. Drysdale is dying to meet her, trying to get in good with Granny, but that doesn't work. Granny tells Adeline about Mrs. Drysdale, and Adeline decides to stay there, since Jed won't propose and to get with classy people again. When Mrs. Drysdale sees Adeline, she's horrified and screams, making the Clampetts believe she is happy to see the visitor.moreless
  • A Plot for Granny
    A Plot for Granny
    Episode 9
    For Granny's birthday, the Clampetts plan to surprise her with some land in the country. Jed calls a number Jethro saw an ad for. However the Clampetts do now know they are calling a cemetery. After a misunderstanding, the men from the cemetery begin believing the Clampetts are cold-blooded killers, having killed an entire family named Green, Granny, and Mrs. Drysdale. Of course, they are talking about planting vegetables and planting a tree for Mrs. Drysdale. After they visit, they see Granny, thinking the alcohol Jed offers brings her back to life. They leave and Granny sees a scarecrow of her, thinking she's dead, and swears not to drink again.moreless
  • Mr. Universe Muscles In
    Elly is getting ready for her date with Troy Apollo, which was set up by John Cushing from the Merchant's Bank. When Drysdale finds out, he knows that this could be bad for his bank and sets Elly up with Mr. Universe. When the Clampetts meet him, they think his muscles are a result of an illness. Dave tells them that he noticed the muscles when he had the barbells for two weeks. He also tells Elly that he only has the afternoon to visit, and she believes he only has the afternoon left to live. Meanwhile, Drysdale keeps scaring off Troy Apollo. Troy mistakes both Jane and Granny for Elly. The Clampetts keep trying to help Dave get rid of his condition, and Troy keeps trying to meet Elly. But he then mistakes Bessie for Elly before she comes. While Mr. Universe is lifting weights, Elly lifts it up herself, saying she gets her strength from Granny's food. Dave then runs asking Granny for triple helpings of her food, and when Granny tells Jed, he tells her she needs to start making a cure for indigestion.moreless
  • The Army Game
    The Army Game
    Episode 7
    Granny and Elly arrive back home just as Jethro is going to head into the Army. Granny decides to give Jethro his physical examination so the Army doctors don’t touch him. Though, Granny’s medical tools consist of a hammer to test reflexes and a burning candle to examine his throat. She splints his busted knee and puts corks in his ear to keep the draft out of them. Jethro heads down to the recruiting office in that condition and limping. The Colonel thinks that Jethro is a real patriot, to want to serve in this condition, but the Army Psychiatrist believes that Jethro is a genius draft dodger. The Colonel and Psychiatrist ask to see his family, and he returns with his family in his Patton costume. After meeting the family they believe is fake, they believe that Jethro is a genius, hoping to draft him before the CIA does.moreless
  • Greetings From the President
    Just as the Clampetts are preparing to go home to the hills, Jethro receives a draft notice from the President. The women go ahead without them, and Jethro gets a few uniforms from the movie studio, one of a Prussian Field Marshall and one for General Patton. Jethro buys a tank and hopes for a crew, employing Drysdale as it in a Prussian Field Marshall uniform. While in Griffith Park, the park ranger reports what he saw, and two cops come down to investigate. During target practice, one of the cops, Charley, questions Drysdale, realizing he was the man who was the reason he was captured during WWII. An upset Jethro arrives at the mansion, and Jed asks if he will take him to the Sheriff’s office because Drysdale needs bail money and money to repay Charley, or else he may get shot.moreless
  • Robin Hood and the Sheriff
    Jethro is still playing Robin Hood in Griffith Park, along with Elly and Bessie, and the Clampetts are trying to get them back. But Jethro is finally getting his band of Merry Men, and women, after Buddy the hippie brings his friends from the Sunset Strip. While they are having fun, Jed, Granny, Drysdale, and Jane enter the woods to look for Jethro and Elly. Drysdale stays with the car and gets captured while Jed, Granny, and Jane are away. Jethro and his Merry Men make Drysdale join them. While he is changing into the clothes Jethro gave him, Jethro and the hippies head to the lake to get crawdads. As this happens, two police officers investigate what is going on. They first capture Drysdale, but then Granny after they think she is a hippie. At the lake, Jethro comes through with the crawdads, actual crawdads, and when the hippies see this, they think Jethro is too far out for them for smoking them. The hippies run away, and the police see them and let Granny go to chase them, since that is easier than holding onto the feisty Granny.moreless
  • Robin Hood of Griffith Park
    Drysdale is trying to get Jed to go back to America, but Jed wants to stay. Granny is intent on going too, until Jethro tells her he started the War Of The Roses. She wants to stay and feud, but Jed wants to go home before a war starts. Jethro decides to live like Robin Hood since he was robbed of his birthright. After they arrive back home, he, Elly, and Bessie head to Griffith Park to live like Robin Hood and his Merry Men. They capture a hippie, Buddy, and his girlfriend Stella. At the mansion, the family and Miss Jane go look after Jethro and Elly. And in Griffith Park, the captured Buddy and Stella agree to join Jethro, especially when he mentions smoking crawdads. Stella has her sights on Jethro, but Buddy is interested in smoking crawdads, thinking this whole event is a result of "crawdads," and Granny, the Queen of Crawdads Smokers.moreless
  • Clampett Castle
    Clampett Castle
    Episode 3
    The Clampetts finally arrive at Clampett castle, and meet Mr. Faversham, who they call Major Domo after a misunderstanding with his name, also mistaking his name for a greeting. Granny decides to check on Marcus, but doesn’t know that the dog of the house is sitting in the bed. She feels the dog through the curtain and thinks the staff and doctors have been neglecting him. Jethro is working on fulfilling his duty as a knight and decides to start hunting dragons. He has no luck with that. Elly also is working on getting a knight by acting as a damsel in distress. And Granny soon believes that the family dog ate Marcus and tries to convince Jed, who doesn’t believe the story. Drysdale finally arrives at the castle, getting told about the Clampetts and they’re strange ways. And Granny decides she wants to leave because of the man-eating dog.moreless
  • The Clampetts in London
    The Clampetts are on the plane to England, with “Sir Jethro” as their leader. But with this comes a detour. The Clampetts get off the plane in San Francisco, after Jethro believes it is England. They get back on the plane and do finally arrive in England and are told that Jed’s cousin Marcus is late, meaning deceased, but they think he means late because he is diseased. After they arrive, Granny runs into trouble at the customs inspector’s office and gets her medical supplies and her jug confiscated. But after that is over, Granny heads to find a drug store to get new medical supplies. After Granny gives a few ideas of what she needs, the chemist thinks she is reciting the witches’ brew from Macbeth and thinks she wants Shakespeare, which Granny thinks is a medicine. But after he tells her some love sonnets, Granny starts falling for him. Jed quickly gets Granny out of there, and the clan heads to their castle.moreless
  • Jed Inherits a Castle
    Jethro tells Jed that he has inherited a castle in England, after hearing the word from Drysdale. He gets costumes from Tudor times, thinking that Queen Elizabeth I is still reigning. Jethro even makes Granny wear an oaf costume, since she doesn't have Clampett blood. Drysdale and Jane visit, and Jane tells the Clampetts that what Jethro is telling them is wrong. But after Drysdale paints a picture for Jane, the two convince the Clampetts to go, even providing an oaf for Jethro, Miss Jane. After Jethro finally makes Granny "royalty," the clan, dressed in normal clothes, goes to get their passports. Though after letting Jethro speak for them, the clerk doesn't believe about the castle and thinks he is on a hidden camera show. The clan prepares to leave to England, stopping by the bank first, where Jethro has Drysdale become his oaf. After that, they go to board their plane to go to England.moreless