The Beverly Hillbillies - Season 8

CBS (ended 1971)




Episode Guide

  • Back to the Hills
    Back to the Hills
    Episode 1
    Granny is afraid of a mountain lion she sees in her root cellar, and Elly May reveals it is hers. But after reading the paper and seeing that Elverna Bradshaw’s daughter is getting married, Granny tells Jed they need to go home and return to the Hills to get Elly married first. As Granny is planning the trip home, Jethro reveals he is going to college, as Jed is unsuccessfully trying to have breakfast. He tells him he’ll bring home some of his college friends, and when he does, he reveals he has befriended protesting hippies. Drysdale and Jane visit to clear up the story of them going back to the hills, where Jed and Granny think they might want to stay there. Jethro decides he wants to stay behind in Beverly Hills to stay in college, and Jed asks Jane to get the rest of them on a plane to home.moreless
  • The Hills of Home
    The Hills of Home
    Episode 2
    The Clampetts head home to the Ozarks with the goal of getting Elly May married before Elverna Bradshaw's daughter does. And with the Silver Dollar Fair about to start, they believe they'll be able to meet a lot of young, single men. Granny has something else going on besides getting Elly a husband, she is fighting with her enemy Elverna Bradshaw and betting her granddaughter will marry before Elverna’s daughter. Meanwhile back in Beverly Hills, Jethro is pursuing his college career, protesting whatever he can. And Drysdale is trying to save his bank from the protesting hippies by saying he is one of them.moreless
  • Silver Dollar City Fair
    It is the first day of the Silver Dollar City Fair, and Granny is working on getting Elly May a husband before Elverna Bradshaw's daughter gets married. The two women continue to fight and argue, challenging one another more and more. But with the excitement of the fair, Elly enters a few contests, and Granny arranges plots to brag about Elly May where she just stumbles upon this random, beautiful girl at the basket-weaving contest, candle making contest, and the medicine show. Her plots all nearly get ruined when Elverna and Jed catch her in the acts. Back in Beverly Hills, Drysdale is worrying he may lose his biggest account, while taking care of their house, pets, and Jethro.moreless
  • Jane Finds Elly a Man
    Granny continues her search to get a man for Elly, though fears her mission might be harder with Elly having entered the cake-baking contest. Back at the mansion, Jethro becomes restless in Beverly Hills and decides to join his family in the Hills, especially after hearing about the fair going on. Miss Jane comes along, being told by Drysdale to keep her watch on the family and not to let Elly get serious about a man, and ends up finding a man for Elly May in the woods.moreless
  • Wedding Plans
    Wedding Plans
    Episode 5
    After Matthew says he’d be proud to marry Elly, the Clampetts begin to plan and rehearse Elly's wedding to Matthew Templeton. Meanwhile, Drysdale tries to stop this wedding from happening, or at least from losing his largest account. He goes to Silver Dollar City and decides to buy the Bank of Bugtussle so he can still handle his favorite account.moreless
  • Jed Buys Central Park
    Granny and Elly are preparing for the wedding, but a big blow comes when Matthew mentions that he has a wife, and Granny learns he is really a preacher, saying he’d marry Elly because he marries people every day. Meanwhile, con man Shifty Shafer, a.k.a. Honest John, comes to Silver Dollar City and, after hearing how much money they have, he persuades the hillbillies to go to New York with him. They agree, especially Granny, who wants to escape her embarrassment of Elly not getting married and Elverna Bradshaw winning their bet. When Drysdale, who just bought the Bank of Bugtussle, hears the Clampetts went to the Big Apple, he passes out.moreless
  • The Clampetts in New York
    The Clampetts and Honest John arrive in New York, where the police are waiting for him to arrive. The police tell him he has to leave in twenty-four hours, which he tells Jed means that he has arranged that New York City stay open for twenty-four hours since the city normally closes at nine o’clock. He spends his time showing the Clampetts Central Park and other sites and sells Jed more property. As this is all happening, Drysdale and Jane are desperate to get to New York City to get the Clampetts out of the clutches of Honest John. They finally get there and are told where the Clampetts are by a cab driver who drove the Clampetts before. As the day ends, Honest John is planning to leave with Jed’s money, but after the Clampetts’ good heartedness and sweetness takes effect, he gives the money back and leaves the city.moreless
  • Manhattan Hillbillies
    After Honest John was told to leave, the Clampetts are alone in New York City, with Drysdale and Jane trying to find them. The clan is planning to build a cabin in Central Park, and they are working on preparing everything. A police officer finds the Clampetts cooking in the Park, telling them what they are doing is illegal, but once Granny tells the Irish cop that the man who told them what they are doing is okay's last name is “Oh, Schaffer,” and her son-in-law’s last name is “Oh, Clampett,” he changes his attitude and lets the Clampetts get away with everything. Jane and Drysdale finally find the Clampetts and convince them to go back to Los Angeles with them. The hillbillies finally agree to leave after they start realizing they are homesick and get on a plane to head home.moreless
  • Home Again
    Home Again
    Episode 9
    The Clampetts arrive home from their trip back home and to New York, but Granny has lost her glasses. She is convinced that she doesn't need them, even though she gets lost in her own house, and mistakes the vet and his baby brother as a seal and an otter. Elly starts liking the vet, but Granny, still thinking he is the seal, wants them apart. She sees the real vet in the car with Miss Jane, and wishes he was with Elly. To help Granny, Jethro sweeps Jane off her feet, and in return, Granny cooks him all the food he can eat. He also promises Miss Jane a date that night. But Jethro falls asleep after his giant meal, and Miss Jane ends up going out with Jed, while Elly and Dr. Graham go on the double date with them. Jed tells the young couple he hopes they can keep up with him and Jane.moreless
  • Shorty Kellems Moves West
    Shorty Kellems heads to Hollywood after selling his hotel, silver mine, and house and land. Besides the thousand he has for that, he also has two hundred big ones, since the bills are bigger than the ones Jed has. Drysdale is told Shorty's “big” money makes Jed's look like nothing. Drysdale thinks Shorty has two hundred million and is desperate to get his money in the bank. He promises Shorty a wild Hollywood party if he deposits the money. Drysdale comes through with the "orgy," and Shorty decides to put his money in the bank.moreless
  • Midnight Shorty
    Midnight Shorty
    Episode 11
    Because of his supposed net worth, Shorty is dating four of the secretaries from the bank. This does not please Granny though, since Shorty was out all night. Drysdale learns that Shorty only deposited eleven hundred dollars and still wants to get his “big” money. He arranges for a casino near the pool, where Shorty and Granny always win. But Drysdale learns that Shorty's "big" money is not in hundreds of millions, just hundreds. He tells the girls just as Shorty is about to tell them his weakness. When they find out he isn’t rich, Shorty tells them his weakness is checkers, and the upset secretaries dump him into the pool. Jed asks what happened, and Shorty, thinking what he told them is the reason, tells him never admit to a city woman that he plays checkers.moreless
  • Shorty Go Home
    Shorty Go Home
    Episode 12
    After Shorty and Jethro stay out all night, not to Granny's approval, Shorty is forced to chop wood in the early morning and do other chores the rest of the day so he will want to go home. Shorty needs money, so he wants to draw out all the money, meaning his $1180 from the bank, but Drysdale thinks Jed was offended after the secretaries threw Shorty in the pool and will draw out his millions. The girls are told to be nice to Jed. Shorty is mad that the girls are being so “fickle,” ignoring him yet kissing Jed, and when they get home, Granny thinks Shorty is causing Jed to live a wild life. She forces Shorty to do the wash. Jed asks Shorty why he doesn't marry a hill woman, like Elly, because she is a hard worker and just as pretty as a city woman. Shorty realizes the truth, and ends up proposing to Elly May. To scare him away, Jed tells Shorty Granny is excited to become his wife. And the thought of that makes Shorty run away to go back to the hills.moreless
  • The Hero
    The Hero
    Episode 13
    Drysdale's nephew Lance Bradford comes to Beverly Hills to start his job at the bank, as Vice President. But with all the celebration for Mrs. Drysdale's hero, Jethro thinks it is for him since he saved her dog from getting his hair cut. When Lance gives his hero speech, Jethro pulls up and accidentally hits his car, knocking him unconscious. This causes Lance to meet the Clampetts, and he begins taking an interest in Elly May. But Mrs. Drysdale doesn't trust them, and tells Lance to stay away because they are setting a trap. Mrs. Drysdale calls Elly a vixen and a peasant, and Granny shoves her in the cement pond. Mrs. Drysdale asks Lance for help, but he can't offer any because he can't swim.moreless
  • Our Hero the Banker
    Our Hero the Banker
    Episode 14
    Lance Bradford has started working as Vice President at the Commerce Bank, though he really isn’t doing anything helpful. Everyone at the bank, except Drysdale, is excited to get Jet Stream working at the bank. Jethro sees how the girls at the bank react to Lance’s Air Force uniform and decides he wants that attention. So he goes out to get a Four Star General uniform. When Lance visits, needing a new account, Jethro tells him he’ll put his whole allowance in the bank if he sets him up with the girls. Lance tells his uncle he got the account of The Pride Of The Pentagon, making Drysdale happy, until he learns that it is only Jethro and only is getting fifty cents, causing Drysdale to cry what everyone thinks are tears of happiness.moreless
  • Buzz Bodine, Boy General
    The Clampetts get a letter in the mail from Hooterville from Steve and Betty Jo Elliot with a picture of their baby. With all the great memories of Hooterville from their last trip, the family decides to go. Meanwhile, Jethro is still sporting his Four Star General's uniform, convinced he is an important figure. When he gets smart with Granny, she hits him with a skillet, so he heads to the base for breakfast. The Clampetts leave for Hooterville, and Jethro arrives there before them. When the people see him, they automatically think he's the real deal, but after talking to him, they learn he's just in a costume. Both Sam and Steve warn Jethro that he could get in trouble for wearing that, but it doesn't really faze him, mostly because he doesn't understand them. The Clampetts arrive in Hooterville, and Jed meets Howard Hewes. Steve later tells Jed he needs a new crop dusting plane, and Howard, Steve, and Jed all spark up a deal. Jed calls Mr. Drysdale, who is paranoid that Jed will write one check for his 90 million and the bank will become a parking lot, to tell him that he is in a deal with Howard Hewes. Drysdale thinks that Jed has met the billionaire Howard Hughes and tells Jed he will rush out immediately to take care of the deal. And with all this, Jethro managed to get stuck in Steve's crop dusting plane.moreless
  • The Clampett-Hewes Empire
    Jed and Howard Hewes are preparing to get their airport deal all wrapped up, and Drysdale decides to come out and visit to meet the famous recluse of a billionaire. He brings along Jane, who is dressed in jeans and an old sweatshirt to look like she has the simple touch, though she's not pleased since it looks so masculine, and his three singing secretaries to sing "Howard Hughes, We Love You." Unfortunately, Howard's wife sees the women and chases him, and sadly catches him, really hurting him. Everything seems to be going smoothly until Drysdale sees the spelling of Howard's last name, learning he is not in fact the billionaire, but just a farmer. This sends Drysdale into a quick state of depression at the end. Meanwhile, Jethro has stopped wearing his Four Star General uniform, into more realistic aviation clothes, what Lindberg would have worn, to learn how to finally fly a plane. But Jethro doesn't find success in that either.moreless
  • What Happened to Shorty?
    When Shad Heller visits the Clampetts, Jed asks what happened to Shorty Kellems. After Shad says he does not know, the Clampetts wonder what happened to him. At the same time, they are having food stolen from the root cellar. They decide to investigate during the night and catch Shorty in the kitchen, having a snack. He admits to have been hiding out in their root cellar. After both mysteries, what happened to Shorty and what happened to the food, are solved, Jed and Shad decide to get Shorty married to settle him down, and arrange a marriage with Elverna Bradshaw, after convincing him she won a beauty contest, and he decides to marry her. After picking her up at the airport, they plan to go to Las Vegas to marry, but after Elverna heads in, Gloria, a secretary at the bank and an old flame of Shorty, visits, and Shorty forgets all about Elverna and drives off with her. Elly’s ape heads in Shorty’s car to rest under his coat and hat, and thinking it is Shorty, Elverna drives off to Las Vegas to wed.moreless
  • Marry Me, Shorty
    Marry Me, Shorty
    Episode 18
    After remembering how much fun he had with Gloria, Shorty tries to get out of marrying Elverna Bradshaw. To prevent the marriage for a little longer and have a little fun, Shorty tells Elverna he is having a bachelor party. Granny figures Drysdale will do it, and after Jed talks to Drysdale, Drysdale says he is, after thinking Jed wants him to. After a secretary refers to how Drysdale doesn’t properly pay the secretaries and refers to it as slavery, Drysdale decides on an Oriental Slave Auction. After learning he will be a sheik with slave girls, Shorty is excited for the party, but after seeing what the harem girls at the party will be wearing, Elverna and Granny decide to attend. The party goes on, and Shorty, Jed, and Shad have a good time. But Elverna turns up to get Shorty out. To avoid marriage, Shorty handcuffs himself to Gloria, but Shad removes the handcuffs, disappointing Shorty.moreless
  • Shorty Spits the Hook
    The day of the wedding for Shorty and Elverna has come. Elverna is ecstatic, while Shorty is dreading it. When Jed and Shad wake him up and tell him it's his wedding day, he fights it. He hides in the bathroom, trying to find ways out. He can't escape in any way though. Shad gets the door off, and to keep Shorty in line, Jed and Shad tie him up. Meanwhile, at the bank, the brothers of Jean Bell, little brother Cookie and big brother Earl, come to question why Jean didn't get the bonus she was promised. Drysdale gives Jean the money she deserves. But he still has to get out of the bills somehow. To make everything look better to the Board, Jane suggests they shoot a commercial with the costumes, and Drysdale uses Jean. But her brothers see her rehearsing with Drysdale and think he is treating her horribly. Back at the mansion, Elverna says she is worried about Vegas because there is gambling there. And in her own family, there was a dilemma with it. Shorty overhears this and makes Elverna believe he is a gambler. Elverna runs out of the house and tells everyone the wedding is off. Shad and Jed realize that Shorty tricked his way out of marrying Elverna once again.moreless
  • Three-Day Reprieve
    Three-Day Reprieve
    Episode 20
    Shorty tries to prevent marrying Elverna by having some fun and visiting the secretaries at the bank. Jed and Shad try to keep him in line the best way they can, even by putting a cowbell on him. That doesn’t work, and Shorty goes back to the bank. With the help of Miss Jane, Jed and Shad get another way to keep Shorty interested in Elverna by showing him a picture of Elverna’s head on a beauty contest winner’s body. That works, until Shorty asks to see Elverna in a bikini, seeing her body isn’t like that. He heads back to the bank and refuses to leave, and Jed decides if you can’t beat him, join him, and asks Drysdale if it is okay if everyone heads upstairs for the party in the secretarial pool. Drysdale agrees, and everyone heads to Shorty's party.moreless
  • The Wedding
    The Wedding
    Episode 21
    To keep Shorty in line, Shad has built a cage as a wedding present to keep him from getting away. However, Shorty escapes, heads down to the bank, but gets stopped by Gloria. He gets taken back home to rehearse the wedding, and after a failed attempt, escape to the bank and heads in the secretarial pool. When he gets back, he gets locked in the cage, but once again outsmarts Jethro and let’s himself out. He goes back to the bank, but gets stopped by Gloria who has been promised fifty by Drysdale, though he means a birthday cake when she turns fifty. At the mansion, the Clampetts and Elverna are told a judge can marry Shorty and Elverna right away, and Jed and Elverna head to the bank. But before they arrive, Shorty and Gloria have one last dance. After Jed and Elverna arrive, the judge says he cannot perform another ceremony, and Jed, Drysdale, and Elverna learn that Shorty and Gloria got married.moreless
  • Annul That Marriage
    Annul That Marriage
    Episode 22
    After Shorty and Gloria get married, everyone but the two of them wants the marriage annulled. Gloria decides she'd like to experience what her new life will be like, and Jed tells her that he'll show her. When he calls the mansion to tell them to put up the cabin, Granny thinks he got married as well. But when both "couples" come home, Granny, Jethro, and Elly learn that Shorty got married, but Elverna didn't, and Gloria got married, but Jed didn't, making Jethro and Granny believe both couples are in a Hollywood marriage. After everything is cleared up, Shorty gets locked back up in the cage and Gloria gets a first-hand experience of what farm life is like. Shorty tricks Jethro to let him out of the cage, and checks up on his new wife. However, Gloria is having no luck as a farm wife and decides to give it up. Shorty can't believe how much of a mess she looks, and when Elverna alerts the couple their marriage isn't valid, they decide to split. But Jed later finds Shorty in the cage, having locked himself in since Elverna was looking good to him.moreless
  • Hotel for Women
    Hotel for Women
    Episode 23
    The family can't find Granny anywhere, making them worry, mainly Jethro, because he doesn't want to eat Elly's cooking. Jed figures she is in the little cabin, which she is. They all decide to stay there, and Shorty gets the mansion. He opens it as a hotel for women. The secretaries of Drysdale's bank decide to stay there and visit. Drysdale learns it is Jed's mansion, and Jane figures he is doing it because he knows how oppressed the girls are. Drysdale also decides to hold the money they are saving for a Christmas fund - for himself. The girls move in, and Shorty finds Helen and Gloria washing their underwear. Helen and Gloria leave to set the table, and Jed find Shorty hanging up the wash, all women's underwear. Shorty tells Jed that they are his, and when Jed asks Shorty about the longer pair, Shorty says they are Jethro's. He heads with Jed to get the food, and Jethro comes up, upset that the job Shorty got for him didn't work out because there were no single women. Shorty tells Jethro he is sick. At dinner, Jethro tries to get in to join the girls. Jed, Elly, and Granny are talking about Shorty's odd habits. Jed goes to the mansion, and finds a woman coming down the stairs. He sees it is Jethro, calls Shorty out, who thinks Jethro doesn't look bad, and tells Shorty to go home. Then Jed joins the girls, who are short of men, not much to Jed's surprise.moreless
  • Simon Legree Drysdale
    Elly tells Granny and Jethro that the mansion is full of pretty girls. The clan soon learns that Shorty set up the mansion as a hotel for women. They figure they should get some information, and Jethro is more than happy to ask the girls. But they decide to wait until the girls wake up, and when they do, Elly talks to three of them, Helen, Jean, and Joy. At the bank, Jean’s brothers Cookie and Earl are wondering why their sister moved out of her house into the mansion, and Drysdale tells the reason, with one untrue addition, that it is his and he is who started the charity. To prove this, he gives Jean the day off, and Jean takes advantage of it. She helps Elly with the chores and takes a swim. But Cookie and Earl visit the mansion to see Jean, under her own will, doing chores. When Drysdale hears of this, and sees Jean working on her possum pie, he forces her to come back to the bank. But to escape, she locks herself in the cage to tell Granny. Her brothers find her, and later Granny stops by the cage to find Drysdale locked in, after being forced to swallow he key.moreless
  • Honest John Returns
    Honest John Returns
    Episode 25
    Jethro and Granny come home to tell Jed and Granny that they saw Honest John, but never caught up to him. He heads to his wife's house to tell her what happened. When he tells her he's turned straight, she gets mad and threatens him. But after a while, she tells him to go and con the Clampetts. He realizes how they live in L.A, and visits them. He tells Jed he plans to rid the smog by drilling a big shaft in the San Bernardino mountains, put a fan in there, and suck the smog out. Jed says that he will put up the money for the project. When he visits Drysdale, the banker refuses to let him have the money that can be spared unless he tells him what it's for and where. Jed tells him he is going to be drilling in the San Bernardino mountains, and Drysdale thinks he found oil, and plans to buy the land up there. Jed heads home and gives the money to Honest John. As he is about to leave, Elly and Jethro come back, and they get told Jed's plan. The clan thanks Honest Jed, and their sweetness gets to him. Jethro is told to drive him anywhere. When Shifty gets back home, he tells Flo the plan, and she asks where the money is. He tells her not to worry, and when she says she likes to worry and to tell him, he says he gave it back. Flo tells him to come to her arms, not to get romantic, but so she can break every bone in his body.moreless
  • Honesty is the Best Policy
    While the Clampetts are talking about Honest John and why he didn't accept the money, Shifty and his wife are talking about why Shifty gave it back. They decide to work as a team, with Flo posing as John's Spanish mom. Flo is worried that they'll spot her and realize she is not at all Spanish. Well, luckily, the Clampetts can't see pass her disguise. She uses simple Spanish words as answers. Drysdale wants to know where the drilling is, so he sends Jane to find out. Granny tells Jane the plan to drill to get rid of the smog. When Drysdale finds out, he buys the specific mountain range. Jed heads to the bank to get a new bag of money, but Drysdale isn't too happy about it. He tells him he's acting tacos and should be more tortilla. At the mansion, Flo is looking in the front hall safe, unaware there is goat cheese. She smells it and gets knocked out. Granny revives her with tonic. Jed gets back and gives Honest John the money. He calls a cab and is about to get away with everything, until the tonic gets to his wife. Flo makes him give it back. The two leave, with the same amount as they came with. Drysdale comes to tell Jed that if he wants to drill for oil, he has to lease the land from him. Jed tells him what the whole plan was, and Drysdale is sick, after just mortgaging everything. He is out everything, and Miss Jane has finally seen him getting what he deserves.moreless