The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 8 Episode 10

Shorty Kellems Moves West

Aired Unknown Nov 26, 1969 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Shorty tried to protect his money, so he chained it to his steering wheel. However, if there was the chance that his car was stolen, that means he'd be out the money and the car. Apparently, he never considered that.

  • Quotes

    • (Drysdale wants Shorty's money in his bank)
      Drysdale: Do you promise not to talk to any other banker?
      Shorty: I do!
      Drysdale: Do you promise to trust your money to no one else?
      Shorty: I do!
      Drysdale: In sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, till death do us part?
      Jane: Chief, you are not marrying him!
      Drysdale: Maybe not, but those vows are still binding; you're all witnesses.

    • Jed: I'd feel a lot better if he put that money in a safe place, like Mr. Drysdale's bank.
      Granny: Or better yet, my root cellar.
      Jed: Think that's safer than the bank vault?
      Granny: Jed, I've got goat cheese that's been in that cellar for eight years. Nobody ain't ever touched it.
      Jed: Nobody can get close to it.

    • Granny: What do you think of Beverly Hills, Shorty?
      Shorty: Ain't a bad little town at all. Some of those hotels we's seen real whoppers.
      Jethro: Even bigger than the Silver Dollar City Hotel, huh?
      Shorty: Bigger than Silver Dollar City.

    • Shorty: Jethro, bet you know your way around this town, don't cha?
      Jethro: Do I? You's talkin' to a genuine Hollywood playboy.
      Shorty: Say Jethro, would you take me to a wild Hollywood party?
      Jethro: Heck yeah! When ya wanna go?
      Shorty: Sooner the better!
      Jethro: What about right now?
      Shorty: Let's go!
      Jethro: C'mon!
      (Granny comes in the door just as they are leaving)
      Jethro: Oh Granny, don't hold supper for us. We's goin' out, and we might not get home till late.
      Shorty: We might not get home till breakfast.
      Jethro: We might not get home at all!
      Shorty: Let's go! C'mon.
      Granny: Where, where ya goin'?
      Jethro: We's goin' to a wild Hollywood party!
      Granny: Where's it gonna be?
      Jethro: Well, just a second. Where's it gonna be?
      Shorty: You don't know?!
      Jethro: Heck no. This is the first one I ever been invited to.

    • (Margaret is trying to get all the scoop about the "orgy" her husband is throwing at the bank)
      Shorty: Now don't get your hopes up, but I'll put in a word for you. What's your name?
      Margaret: Mrs. Drysdale.
      Shorty: Forget it. He wouldn't want his mother there.

    • Jane: You're about to witness the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.
      (Margaret sees Drysdale laughing and dressed as Caesar)
      Margaret: Milburn Drysdale!
      Drysdale: Julius Caesar! (Margaret rushes up to him) Judas Priest.

    • Drysdale: Now you tell Mr. Kellems if he'll come down to my bank, he'll get invited to the wildest party Hollywood has ever seen.
      Jethro: Oh boy! That'll make him happy!
      Drysdale: And tell him it'll be a real orgy.
      Jethro: Hot dog! Wait till he hears that! Well, what's a orgy?
      Drysdale: Never mind. Just tell him.
      Jethro: Okay. (goes inside)
      Jane: You have never been to an orgy in your life.
      Drysdale: I know. I'm really looking forward to this one.

    • (Drysdale gives Jed a box of cigars in celebration of his balance of ninety million)
      Jed: Hey Jethro, guess what I got?
      Jethro: What?
      Jed: A box of cigars.
      Jethro: Well, how bout that.
      Drysdale: You've also got ninety million dollars.
      Jed: Oh yeah. That too.

    • Shorty: And this is the money I got for my silver mine. Sold that to a syndicate from Reed Springs. Fred Syndicate.

    • Shorty: I said to myself, I says, "Shorty," I says, "Where's the most exciting place in the whole country. Quick as a flash, the answer come to me – Hot Springs, Arkansas! So I jumped in my car and took off.
      Jethro: But this is Beverly Hills, Californi.
      Shorty: I made a wrong turn at Blue Eye.

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