The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 9 Episode 10

Shorty to the Rescue

Aired Unknown Dec 01, 1970 on CBS

Episode Recap

Elly is playing with a seal when Jed comes and visits her and asks where Granny is. Elly says Granny has been sticking to the front of the house like she is expecting someone. And that is true. She is waiting for Shorty Kellems. When he comes, Granny tells Shorty all about Mark being a frogman. And when Mark comes, Granny tells him that Killer Kellems used to be Elly's fiancé. And Shorty is the best shot from the hills, waiting to get revenge on him. Shorty comes out and ruins it all.

Drysdale plans to tell Jed that oceanography is bologna. But when Jed comes in, Drysdale makes Jane look guilty. He tells Jed that she doesn't know anything about the subject. He throws out Jane and tells Jed that that taking his money out would upset her. Jed leaves, and Drysdale launches a new plan that includes a straight jacket.

Elly sees Shorty in the mansion, and Granny tells her to kiss Shorty when she sees Mark coming. To get Mark away from her, Granny tells Mark how Jed traded Elly to Shorty when she was 12 for a mule. Mark asks Jed about Elly and the mule, and Granny starts singing, saying that it was a song. Elly comes out and tells Granny she wished she didn't make her kiss Shorty. Then Mark reveals what Granny told him, and Granny heads away.

Drysdale comes back to the mansion, with Miss Jane in a straight jacket. Drysdale tells Jed that it is because he wants to withdraw some of his money for oceanography research. Jed sees this and tears up the check for oceanography.

Shorty tells Granny he plans to see Mark as a half-man/half frog. Instead, he sees a seal, but then heads to see Mark. Meanwhile, Granny is trying to go to the pool, and Elly tells her not to because it's cold, and Jed says not to because it's hot. They are trying to hide the seal, and when Granny sees it, she thinks Mark did this to Shorty. Jed tells her that when they farm the ocean, they'll use him to carry things, which Granny cannot agree with. She believes that Jed has become cold-hearted. After he leaves, she tries to talk to "Shorty" but doesn't have luck and ends up playing ball with him.