The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 9 Episode 10

Shorty to the Rescue

Aired Unknown Dec 01, 1970 on CBS



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    • (Granny is telling Mark about Elly and Shorty's old romance)
      Granny: It was her Pa that promised her hand.
      Mark: When she was twelve?
      Granny: Yeah. Folks was beginning to call her a old maid.
      Mark: Well, they get married early back in the hills, but couldn't her father find someone younger and maybe better looking?
      Granny: Mark, you gotta understand that Jed was poor as a church mouse in them days. Mr. Kellems was wealthy. He offered Jed a mule.
      Mark: A mule?! For his only daughter?!
      Granny: The way Jed felt about it, he wasn't losin' a daughter; he was gaining a mule!

    • Shorty: I'm still single, you know. I figured I'd date me a Hollywood cutie.
      Granny: I ain't got no time for datin'!

    • Jed: What brings you out here to Californi?
      Shorty: Well, Granny called long distance and said . . .
      Granny: Eh, invited him out for the holidays.
      Shorty: Yeah, that's it. Said we'd have a white Christmas together.
      Jed: White Christmas in Beverly Hills?
      Granny: Ain't you heard? We're gonna have white smog this year.

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