The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 4 Episode 2

That Old Black Magic

Aired Unknown Sep 22, 1965 on CBS
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That Old Black Magic
Granny believes that Mrs. Drysdale has turned herself into a bird after she said a few Zodiacal words, which Granny believes is black magic. She tries to change her back to normal. Meanwhile, Jed and Elly try to get the real Mrs. Drysdale cured after the vet Granny called calls about the sick bird. Mrs. Drysdale thinks she is following correct advice, but in the end realizes she read the wrong day in her astrology book and that today would be unlucky. She mean mouths Granny and rushes home, but Granny is happy that her neighbor is back to normal.moreless

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    Dave Willock

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    Allison McKay

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    Harriet MacGibbon

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • We learn that Granny's birthday is in the middle of November and that she is a Scorpio. We also find out that Jed's birthday is around the 1st of December and that he is a Sagittarius. Plus, Elly's birthday is October 7th, and she is a Libra.

    • QUOTES (8)

      • (Jethro comes in asking Granny about the stew she is going to make)
        Jethro: What's all this stuff?
        Granny: Never mind. Stuff like armidiller ears and lizard tails, bat wings and dried newt.
        Jethro: Hot dog! How soon can we eat?!

      • Jed: What's all this stuff?
        Granny: Uh, I, I'm cookin'.
        Jed: I thought we was gonna have stew today.
        Granny: We are. Them's the fixin's.
        (Jed examines the different things on the table)
        Jed: Lizard tails? Armidiller ears?!
        Granny: It's a new recipe.
        Jed: I kinda like the old one.
        Granny: Run along Jed, I'm awful busy.
        Jed: Armidiller ears?! (leaves)

      • (The vet calls about the bird Granny called about, named Mrs. Drysdale, and Jed and Elly think it is for the real Mrs. Drysdale, who is acting strange – helpful and friendly)
        Vet: Now first, is she in a cage?
        Jed: No sir, she's just hoppin' around the kitchen here.
        Vet: Well, that's very bad. You got to get her in some kind of a cage immediately.
        Jed: Doctor, she ain't gonna like that.

      • (Granny is trying to get love and affection to turn the bird back into Mrs. Drysdale)
        Granny: Tell her ya love her!
        Drysdale: Love her?
        Granny: Tell her! Or I'll tell Jed to take his money outta your bank.
        (Drysdale lifts the cage up)
        Drysdale: I love you!

      • (Mrs. Drysdale visits the Clampetts after taking advice from her astrology book)
        Margaret: Granny, how would you like me to pluck your horoscope?
        Granny: You do it, I'll pluck yours right back again!

      • (Jed tells Elly to keep some of her pets in a cage because they can scare the neighbors at night just as Granny approaches)
        Jed: Scares Mrs. Drysdale to wake up in the middle of the night, see a strange lookin' varmint peerin' at her.
        Granny: Well, if he scares her, she hadn't oughtta marry him! (laughs, but stops when the others don't)

      • (Granny has the Mynah bird who she thinks is Mrs. Drysdale turned into a crow)
        Bird: Cracker, cracker.
        Granny: How can you think of crackers at a time like this, you old coot?!
        Bird: Sagittarius!
        Granny: Oh, don't say that word! I'll get ya a cracker.

      • (Mr. Drysdale is talking to the Mynah bird that is mimicking Mrs. Drysdale)
        Mr. Drysdale: You know, I should name this bird Margaret. She's picked up your entire vocabulary.
        Bird: Shut up.
        Mr. Drysdale: She's even picked up your personality!

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