The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 3 Episode 34

The Art Center

Aired Unknown Jun 16, 1965 on CBS

Episode Recap

Mrs. Drysdale is planning to open up an art gallery to add culture to the city of Beverly Hills. And by doing so, she also plans to get rid of the Clampetts once and for all, without her husband even knowing. The Clampetts agree to donate their mansion as the art gallery, after Mrs. Drysdale tells Jed that the people would be in charge of taking care of the cleaning. But the clan misunderstands and thinks they need to donate some art themselves. Jethro gives them a lesson on art, and it keeps their interest.

Meanwhile, Mr. Drysdale is in a great mood after visiting a new doctor and telling him that he is healthy, while also not being charged sky-high prices. But Mrs. Drysdale visits to get her husband to leave town so her plan will work. She makes her husband believe that he is weak and unhealthy. Drysdale decides to head to Palm Springs to get well, after Mrs. Drysdale suggests it.

The Clampetts are preparing to start making their masterpieces, with Jethro and Elly sculpting and Jed and Granny painting. Mrs. Drysdale is also preparing the name of the art center, trying to get it named after her. The same time, her husband decides to check in with the Clampetts before he leaves for Palm Springs. Jed tells Drysdale what the family has been working on and invites him in to check everything out. Just as Drysdale is starting to feel better, Jed also offers him some food, like jellied pigs feet and gopher sausages. The banker tells Jed he'll be back in two weeks, and Jed tells him by then his wife will have the mansion turned into "a first class art gallery." As Drysdale is heading to Palm Springs, he realizes what Jed said and turns back.

The Clampetts are continuing with their artwork. Granny is painting daisies on every surface she can, including pans and the ceiling. Elly May is doing mud sculpting, and Jethro is sculpting by chiseling. He even gets a giant rock and unloads it off the truck, not realizing he has to get it to the backyard. He figures moving the huge rock can just be his suffering, which Jed asks about. Jethro explains all artists have to suffer for their art to be respected. He tells Jed about Vincent Van Gough, and career, also mentioning canvas, which he explains is what artists paint on. Jed tells him to visit Jane and ask about getting canvas, and Jane brings home canvas for Granny.

Jethro is finally working on his rock sculpture, even hiring a gorgeous model to pose for him. Jed and Jane visit Jethro as he is working, learning he is sculpting a possum, and only has the model because all real artists have beautiful models posing for them, as Jethro figures.

Mrs. Drysdale visits the mansion to get Jed to sign his mansion over to the city. He tells her that they only have one room filled up so far with art. As Mrs. Drysdale and Mr. Engel, the chairman of the arts commission, enter the house, they are shocked to see what if in the room. It is filled with paintings of flowers and sculptures of animals and Jed. Jethro returns home, once again dropping his sculpting rock out front, but telling Jed this time it slipped off the truck. He sees Mr. Engel and asks if the car out front is his and if he is an artist. When Engel reveals that both apply to him, Jethro tells him if he hasn't done his suffering for the day, to take a look at his car.