The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 4 Episode 29

The Bird Watchers

Aired Unknown Apr 13, 1966 on CBS



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    • (Jed is offering help with the condors, which he doesn't know is a bird)
      Jed: Supposin', uh, instead of money, we gather together a bunch of clothes and stuff and leave them up there in the mountains where the Condors can find em.
      Biddle: Clothes?
      Jed: Yeah. Good, heavy, warm stuff.
      Biddle: You couldn't get a condor to wear clothes.
      Jed: You mean to tell me there's forty of em runnin' around up there buck tooth naked?
      Biddle: Mr. Clampett, do you know what a condor looks like?
      Jed: I don't care how pretty they are; they oughtta wear somethin'.

    • (Granny is talking about Elly's cooking, making the truth sound much better than it is)
      Dash: She must be pretty good.
      Granny: "Good" ain't the word fer Elly's cookin'. Why, just this mornin' she baked ten pounds of donuts and they's gone already.
      Dash: Just my luck to miss out on them.
      Granny: It sure is.
      (Jed enters the kitchen)
      Jed: Well, how y'all doin'?
      Dash: Granny's been telling me all about Elly's cooking.
      Jed: Oh, well uh, don't forget she's awful purty.

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