The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 8 Episode 16

The Clampett-Hewes Empire

Aired Unknown Jan 07, 1970 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • In Hooterville, the people there dress in modern clothing, but the Clampetts are still wearing more old fashioned clothes, with the exception of some of Elly's dresses. Why are the people in Hooterville so up to date, but the Clampetts, who have been living in the big city aren't? Both the people of Hooterville and the Clampetts are from the Hills, yet the Clampetts aren't exactly modernized.

    • When Drysdale saw Mr. Hewes wife, did he really think that a billionaire like Howard Hughes who dated Katherine Hepburn and Ava Gardner would marry a woman who was as big and homely as that?

  • Quotes

    • (Drysdale finds out that it is not Howard Hughes the billionaire in on the airport, and he grabs a few in his hands, looking sick and sad)
      Drysdale: Sam, take my picture.
      Jane: Chief, what are you doing?
      Drysdale: And Miss Hathaway, send them to the insurance company. Maybe I can recoup some of my losses.
      (Drysdale lies down as a corpse in a coffin would be set up)
      Sam: You want me to shoot ya like that?
      Drysdale: That's an ever better idea. Steve, get him a gun.

    • Howard: Sam splurged for all this?
      Granny: He's crazy, head-over-heels, mad for me, Howie. Plum out of his mind.
      Howard: That's the truth.
      Granny: I'll bet you're sorry you got a wife.
      Howard: That's the truth too.

    • Drysdale: Jethro, go wait in the kitchen!
      Jethro: And leave these pretty girls?
      Drysdale: There's food in the kitchen.
      Jethro: See ya later girls.

    • (Howard Hewes runs out of the Shady Rest, and his wife follows him)
      Drysdale: Steve, go after her! Stop her!
      Steve: Are you kidding? The Green Bay Packers couldn't stop her.
      Drysdale: This won't change our plans for the new airline will it?
      Steve: Well, there's just one little detail. We'll have to call it Hewes Memorial Airport.
      Drysdale: Memorial, why?
      Steve: She just caught him.

    • (Sam comes up to Granny and Betty Jo, planning to take a picture of Betty Jo)
      Sam: You're just in time for a cheesecake picture.
      Granny: What's that?
      Sam: Well, that Granny is newspaper talk for having a pretty girl sit on this bench, cross her knees, and show her beautiful legs.
      Granny: Sam, you old rascal, I wouldn't do this for nobody but you.
      (Granny sits on the bench, lifts her dress to above the knees, and crosses her legs, posing)

    • (The dog comes carrying the bottle in his mouth)
      Betty Jo: Elly May, that's not very sanitary.
      Elly: Well, he's been totin' it around fer an hour, and it ain't hurt him.

    • Drysdale: Oh, Mr. Drucker, when we get settled in, I'd like to go over and see the Hughes Airport. I'll bet it's beautiful.
      Sam: Well, if you think Howard's beautiful, you'll likely think his airport is too.

    • (Drysdale looks at the picture of Jed shaking hands with Howard Hewes)
      Drysdale: Are those two beautiful men?
      Sam: Well, Jed ain't so bad lookin', but I sure wouldn't call Howard a beautiful man.
      Drysdale: Believe me, he's beautiful. Who took this picture?
      Sam: I did.
      Drysdale: Well, that is a signal honor. Mr. Hughes hardly ever allows his picture to be taken.
      Sam: Ha. Ha. Can ya blame him?

    • (Drysdale, Jane, and the three secretaries walk in the store. Sam greets Drysdale first)
      Sam: I don't believe I've met this gentleman.
      Jane: I am Miss Jane Hathaway!
      Sam: Oh. Oh, Miss Hathaway, I'm sorry. I didn't recognize ya. Ya look so, uh, uh, um . . .
      Jane: Feminine?
      Sam: No. (Jane gives him a look) Oh. Yeah. Yeah. That's it!

    • (Drysdale starts singing "Howard Hughes, We Love You")
      Drysdale: Say, that song could sweep the country. It could be a smash hit.
      Jane: Possibly. It's bad enough.

    • Howard: I am giving him a new hanger.
      Steve: Hey, no kiddin' Mr. Hewes? A new hanger?
      Howard: Well, what it is is just a old hay barn, but keep a plane in it, that makes it a hanger.

    • (Jethro says that he'll take Elly and Granny for a plane ride)
      Elly: Jethro, you ain't had yer first flying lesson yet.
      Jethro: Yeah. I'll have that, and then I'll take ya fer a spin.

    • Betty Jo: Maybe now Cathy Jo could go to college.
      Granny: At her age? My, what a smart youngin.

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