The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 1 Episode 32

The Clampetts in Court

Aired Unknown May 01, 1963 on CBS
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As the Clampetts are going to the bank, a car bumps into them. When the Johnsons in the car learn how much money the Clampetts have, they decide to sue them. In court, the Johnsons appear to be in a bad condition and make up a story where the Clampetts smashed into their car while intoxicated. The Clampetts aren’t aware that they're the ones being referred to and they are the ones in trouble. When they are told, they try to figure out why the Johnsons are lying like this. After everyone returns from recess, the Clampetts get to tell their side of the story. After the Johnsons’ attorney questions Jed, Jed refuses to come down and tells the story the way it really happened. After that, court lets out to make the decision, and when court resumes, Jed says he wants to give the money to Mr. Johnson. He tells the judge how he saw James with his “daughter,” and when Mabel hears of this, she chases James out of the courtroom.moreless

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  • Jed and his family are called into court to defend their characters, but they have no reckoning on how city courts work compared to back home, much less how dishonest people are.moreless

    This ranks in my memory as the very first episode I saw of the series and it's a great one to get the best feel of what the show was about. Jed is nothing but honest and forth-coming in this episode, proving why his was the main character and Granny was just wonderful proving why she was the favorite. Elly was the lovely draw and Jethro was the slapstick. They're dragged into court on charges they don't understand by characters preying on them, and they handle themselves so wonderfully honest and decent that the episode isa fine example of how the series lasted for so long. I recommend this episode to everyone.moreless
Murvyn Vye

Murvyn Vye

James Johnson

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Roy Roberts

Roy Roberts


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Dean Harens

Dean Harens


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Kathleen Freeman

Kathleen Freeman

Mabel Johnson

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    • (Jed tells the judge he wants to give the Johnsons the money, and the judge asks why)
      Jed: Well Your Honor, I got a daughter here, Elly May, and I reckon she means more to me than just about anything in the world. And during the recess when I seen Mr. Johnson with his daughter and seen how much he loved her just like I do Elly May, well, it kinda tore at my heart.
      Mabel: (to James) What daughter?
      James: Ssh! Shut up.
      Jed: There he was in his wheelchair in that little room across the hall and in walked this beautiful girl with long red hair, and I knowed right away she was his daughter cause she walked up to him and she said, "How's it goin' daddy?" (The Judge starts laughing) Judge, Your Honor, with no nurse to help him, that brave man got to his feet and stood there straight and tall so she wouldn't see he was suffering, and he hugged her and he kissed her. And right then is when I found out she was a heap like my daughter: fond of critters, cause he said, "Marsha, darling, when I get this hundred thousand, I'm gonna take you to Mexico, and we're gonna watch the ponies run."

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