The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 1 Episode 4

The Clampetts Meet Mrs. Drysdale

Aired Unknown Oct 17, 1962 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, Jed says that Granny has never drinken more than a thimble full or liquor in her life. However, in later seasons down, Granny drinks a lot, straight from the jug. Why did she suddenly start drinking more when they went to Beverly Hills?

  • Quotes

    • Jane: Mr. Clampett, how would you like for a member of your family to become Princess of Palm Springs?
      Jed: What?
      Jane: They're holding a beauty contest at the Springs this week, and someone in this very room has the face and the figure to win. When the judges see her in a bathing suit . . .
      Granny: I told you I ain't puttin' on no bathing suit!

    • Drysdale: You know, I like the Clampetts, but I love my wife. Isn't life weird? She's a snob, she's a hypochondriac, she's not young and beautiful, but I love her. You know, I do need my psychiatrist.

    • (Jed and Granny feel bad for Drysdale because they believe Mrs. Drysdale is a lush, and Granny offers her jug to him)
      Granny: Have a nip. It'll brace ya up.
      Drysdale: Oh, no thank you. I, I never touch it.
      Granny: You hear that Jed? Poor man . . . he's got all the trouble and none of the fun.

    • (Granny and Jed don't approve of Elly May's bathing suit)
      Jane: That's the way everyone goes swimming out here. It's perfectly proper.
      Granny: Well, you wouldn't catch me in nothin' like that.
      Jed: Me neither!

    • (Jed is wondering about the dress Elly May is wearing, which he thinks shows too much skin)
      Jed: What in the world kind of a dress is that?
      Elly: Well, Miss Hathaway says it's a Californy sun dress.
      Jed: I wouldn't let no son of mine wear it. Or daughter neither.

    • Jethro: Howdy Miss Hathaway.
      Jane: "Jane" to you Jethro.
      Jethro: Well, Jane to you too.

    • Jane: Have you ever stayed in a beautiful hotel suite?
      Jethro: No I ain't, darling.

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