The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 9 Episode 14

The Girls from Grun

Aired Unknown Jan 12, 1971 on CBS

Episode Recap

The Clampetts finish dining with their Grunion, a surfer boy and a girl, and tell the captives they will let them go. Jethro wants to keep his captured girl, but Jed let's the two go. At the bank, Drysdale, who tells Helen she must take the blame for his stupid mistakes, decides to get his former secretary back. Helen goes to the beach to try to get Jane back, and finds out the Clampetts still believe Grunion are people, a poor excuse, but people nonetheless. The clan goes home after having no success, and Jane returns and gets Drysdale to turn honest, though when he finds out the Clampetts still believe his story, he keeps it up. He goes to the Clampetts bandaged up and tells them that they met the deserters while he met the fighters. After he leaves, the Clampetts decide to go back and fight the tough Grunions.

At the bank, the secretaries decide to assemble women's lib and name their group GRUN – Girls Resist Unfair Neglect. They decide to hold their protest at the beach where all the grunion hunters are. The Clampetts are at the beach, where they now think to get the Grunion is by hitting them with a bucket of fish. Elly comes to tell Miss Jane has captured girl Grunions, actually the secretaries, and Jethro comes with Ulla, who tells the clan GRUN only has women. When Jethro hears this, he decides to swim to the island of Grun. Helen gets Ulla to tell her Drysdale is weakening, but refuses to give up. Then Jane comes to tell the girls that Drysdale is starting to surrender and run off. When the Clampetts see the fireworks display, they think it is the Navy fighting on the island of Grun, beating them all.