The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 8 Episode 2

The Hills of Home

Aired Unknown Oct 01, 1969 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • For a woman who claims to be very feeble and weakened, Granny can really jump over a railing two stories above the ground and land perfectly on her feet and keep running after Elverna. Granny might have some secret to youthful energy since she can do so much for someone her age.

  • Quotes

    • (Drysdale asks Jethro to stop his hippie friends from protesting)
      Jethro: I'm with them whitey. We's gonna get you honkies. We's closin' you up, Mr. Charlie.
      Mitch: Jethro, that's not our bag. That belongs to another group on campus.
      Jethro: Oh yeah. You done broke your last treaty with us! You stole our country and herded us on to reservations! Pale face speak with forked tongue.
      Mitch: Forget it Jethro.

    • (Shad asks Jed where Jethro is)
      Jed: Well, Jethro stayed back in Californi. He's going to college now.
      Shad: Oh do tell. What's he studying?
      Jed: Well, as far as I can figure, it's uh mainly protesting.
      Shad: What's he protesting?
      Jed: Far as I can figure, it's mainly college.
      Shad: Then why is he going?
      Jed: Shad, that's as far as I can figure.

    • (The hippies decide not to protest Drysdale's bank)
      Mitch: Well, what do you say we hit some schools?
      Jethro: Hey, what about the military academy?
      Mitch: No man. Those cats fight back.

    • (Jed tells Granny she shouldn't have made a bet with Elverna)
      Granny: Would you like to be called a mealy-mouthed liar? A prune-faced old bag?
      Jed: No I wouldn't.
      Granny: Well, neither did she!

    • (Jed, Elly, and Granny approach the city limits)
      Granny: Does that sign say the population is twenty-eight?
      Elly: Sure does.
      Granny: Why, it's purt near doubled since we left.
      Jed: Yeah. Seems like there's just no such thing as a small town anymore.

    • (Granny chases Elverna after Granny's little trick worked to get Elverna to "provoke" Granny)
      Elly: Reckon Granny will catch her Pa?
      Jed: Well, hard to say. Elverna's got longer legs, but Granny's moving hers faster.

    • (Granny tells Jed that if she loses the bet, Elverna will kick her to the top of a hill, so she doesn't want to lose)
      Granny: Elverna's got a kick like a mule! And them sod busters of her's is that big! With soles that thick! If she puts shoes on, she'll kill me!

    • (Granny comes in the hotel where Jed and Shorty are playing checkers)
      Jed: Hi Granny.
      Granny: I don't wanna talk about it! It's over and done with, so I don't wanna talk about it! Well, ain't you gonna ask me what I don't wanna talk about?
      Jed: Alright. What is it?
      Granny: I don't wanna talk about it!
      Jed: Your move Shorty.
      Granny: She is the meanest, most spiteful woman that ever walked the face of this earth! (looks at Jed who doesn't reply) She ain't fit to associate with decent folks! (looks at Shorty, who doesn't reply) She's a disgrace to this town. (looks at Jed who doesn't reply) And it won't do ya any good to ask me who I'm talkin' about, cause I wouldn't soil my lips with the mention of her name!
      (The phone rings)
      Shorty: Now, who can that be?
      Granny: Elverna Bradshaw! And shame on you fer draggin' it out of me!

    • Mitch: Let's get together a couple of hundred flower children and march on this cat's bank, and picket, protest, and demonstrate.
      Hippie 1: Yeah!
      Hippie 2: Yeah!
      Mitch: Yeah, we'll show you we're full of love.
      Hippie 1 & 2: Right!
      Drysdale: You, you call that love?
      Mitch: Yeah man. We love to picket, protest, and demonstrate.

    • Drysdale: Now watch it fellas.
      Mitch: Don't call us fellas. This is a girl. (points to the hippie in the middle)
      Hippie 1: No Mitch, this is the girl. (points to the last hippie)
      (Mitch looks at the girl)
      Mitch: Big deal.

    • Granny: Oh Jed and Elly May, just take a whiff of this mountain air!
      Jed: Take it easy now; this clean stuff is gonna take some getting' used to.

  • Notes

    • Some of this episode was filmed in the Ozarks. They used residents of the town to appear in the episodes.

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