The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 5 Episode 17

The Mayor of Bug Tussle

Aired Unknown Jan 04, 1967 on CBS
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The Mayor of Bug Tussle
The Clampetts are preparing for a visit from the great mayor of Bug Tussle, even rolling out the red carpet. Of course, the Clampetts have no idea about how Mayor Hogg really is. In fact, he steals other great speeches from great minds in history. When the Clampetts visit the bank, Drysdale tries to impress Jed by planning a giant party for the Mayor, and when he asks to speak to the Mayor alone, Hogg reveals he has misused funds and asks Drysdale for money to keep himself and the city out of trouble. Drysdale turns him down. Mayor Hogg tries to ask Jed for the money, but backs out. Jed tells Granny that he thinks Hogg was trying to propose to her, and Jethro mentions to Hogg he’d get Granny’s millions if they married. Hogg prepares to propose to Granny, but when Drysdale returns with the check, the Mayor runs away. Granny knows that Bug Tussle needs him more than she does.moreless

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  • Fire Engine

    I had always heard about our little fire engine that the Mayor of Bug Tussle uses as his official vehicle. I own it. It's in my garage. I just never had seen it in the show. I finally saw this episode and there was my little fire COOL ! My 1914 Model "T" is a television star !
  • The Beverly Hillbillies will always be one the very best comedies ever !!!! And the best single show ever was: The Mayor of Bug Tussle !!!! Mayor Amos Wentworth Hogg was the funniest character actor ever !!!!!! 10 ++++++moreless

    The Beverly Hillbillies will always be one the very best comedies ever !!!! And the best single show ever was: The Mayor of Bug Tussle !!!! So many scammers tried to scam the Clampetts but they were your typical types "boring" -- Whereas, Mayor Amos Wentworth Hogg was the funniest, freshest character actor ever !!!!!! 10 ++++++ In other words he was a totally awesome scammer !!!!!!!!! Every time I see Mayor Hogg I laugh more and more !!!!!! CBS spun off Pettycoat Jct. and Green Acres, well they should have spun off a show called "The {Crooked} Mayor of Bug Tussle" !!!!moreless
Donna Douglas

Donna Douglas

Elly May Clampett

Buddy Ebsen

Buddy Ebsen

Jed Clampett

Nancy Kulp

Nancy Kulp

Jane Hathaway

Irene Ryan

Irene Ryan

Daisy Moses "Granny"

Raymond Bailey

Raymond Bailey

Milburn Drysdale

Max Baer Jr.

Max Baer Jr.

Jethro Bodine

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    • (Jed is telling Drysdale about the great Mayor Hogg)
      Jed: When he gets through talkin, ya just beg to have yer taxes raised.

    • (Jethro is rolling out the red carpet for Mayor Hogg)
      Jed: Who did this here?
      Jethro: I did. Ya said we oughtta roll the red carpet out fer the mayor.
      Granny: Where'd ya get it?
      Jethro: I ripped it outta the upstairs hallway.

    • (Hogg prepare to propose to Granny to get her money)
      Hogg: And I haven't got time for the waitin' game.
      Granny: You ain't got time?!

    • (Drysdale is talking to the mayor on the phone, hoping to get him to meet Hogg. The mayor hangs up on him)
      Jane: Chief, the Mayor of Los Angeles is a busy man.
      Drysdale: That was the mayor of Poison Well, Nevada!

    • (Mayor Hogg is trying to ask Jed for money to keep him out of trouble for misusing funds)
      Mayor Hogg: Well, you know I've devoted my whole life to serving the people of my community, not just as Mayor, but as Tax Assessor, Treasurer, Police Chief, Fire Chief, and Justice Of The Peace.
      Jed: Bug Tussle owes you a lot.
      Mayor Hogg: Yeah, and I owe a lot to Bug Tussle.

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