The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 9 Episode 18

The Palace of Clampett San

Aired Unknown Feb 09, 1971 on CBS

Episode Recap

Drysdale comes to the mansion to tell Jed something, but Jethro keeps fighting and threatening him. Jethro now thinks he is Japanese and is a glorious, sublime being.

At the women's lib movement, Miss Jane is still trying to hide all the girls. Phinney threatens to come in, and when he does and sees Granny, Jane tells him the woman is her dressmaker. Granny is trying to get Jane out of her sleeping bag. And when Phinney sees Elly with a possum, Jane says that she is the exterminator. She is able to trick the landlord out.

When Jane returns with lunch, Granny is cooking Swamp Surprise, and it contains most of the things that live in the swamp. Phinney comes in, asking what it is, and Miss Jane tells him bug repellent. He doesn't believe her, until he smells it.

After he leaves, Granny and Jane decide to take the Swamp Surprise to Jed and Jethro. They see Jethro and Jed napping, and Granny thinks they have died from starvation. But Jethro is stuffed from duck and napping, and Jed has been treated during the Japanese tea ceremony. Granny tries to heat her Swamp Surprise, but Jethro wakes up and says doesn't want the "slop." Granny tells him that it is only the starvation talking, but Jethro, now living the sublime life, decides to go back to his nap.

Miss Jane returns to the kitchen with the three geishas, and they bring them to the women's lib movement. The geishas decide to join the movement, after thinking they were threatened to with Swamp Surprise. After all the girls hear the story of life up at the mansion, Jane decides to teach the men a lesson by posing as three new Japanese girls, and Susie agrees to help and get them costumes. When Drysdale calls to say he's joining Jed and Jethro, they decide to play their trick. Jane and Granny prove to be awful Japanese girls and torture Jethro and Drysdale, who call them ugly.

Later at Jane's apartment, Drysdale and Jethro beg for forgiveness and agree to give in to the women's lib movement, and when Phinney walks in, followed by Jane, she accuses him of throwing an Oriental orgy. When she asks all the people in the place who is throwing the party, all the girls point to Phinney and say, "He is!" Phinney promises never to come near her place again.