The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 5 Episode 2

The Soup Contest

Aired Unknown Sep 21, 1966 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The clip of Granny looking at the camera and saying "Hello out there in Television Land" was used by TVLand in a promo when the cable station first aquired the broadcast rights to the series in 2000.

  • Quotes

    • (Granny is on TV telling the soup recipe, and has Elly come over in a bathing suit, and starts bragging on her)
      Jed: I might a'known.

    • (Jed enters the kitchen, where Jane is dressed as him)
      Jed: (to Jane dressed as Jed) You from back home?
      (Jane nods)
      Jed: Kin folk?
      (Jane nods)
      Jed: Must be from Granny's side of the family.
      (Jane nods)
      Jed: That figures, you got her frame. Ya sure ain't got her mouth.

    • (Drysdale tells Miss Jane to sign the papers)
      Jane: (as Jed, who is supposed to sign the papers) Not till ya promise to give that there fine, outstanding, efficient hard-workin' secetary of yours a raise!
      Drysdale: What?!
      Jane: And I think it's high time she was gettin' a little of that there pension and uh profit sharing plan too.

    • (Granny is going to answer the door, needing someone to pose as Jed so Elly can be in the soup contest)
      Granny: You better come with me Elly! That front door's awful hard to open!

    • (The guys from Savory Soup ask Elly to sign legal papers for the contest)
      Roger: She is 21?
      Granny: She ain't no such thing! Why that sweet child is just barely past 14!
      Roger Fourteen?!
      Granny: Well, give er take a year or two.

    • (Jed tells Granny to call and pull Elly out of the soup contest)
      Granny: Terrible being an old woman. Nobody loves ya. Folks all yell at cha!
      Jed: Stop feelin' sorry for yourself.
      Granny: I'm talkin about Elly!

    • (Granny says Elly is too much of a sweet little child to trap a husband on her own)
      Granny: Elly has past the prime age. We're dealin' with a middle aged woman.
      Jed: I thought she was a sweet innocent child!
      Granny: Naturally. You're her father.

    • (Jed tells Granny entering Elly in that cooking contest with Granny's entry was wrong)
      Jed: You get on the phone and call that soup company, and I'll tell Elly May that she's pullin' outta the contest.
      Granny: Uh, no, no Jed! Don't do it, I'm warnin' ya! It'll be a terrible shock to her. There's no tellin' what she might say!
      Jed: I'm sorry, but . . .
      (Elly enters the room)
      Jed: Elly May, you are pullin' out of the cookin' contest.
      Elly: What cookin' contest?
      Granny: See, I warned ya there's no tellin' what she might say!

    • Jed: How can Elly May win first prize in a cookin' contest? That girl can't boil water!

    • (Jed asks what Granny has to tell her)
      Granny: Before I tell ya, I want cha ta promise not to use no bad words on me.
      Jed: I wouldn't do that.
      Granny: Well, Elly May has done won first prize in a cookin' contest.
      Jed: How?
      Granny: That's a bad word!

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