The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 6 Episode 13

The South Rises Again

Aired Unknown Nov 29, 1967 on CBS
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The South Rises Again
Granny, Elly, and Jethro are preparing to fight the "Yankee soldiers" in Civil War II, but Jed has no plans to join. The cast and crew of the movie are getting ready to shoot it, but the actor playing Grant isn't a sober man, and the Confederate soldiers are missing. On their way there, Granny, Elly, and Jethro see the actors in Confederate uniforms marching to the shooting site. The clan prepares to help the soldiers, while Drysdale decides to get in good with Granny by joining her fight and dressing as a Confederate soldier. He thinks it is all a joke, but once he hears the shooting, he chickens out. Granny, Elly, and Jethro take up the fight, and Granny shoots Grant, but he gets back up. So Granny has a few more shots to give him, knocking him down with one of Elly May's lady finger bullets. Granny tells the Confederates to charge and then goes to act as a doctor to Grant, sharing her jug with him. When she gets home, drunk, she comes with a friend, General Ulysses S. Grant.moreless

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    Donna Douglas

    Donna Douglas

    Elly May Clampett

    Buddy Ebsen

    Buddy Ebsen

    Jed Clampett

    Nancy Kulp

    Nancy Kulp

    Jane Hathaway

    Irene Ryan

    Irene Ryan

    Daisy Moses "Granny"

    Raymond Bailey

    Raymond Bailey

    Milburn Drysdale

    Max Baer Jr.

    Max Baer Jr.

    Jethro Bodine

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      • Granny: You bake a dandy bullet Elly.

      • (Granny shoots down General Grant)
        Jethro: Look, he's getting' up.
        Granny: I must have got him in the liver. That's what I done all right. It's gotta be cast iron after 150 years of drinkin'.

      • Drysdale: Just let me wreak my vengeance on them blue devils, or my name isn't Milburn Beauregard Nathan Bedford Stonewall…
        (Cannon fires)
        Jane: Chicken Drysdale!

      • Grant: If I'm going to do all of that, I've got to have a double.
        Colonel Blake: Nothing doing, it's going to be you.
        Grant: I mean a double martini!

      • Granny: What's the matter Miss Jane? Don't ya like jerky?
        Jane: What can I say? I work for him.

      • Granny: And here you are, leavin' yer bank to fight fer the U.S.A.
        Drysdale: Yes. U.S.A?
        Granny: Undefeated Southerners of America.

      • Granny: Would you like to have a gun?
        Jane: Oh boy, would I.

      • (Drysdale introduces his soldier, Miss Jane, who Granny doesn't realize)
        Granny: Oh, the poor boy! He's nothin' but skin and bones. Have you been in prison, son?
        Jane: Yes, the Commerce Bank.

      • Granny: Are you on our side?
        Drysdale: I am on the side of truth, justice, honor, and victory.
        Granny: That's our side!

      • Drysdale: And we Southerners must stick together in this hour of peril.
        Miss Jane: You big phony, you were born in Chicago!
        Drysdale: South Chicago!

      • Colonel: (in a deep Southern accent) The producer of this picture, my esteemed father-in-law, said I could be on the winning side.
        Colonel Blake: Doesn't Abe ever run out of relatives? With old cousin Bright Eye here leading the charge, it may not be the winning side.
        Colonel: Nevertheless, with your kind permission sir, I will be honored to deliver the surrender ultimatum.
        Colonel Blake: Listen Colonel, with that accent, the only thing you could deliver is a bucket of fried chicken.

      • Colonel Blake: And there are still a few mistakes in some of the uniforms.
        Grant: Uh, may I go back to the studio?
        Colonel Blake: Get on the horse. You're the biggest mistake in uniform.

      • Colonel Blake: They got the white horse ready for you.
        Grant: Oh great. Not too much soda.
        Colonel Blake: You're going to ride it, not drink it.

      • Colonel Blake: The director just walked off the picture.
        Grant: I'll have him shot.

      • Miss Jane: Does Granny honestly believe that the North is going to reopen the Civil War?
        Jed: She does.
        Jane: Well, can't you talk her out of it?
        Jed: Miss Jane, mules come to Granny for stubborn lessons.

      • Jed: Why would the North wanna commence the fightin' in Los Angeles?
        Granny: So they attack under cover of smog!

      • Granny: Where are you goin'?
        Jed: I'm goin' back to bed.
        Granny: You mean you ain't gonna fight with yer family?
        Jed: I've been fightin' with ya fer two days.

      • Granny: In my Granny's days, we had woods and swamps to hide in. But when ya live in a hole like Beverly Hills, ya gotta make do.

      • (After hearing a loud commotion, Jed looks to see what is going on downstairs, where the family is prepairing to fight the North)
        Jed: Do you know it's three o'clock in the mornin'?
        Granny: Yes I do.(starts singing) It's three o'clock in the mornin'. (stops singing) There! Go back to bed!

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