The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 6 Episode 13

The South Rises Again

Aired Unknown Nov 29, 1967 on CBS



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    • Granny: You bake a dandy bullet Elly.

    • (Granny shoots down General Grant)
      Jethro: Look, he's getting' up.
      Granny: I must have got him in the liver. That's what I done all right. It's gotta be cast iron after 150 years of drinkin'.

    • Drysdale: Just let me wreak my vengeance on them blue devils, or my name isn't Milburn Beauregard Nathan Bedford Stonewall…
      (Cannon fires)
      Jane: Chicken Drysdale!

    • Grant: If I'm going to do all of that, I've got to have a double.
      Colonel Blake: Nothing doing, it's going to be you.
      Grant: I mean a double martini!

    • Granny: What's the matter Miss Jane? Don't ya like jerky?
      Jane: What can I say? I work for him.

    • Granny: And here you are, leavin' yer bank to fight fer the U.S.A.
      Drysdale: Yes. U.S.A?
      Granny: Undefeated Southerners of America.

    • Granny: Would you like to have a gun?
      Jane: Oh boy, would I.

    • (Drysdale introduces his soldier, Miss Jane, who Granny doesn't realize)
      Granny: Oh, the poor boy! He's nothin' but skin and bones. Have you been in prison, son?
      Jane: Yes, the Commerce Bank.

    • Granny: Are you on our side?
      Drysdale: I am on the side of truth, justice, honor, and victory.
      Granny: That's our side!

    • Drysdale: And we Southerners must stick together in this hour of peril.
      Miss Jane: You big phony, you were born in Chicago!
      Drysdale: South Chicago!

    • Colonel: (in a deep Southern accent) The producer of this picture, my esteemed father-in-law, said I could be on the winning side.
      Colonel Blake: Doesn't Abe ever run out of relatives? With old cousin Bright Eye here leading the charge, it may not be the winning side.
      Colonel: Nevertheless, with your kind permission sir, I will be honored to deliver the surrender ultimatum.
      Colonel Blake: Listen Colonel, with that accent, the only thing you could deliver is a bucket of fried chicken.

    • Colonel Blake: And there are still a few mistakes in some of the uniforms.
      Grant: Uh, may I go back to the studio?
      Colonel Blake: Get on the horse. You're the biggest mistake in uniform.

    • Colonel Blake: They got the white horse ready for you.
      Grant: Oh great. Not too much soda.
      Colonel Blake: You're going to ride it, not drink it.

    • Colonel Blake: The director just walked off the picture.
      Grant: I'll have him shot.

    • Miss Jane: Does Granny honestly believe that the North is going to reopen the Civil War?
      Jed: She does.
      Jane: Well, can't you talk her out of it?
      Jed: Miss Jane, mules come to Granny for stubborn lessons.

    • Jed: Why would the North wanna commence the fightin' in Los Angeles?
      Granny: So they attack under cover of smog!

    • Granny: Where are you goin'?
      Jed: I'm goin' back to bed.
      Granny: You mean you ain't gonna fight with yer family?
      Jed: I've been fightin' with ya fer two days.

    • Granny: In my Granny's days, we had woods and swamps to hide in. But when ya live in a hole like Beverly Hills, ya gotta make do.

    • (After hearing a loud commotion, Jed looks to see what is going on downstairs, where the family is prepairing to fight the North)
      Jed: Do you know it's three o'clock in the mornin'?
      Granny: Yes I do.(starts singing) It's three o'clock in the mornin'. (stops singing) There! Go back to bed!

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