The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 7 Episode 13

The Week Before Christmas

Aired Unknown Dec 18, 1968 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Drysdale: My employees gave me this.
      (Shows Jed the present)
      Jed: Well, ain't that nice. I reckon a fella in your position can always use a clock.
      Drysdale: Uh, how do you know it's a clock?
      Jed: I can here it tickin'.
      (Jed gives the present to Drysdale, and he puts it up to his ear, hearing the ticking noise)
      Drysdale: Miss Hathaway!
      (Miss Jane rushes in)
      Jane: Yes Chief?
      (Drysdale throws the gift at her)
      Drysdale: Soak this in water! Quickly! Quickly!
      (Miss Jane rushes out with the box)
      Jed: That ain't too good fer a clock, is it?
      Drysdale: It's a, a water clock, an old Egyptian water clock. Very rare and valuable.
      Jed: Folks here at the bank sure must think the world of you.
      Drysdale: Yes, they wanted to give me a big blow-out.