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  • Season 8 Episode 11: Midnight Shorty

  • Granny seems to be enjoying playing the slot machines down at the swimming pool winning nickels from the slots. However, in the episode Jed, the Bachelor, where Granny goes to Las Vegas, she thinks that the slot machines that were being played by the people there were silly, and the people playing them were spending their money looking at pictures of sorry-looking fruit. Apparently, after five years in Beverly Hills after that, she learned better.

  • Season 8 Episode 12: Shorty Go Home

  • Drysdale is always trying to be nice to the Clampetts' friends and family so Jed won't get offended. However, he wasn't very friendly to Shorty, with Jed in the room with him. He should have been a bit more wary of it. That could still make Jed upset.

  • Season 8 Episode 16: The Clampett-Hewes Empire

  • In Hooterville, the people there dress in modern clothing, but the Clampetts are still wearing more old fashioned clothes, with the exception of some of Elly's dresses. Why are the people in Hooterville so up to date, but the Clampetts, who have been living in the big city aren't? Both the people of Hooterville and the Clampetts are from the Hills, yet the Clampetts aren't exactly modernized.

  • When Drysdale saw Mr. Hewes wife, did he really think that a billionaire like Howard Hughes who dated Katherine Hepburn and Ava Gardner would marry a woman who was as big and homely as that?

  • Season 8 Episode 17: What Happened to Shorty?

  • The last time Gloria saw Shorty, she was extremely upset at him since he wasn't worth 200 million, and wanted to drown him. But in this episode, she is extremely happy to see him. Why'd she change so suddenly?

  • If Shorty's car was hidden in bushes, why didn't the Clampetts find it? And when the Clampetts spent time in Hooterville, did he stay in the house, or just the root cellar? What was he doing on their property then?

  • Season 8 Episode 18: Marry Me, Shorty

  • Granny tells Elverna that they can be harem girls because they've seen movies where Theda Bara "vamps fellows like Elmo Lincoln." Elmo Lincoln and Theda Bara never appeared in a movie together.

  • Elverna says that when she got to the gate, she looked back and noticed Shorty wasn't there. Shorty left with Gloria only about a minute or two before Elverna did, and he returned only about a few minutes after he did. So, Shorty and Gloria couldn't have gone far in about ten minutes. Where'd they go?

  • Season 8 Episode 22: Annul That Marriage

  • After all the stunts Shorty pulled to get out of marrying Elverna, you'd think she wouldn't want to marry Shorty anymore since it is obvious he no longer wants her.

  • Gloria mistakes a donkey for a cow, mostly because she is a "city woman." However, people in the city are familiar with farm animals. Did they do this to make it seem like Gloria really needed an adjustment?

  • Season 8 Episode 23: Hotel for Women

  • Jethro says how the girls in the secretarial pool of the Commerce Bank are very pretty. But in some episodes before this, the secretaries of the bank are described as either plain or ugly. They don't measure up to the girls of the bank in this season.

  • For some reason, Jethro couldn't get into the mansion. But Jed was able to - by going through the back door. Why didn't Jethro just walk around the house and enter from the entrance in the kitchen to get in?

  • Season 8 Episode 26: Honesty is the Best Policy

  • Spanish - English dictionary, as according to Honest John:
    Iguana – pleasure
    Tacos – rude
    Tortilla – marvelous
    Oy vey – unbelievable
    Escondido Avocado – money
    Guadalajara – love you/forgive you
    Yuck – on a diet
    Sierra Madre – Mother (a term of endearment)
    Caper – a Spanish delicacy made of olives and wine
    Flo – a term of endearment Honest John uses for his "mother"
    Jersey City – a quaint little hamlet nestled in the hills of Barcelona

  • Season 9 Episode 1: The Pollution Solution

  • Why does Drysdale always use Miss Jane's car? He is the President of a bank. He must have his own.

  • Rich Little gives a great impersonation of President Nixon who was the President Of The United States at the time of this episode.

  • Season 9 Episode 2: The Clampetts in Washington

  • Why do the Clampetts expect to help the President and First Lady with the housework? They live near wealthy and powerful neighbors with servants, so why would they think that the leader of the country would have to do his own housework?

  • District Of Colombia – English Translator, according to Honest John and Sitting Hawk
    Chattanooga/Choo Choo – Hello; Hi, Good-bye
    Cayuga – Friendly
    Sequoyah – Tall
    Ponderosa – Mustache
    Tippecanoe Shoshone Too – A Combination of Lincoln and Roosevelt
    Pottawatomie – Politician
    Manitoba – Farmer
    Tallahassee – Pleased
    Zuni – Doctor
    Uno Allegany – One Million Dollars
    Pekipsy - Bought

  • Granny must have had a history lesson because she used to think that Confederate President Jefferson Davis was still the President, but now she knows that there is a different President, and she knows that Theodore Roosevelt has served since the Civil War.

  • The Clampetts never told Honest John that they were going to D.C, so how did he find out?

  • Goof: When Honest John first meets the Clampetts in Washington, the screen in the back has people walking back and forth. But in the shots of the whole group, nobody passes in back of them. The people just disappear after walking towards the group, never actually going down the street.

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