The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 8 Episode 5

Wedding Plans

Aired Unknown Oct 22, 1969 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Shorty says that Granny wants their $85 million in the Bank of Bugtussle for Elly's dowry. Why would they want to put their whole fortune for her dowry? Her share of the money would make sense, but not all of it.

    • Shorty tells Drysdale that the one building he passed was the town of Bugtussle. However, Granny has described Granny as a bit bigger in prior episodes. She said that they light the streets until 9 on Saturday night, and they play checkers for money in a backroom. Mostly, the way Granny described it, is is still a small town, but a town nonetheless. So, how can this all fit in one building?

  • Quotes

    • Shorty: How can you be sure they's gonna get married?
      Granny: A voice came in the night, hollerin' loud and clear. Matthew Templeton is gonna marry Elly May Clampett! Jed heard it too.
      Shorty: Sho' 'nough?
      Granny: Yeah. He pounded on the wall and told me to shut up.

    • Jethro: Hey Granny, is this all a best man does? Just stand here like a dummy?
      Granny: Yeah. And you do it real good.

    • (Granny says that Elly cooks great fish)
      Matthew: You cook em rolled in corn meal?
      Elly: Why, why no. I just wear an apron.

    • (Shorty tells Drysdale that Jed wants to put his money in the Bank of Bugtussle)
      Drysdale: Where is the Bank of Bugtussle?
      Shorty: Well, believe it or not, it's in Bugtussle.
      Drysdale: Well, where is Bugtussle.
      Shorty: Passed right through it on the way here.
      Drysdale: Impossible! In twenty miles, I passed one building.
      Shorty: That's Bugtussle.

    • (Shorty comes in to where Jane and Drysdale were talking)
      Shorty: I got you a jackass Mr. Drysdale
      Drysdale: That I got. (looks at Miss Jane) Get me a mule.

    • Jane: You can't put money out on happiness.
      Drysdale: Don't bet on it. And you were supposed to keep Elly from getting married.
      Jane: But she fell in love. Surely you can't put money ahead of love.
      Drysdale: Don't bet on it.
      Jane: I was powerless to combat the force of romance. After all, I'm only human.
      Drysdale: I wouldn't bet on that either.

    • (Miss Jane comes in to the hotel in her bird watchers uniform and starts talking about a bird's nest, and Drysdale tells her to shut up)
      Jane: Chief, when did you get here? And, and what are you doing in this ridiculous outfit?
      Drysdale: You think I look ridiculous? Just step in front of a mirror if you want a real laugh.

    • Drysdale: Anybody here?!
      (Shorty comes out of the kitchen)
      Shorty: Yes sir. I'm here.
      Drysdale: Anybody else?
      Shorty: Yes sir. You're here.

    • Jed: Granny, before I leave here, I wanna hear you say something nice and pleasant to Elverna.
      Granny: Alright Jed. Elverna, may good luck follow you all the days of your life.
      (Jed goes away, and Granny goes inside the hotel, and steps back out)
      Granny: And never catch up with cha!

    • Elverna: You know I'm one of your oldest friends.
      Granny: Oh that's true Elverna. They's friends I've had longer, but you're the oldest.

    • (Elverna Bradshaw is looking in at Matthew from outside the hotel)
      Elverna: Oh, what a handsome groom.
      Robert: Thank you Mother Bradshaw.
      Elverna: Not you! I'm talking about the man Elly May Clampett's gonna marry.
      (Robert looks in on him)
      Robert: Well, he's tall and husky and handsome, but other than that he doesn't look like much.

    • (Miss Jane says that she plans to go into the woods and find a man for herself, and shows her leg a bit)
      Jane: This shall be my lure.
      (Miss Jane heads upstairs)
      Shorty: You know, with bait like that she could go on week without a nibble.

    • (Elverna signals the horse to go with 2 kissing noises)
      Robert: Thank you Mother Bradshaw. (Kiss Kiss) to you too.

  • Notes

    • Jerry Brutsche (Robert Holloway) also played the telegraph man in the Silver Dollar City Fair, and plays a surfer in The Girls From Grun.

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