The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 9 Episode 11

Welcome to the Family

Aired Unknown Dec 08, 1970 on CBS

Episode Recap

Granny thinks that Shorty has turned into a seal. She tells Mark to change him back. Mark runs and finds Shorty and puts him where the seal was. Though, after Shorty says he likes Mark, Granny gives him the cold shoulder. Jed plans to head to the bank, and Shorty goes with him to get a date. Jed heads down to the bank, where Drysdale tells Jane how he was nearly hit by a car, but tricks her. He gets her out of the office to make himself appear crazy. He dresses as Napoleon and makes Elizabeth, a secretary, pose as his nurse. When Jed sees him and how Drysdale plays his part well, he tells Drysdale/Napoleon he won't withdraw the money.

Meanwhile, Granny is planning to get away from the family turning into sea creatures. But when Granny sees a sea gull, she thinks it is a sign. She tells Elly to cook for Mark, thinking that him tasting her cooking will definitely break them up. Shorty comes home with Elizabeth, who has brought Jed the check for the money. Mark brings another seal, and Mark tells him that he and Granny are good friends and Elly will cook for him tonight. After hearing this, Jed realizes what Granny is doing and tries to prevent Mark from eating any of Elly's atrocious food by getting Granny to remake all her food, but actually tasty.

Shorty is looking for his date, but accidentally knocks on Granny's door. After a misunderstanding, Shorty shows Granny his date Elizabeth, and Granny warns her that when Shorty gets into the pond, he turns into a strange looking critter. Elizabeth does not care though. Granny later goes to the pool and sees the two seals, thinking it is Shorty and Elizabeth. Drysdale comes and asks if Elizabeth is around, and Granny tells him a seal in the pool is she, and the other is Shorty. Drysdale puts his Napoleon hat on Granny, salutes her, and walks away.