The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 9 Episode 16

Women's Lib

Aired Unknown Jan 26, 1971 on CBS

Episode Recap

At the mansion, Elly and Granny have joined the cause of women's lib, but Jethro tells them to make breakfast. It proves what Granny and Elly are fighting. At the bank, Susie, Helen, and Jane keep the protest on, and Susie and her karate chops scare two guards and Drysdale away.

With the women away, at the mansion, Jethro and Jed must fend for themselves. They decide to split cooking and cleaning dishes – Jethro cooks and Jed washes the dishes. Of course, Jethro eats all the food. Jed tells the women they can have their rights, but when Jethro demands them to do chores, the women return to the protest. When the women see the bad job the men are doing with the laundry, they offer to help, and Jed agrees to give them what they want. But when Jethro forces them to work, Granny and Elly leave.

At the bank, Drysdale has hired a karate expert who breaks Helen's car and scares them away. Jed and Jethro try to get the women to return by faking an accident, but Jethro ruins it. Jed contacts Drysdale to get him to stop Granny and Elly from picketing. He brings Banzai over, who busts up one of the iron benches. Granny stops him from destroying the other bench, but Granny beats him up. Afterwards, Granny and Elly decide to leave, and Jed begs them to take Jethro with them. With Banzai feeling humiliated by being beat by a woman, Drysdale asks if he can stay with the Clampetts, and Jed tells him he can, and lets his women to come and serve the men there. Jethro congratulates Jed for finally doing something right, unaware that it was him who drove the women away.