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  • "Previously on Bible"

    Not a bad story, has potential.

    Its just lacking, it just needed the producers/ directors etc from Spartacus or Game of Thrones to give it a once over and add a few touches.
  • A fresh sreies like Vikings, but miss it!

    The Bible 14million viewers, Vikings 4millions and dont even talk about it!!! Because its from history or what?

    For my part i see the two, The Bible is nice but everyone know the story, but some part are very good, like Moises. Also Im very anxious for the Jesus part with a actor from my home town :)

    Vikings is something else, a very good serie with a solid script and great acting. Mayby one of the best new show around, like Banshee you also miss.
  • Well made, but it convenientely cuts out the "not so nice" stuff.

    It's very entertaining. I was really looking forward to watching this as a parallel to my reading of every word of the Bible. I was extremely dissappointed that they skipped over the story of Jacop . Jacob was a liar and a cheat. Anyway, read the "holy book" first, then watch the movie. The most important part is that you need to use your brain all the way through. When I say all, I mean ALL. Think about what you read and see.
  • A nice clean view of the Holy Book

    I was actually excited to watch this series because the actor who portrays Jesus, Diogo Morgado is Portuguese, and I was like, finally, we have another great portuguese actor who gets to be known by the international public (the first two are Joaquim de Almeida and Daniela Ruah), and what a part he had! I really liked the way he portrayed Jesus... of course, the rest of the characters were also very well played. The idea of casting less famous actors was a good decision, because like that, you don't get too distracted.

    From the Creation until the writing of the Book of Revelations, I was quite pleased to watch the series, and well, give it a 10.
  • Wonderful series

    If one were to actually act a movie of the bible,it would actually take love every bit of these series,even though its summarized and some stories were skipped. I love the actor who portrayed Jesus. This series would surely touch lives especially does who don't know Jesus.
  • Very well made

    I would think that making a mini series about the greatest book ever written would not be that easy. But it seems that they made it look easy. I really loved it.
  • Discrepancies

    Though there are some discrepancies on some details (the sacrifice of abraham in episode 1), i think this series should be shown in chruch activities/gatherings :)
  • Curious

    I wonder why this was on the History Channel and not Sci-Fi...
  • Pathetic

    Perhaps they should have stayed to the source of the material more, you know the Bible. Seems like they attempted to make a politically correct version of the Bible where only the Romans were the villains in the story. Truly a waste of time and money and special effects thrown in were the worst and made it even more looking like a low budget piece of trash.