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Thursday 8:00 PM on CBS

Its Christmas time and we got a Christmas themed Big Bang/homage to 'Its a Wonderful Life' - or possibly 'Six degrees of Sheldon Cooper'

We got a look at how the group would have turned out if Leonard didn't live with Sheldon.

I thought it might be another special group episode - like The Scavenger Vortex - but it came up short.
The addition of Stuart seemed a bit random and pointless.
A couple of the alternate timelines were a bit weak and most of the best lines were not in the timeline snippets.
But they did provide some nice visual gags

The visual of Raj and Howard eating cake was a nice little giggle, but Raj saying "That's so us!" was the icing on the cake! (cake themed pun intended)

Leonard imagining Penny peeing herself gave us this visual =

Followed by this one =

I dont know why....but Amy's alternate timeline theory was my favorite =

Where was I?...

Howard's timeline was kinda predictable, but we did get this nice visual after it =

Raj's timeline was the laziest for me - and this is the best image from it =

I thought Amy's timeline, while dark and sad, was the best written and acted (even though it was very short) =
"There's tears in the frosting" was perfectly delivered - equal parts funny and sad.
Also, Stuart's addition at the end of it was his only good part in the episode for me.

In the end, the nicest thing was Amy being shown how much Sheldon actually cares for her. Her delivery of "That's alright, she's dead" when Madam Curie's image popped up on Sheldon's laptop was spot on.

Which brings us to Sheldon - he popped up a few times to deliver some good lines and update us on his sisters pregnancy.
His best line from this thread is in the "Line of the night" bit below, but the fact that Jim Parson's threw in this twitch while delivering it was a nice touch=

Notes -
Penny gave Leonard the same gift AGAIN! Poor Leonard (I'm not so secretly very jealous...I never got a gift that good)

When Amy said "You make jokes about Sheldon, but if it weren't for him, I don't think any of us would be sitting in this room right now" = TRUER WORDS HAVE NEVER BEEN SPOKEN!!!

Lines of the night -

Raj - "You know, many people believe home births are better because the mother is in a warm comfortable environment. where she can be nurtured by loved ones"
Sheldon - "And turn the bedroom floor into an amniotic slip'n'slide"

Sheldons Mom - "Shelly come on....your sisters fully dilated, and she wants a nice family picture before there's blood everywhere"

Raj - "You didn't ask her out.....but that was a lot of sounds"

Amy -"Hi Sheldon, everything ok?"
Sheldon -"No its not...I've seen things......lady things..."
Amy -"Listen to me...That is not the way they usually look!"

Raj - "My fathers a gynecologist, I think I can handle it...(views pics Sheldon sent)....annnd now I'm gay"

Howard - "I lived with her - (his mom) - to save money"
Raj -"Yeah, you didn't need to spend money on groceries because you were breast feeding"

Amy -"I missed you"
Sheldon -"To quote Han Solo.."I know"

MVP= Has to be Amy. Mayim Bialik carried this episode, which was a good move. While I love Sheldon as a character, this season he has been used a bit too much, and letting other characters get a bit more airtime will keep him fresh.