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As some people feel that I have been too critical with The Big Bang Theory, I'll just be doing mini recaps from now on, without opinion, for anyone who wants to discuss the episode.

Penny turned down a role in a film - a sequel to 'Serial Apeist' - and she and Leonard got into an argument about money.

Penny's car breaks down and she begins to regret chasing her dreams.
She airs her frustrations to Leonard, who unsuccessfully tries to console her.
She goes to get her old job back at the Cheese Cake Factory, but Leonard surprises her by buying a car.

Howard and Sheldon try to bond, (after some nudging from Bernadette), and they go to NASA together.

Sheldon makes the bonding process difficult with constant jabs to Howard.
On the plane, Sheldon reveals that he was envious of Howard going into space.
The pair truly bond when their flight encounters some heavy turbulence.

Amy and Raj spend time together, trying to sort out his online dating situation.
However Amy ends up going for a coffee with Raj's intended date (Emily), due to the fact that Raj convinced Amy to respond to her - and Emily found this a bad sign.
As Amy is trying to convince Emily that Raj is a good guy, he interrupts, makes the situation worse and Emily leaves.
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