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Thursday 8:00 PM on CBS (Returning September 21, 2015)
In case you missed it Kaley Cuoco got married on New Years Eve, so congrats to her.

This week we had 3 storylines to deal with - Penny and Leonard, Raj and Stuart and Sheldon trying to solve humor.....with science!

Firstly, Penny got a part on NCIS -or NCSTD as she called it.

But her part got cut - I have to say, Kaley Cuoco's facial expression during this excellent, and I was glad they didn't have her overreact - like she did in the Thanksgiving episode to her marriage situation.
Unfortunately Leonard put not just his foot, but his entire leg in his mouth when he tried to console Penny - which I found a bit annoying, and explain why later.

Leonard tired to save the situation by getting Penny an audition on the new Star Wars film - BTW it was a real thing click here for details - but because it is obviously a PR stunt, Penny isn't impressed.

Penny, after having a few glasses of wine, proposed to Leonard and he hesitated, so she left. This leaves Leonard pondering whether or not Penny is going to call time on the situation - I have 2 theories. Either they split up and we get a Ross and Rachel situation or a big romantic proposal and they get engaged

Secondly we had Raj and Stuart

Raj took Stuart as his "date" to view Penny's scene, which just seemed to be a way of getting them there own storyline to talk to "regular" people in the hope of building enough social skills to talk to pretty girls in a normal fashion.

While there were some good lines - Raj seems to steal a lot of scenes in most episodes - it felt like another unnecessary plot in a season that has had a lot of them. They are still trying to do too much in each episode and its watering down the quality.

Also, you would think that they'd talk to "regular" people all the time - Stuart owns a shop for God's sake - and the payoff with the security guard was just weak.
If they are going to keep this duo going they need to give them better plots - speed dating with some over 60's ladies would have been a better situation, and they could easily use it to cut between the other storylines.

Thirdly, Sheldon tried to tell jokes.
This was a missed opportunity for me, but there were some nice parts-
Leonards delivery trailing off when he delivered the "If you are fine with people laughing at you...." was good
Sheldon's line of "I've been studying how to make people laugh", while not a contender for line of the night, was a great line because of its timing and Leonards beleaguered reaction to it.
Even though you had to know a shout was coming, "BRAIN LESIONS!!!" was funny, but Amy's reaction just added to it.
The fact that Mayim Bialik looks like she is about to laugh could have something to do with it =

Also her reaction to Sheldon dropping his pants was priceless. The way she eyed him up and down and then gave this reaction=

And if anyone has a GIF of Sheldon doing his little twirl to the whiteboard after this bit, please post, because the look on his face wile he did it made me chuckle.

Some very good lines - nothing spectacular - and a solid, but uneven episode for me (7/10).
Also, the scene with Sheldon and Leonard at the end was touching and handled well.
Some of the relationship angle could of been handled better.
Penny's chat with Leonard - after her call from her Dad - actually highlighted something for me.
Leonard hasn't actually developed too much as a character in certain areas.
The writers are taking the easy option by having him put his foot in his mouth, and by the end of most episodes the situation is resolved (admittedly not in this episode).
I would of thought by now that he didn't have to be so brutally honest in situations like this.
He could have come over with the Star Wars audition plan (instead of his honest approach) and still have the same result - Penny being disappointed with his "solution", getting drunk while watching tv alone and then going over to his appartment.
The audience could have some other funny stuff instead - personally I would have loved to see a knockknockAmy scene.

MVP - Kaley Cuoco.
Not too many funny lines, but her performance was really good at times, especially the scene where her part was cut.


Leonard - "So it's just flirting"
Penny - "Well,yeah...why?"
Leonard - "No reason. I just think its sexier when things are left to the imagination"
Amy looks toward Sheldon - "He's wrong"

Sheldon - "Leonard, do you think I'm funny?"
Leonard - "Noooooo....Do you?"
Sheldon - "I think I'm hysterical"
Leonard - "I take it back, THAT was funny!"

Leonard - "I'm proud of you"
Penny - "We haven't even got to my scene yet"
Leonard - "I know, but you're going to be a tv star and you haven't left me yet......and that takes guts"

Sheldon - "They say that comedy is tragedy plus time" .......looks at wrist watch....... "Lets tickle some ribs"

Penny talking to her dad - "No, I don't need you to come out and kick Mark Harmon's ass"

Sheldon "BRAIN LESION'S!!!"

Stuart - "We could go to that department store, practice on the mannequins"
Raj - "I don't know. They're dressed very stylishly, they're probably stuck up"

Amy - "Do you have any idea how hard it is to laugh at a knock knock joke that starts with "knockknockAmyknockknockAmy"

Howard -"Yeah, well I fake my orgasms"

Sheldon - "Leonard wait"
Leonard - "What"
Sheldon - "I forgot to tell you the sandwich was promiscuous"

Stuart - "How about those guys on that bench over there? They look look pathetic. I bet we could talk to them"
Raj - "That's a mirror"

Notes -

I can't remember - did they ever mention Penny having a brother before?

Bernie's tribute to when Harry Met Sally was.... interesting

While there were a lot of good lines tonight, the reactions made me laugh harder than the actual jokes