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This episode could also have been called "Walking a mile in Sheldon's shoes"
After discovering that he hadn't returned a DVD for 7 years, Leonard agrees to wear an itchy sweater until the matter is resolved - to appease Sheldon's itchy brain feelings - but the store went out of business.

Leonard had to wait until the weekend was over to try and rectify the situation - meaning he had to wear the jumper all weekend, which resulted in this =

Dude looked like he had been in a chemical accident!!!

Unfortunately Howard gave Sheldon the idea of reimbursing the next of kin - so back to the jumper prison for Leonard.

It turned out that Sheldon had paid the late fees 7 years ago - but for some reason kept the DVD - and this was all a plan for a teachable moment.

I liked the fact that this was all a diabolical plot, but it seemed like a missed opportunity - instead of an uncomfortable Leonard, we could of had him acting like Sheldon for the episode. At times he did act this way - the compulsive way he wouldn't give up or cheat - but it wasn't enough in my opinion

Also Lucy returned this week:

Much to Penny's ire she decided to interfere which initially worked out for Raj. He was actually excited to see Lucy.

Unfortunately Lucy crushed Raj again, because she was with someone new. As a way of making things up to Raj, Penny set him up with someone from work - which he blew in spectacular fashion. It seems he wont find love this season.

Not much happened in this episode, this was definitely a missed opportunity - either plot could have been expanded to fill a whole episode with better results

Other stuff:

- Amy trying to steal a drink was funny

- Sheldon's faulty flower was a nice touch

Lines of the night:

- Sheldon "Hows those nipples feelin' chief?"

- Howard "You had to be taught not to play with cobras?"
- Raj "You had to be taught not to burn down the forest?"

- Raj "I LOVE YOU PENNY!!!!"

- Penny "Sweetie, every night you dont kill him in his sleep, he wins"
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