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Continuing the story line from last week Howard and Sheldon are still at NASA and they drop by Sheldon's mothers for a visit.
The rest of the gang are playing a murder mystery game devised by Raj.

Unfortunately its part of a game devised by Raj, so he is still alive.
Leonard, Penny, Amy and Bernie must all work out who is the killer among them, and they are less than enthusiastic about it.
While looking for clues around the apartment, Bernie comes across as receipt from 20 years in the future!.
The group travel through time (via a strobe light and sound effects from Raj's phone) and end up in the future (Penny: Well, my beer isn't flat and my racks not saggy, So far the futures great!).
After finding out how their lives work out, Leonard and Penny get into an argument, (sigh, of course they do), because in their fictional future, they separate when they both become successful. Even after Raj changes their version of the future, it takes Stuart to settle the argument, which leads to Penny ruining the game by saying "Oh Stuart, now I feel bad for murdering you".

In a nice nod to continuity, Sheldon and Howard are still in Texas at NASA, and after Howard gives his talk, (which Sheldon gets a Buzz Aldrin bobble-head for not ruining), they decide to visit Sheldon's mother.
After getting some flowers and pie, instead of just turning up with "the gift of knowledge, Sheldon is confronted by the image of his mum "trying to be a mommy again" and retreat to a bar.
After a mouthful of beer and a chat with Howard, Sheldon gives his mother a text message to say he is coming over because "I used to live in those genitals. And if someone wants to move into my old room, I should at least get a vote".
However, when he turns up to chat Mommy doesn't like Sheldon's tone and sends him to his room.
Following a heart to heart with Howard, Sheldon calms down and goes downstairs to have "the sex talk" with his mother.

While not on a par with 'The Scavenger Vortex', the murder mystery game was a nice change, but Sheldon and Howard's story was the better of the two this week. I thought the episode was a lot better than the average ones TBBT has been churning out this season, probably because they only had two plots to contend with and both benefited from the additional time spent on them.
It was nice to have Laurie Metcalf back as Sheldon's mom, she is always solid when she returns for a guest spot and the relationship the two have is great onscreen.
Howard was a good foil for Sheldon - his story about his mother helped the situation, and I don't think the same could be said if Leonard was there instead

Oh and Stuart had the worst screen death I have seen in a while.

MVP: Sheldon

Lines of the Night:

Penny: Are you going to make us pretend to be a lot of lame characters with silly accents?
Raj: Lame characters with silly acc....what kind of actress are you
Penny: You're right, I'm sorry. It sounds like fun.
Raj: Thank you
Penny: That kind of actress. This SUCKS!

Sheldon: I saw my mommy with a naked man and she was trying to be a mommy again

Sheldon: I used to live in those genitals. And if someone wants to move into my old room, I should at least get a vote.

Sheldon: Can you recommend a surface you haven't had coitus on?
Mother: That's not funny
Mother: Maybe we should sit at the table.

Sheldon: How long have you been involved with him?
Mother: A few months
Sheldon: And of those few months, how long have you been a demented sex pervert?

Mother: (through gritted teeth) Go to your room
Sheldon: (meekly) I'm a grown man

Sheldon: I love my mother. Even if she fornicates like a demonic weasel

Sheldon: You're going to need to be careful. You used to be protected by your pre-enlightenment mythology. But now you're going to need a stronger friend...named latex
Mother: Are you having the sex talk with me?
Sheldon: Well someone has to
Mother: Oh dear lord...
Sheldon: Don't look to him, he's mad at you right now
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Mar 16, 2014
Overall,it was a fun episode with a few laughs.
The positives.
-Raj was fun in this episode and not in a depressing mood again because he doesn't have a girlfriend.When the writers take Raj out of that 'I don't have a girlfriend' gimmick,he returns to his fun loving-self again.At least he was trying to have fun here despite the rotten attitudes the others were in.
-Stuart was also fun here too.
-Sheldon lecturing his mother about how The Lord is mad at her and the giving her the sex talk had me on the floor laughing.And calling his mother a demented sex pervert,hilarious!!Once again,Sheldon showed maturity at the end by accepting his mom's right to a sex life.

The negatives.
-For the 10 000th time,another fight between Leonard and Penny breaks out.I am starting to hate those two!
-Twenty years into the future and Stuart still has no woman.Come on,the writers can do better than that.
Mar 16, 2014
Raj had a lot of good comebacks to all the negativity being thrown his way this week - in any of the episodes he organizes an activity, he seems to shine
Mar 16, 2014
The murder mystery was nice but it lead to another Penny/Leonard argument which was a disappointment.I like Sheldon even when he's being a jerk but this time I was disappointed by the way he tried to slut shame his own mother.
Mar 16, 2014
I think the slut shaming was necessary - to get Howard make Sheldon see what he was doing to his mum
Mar 16, 2014
Wait... haven't we seen that scene between Leonard and Penny like 30 times already?
A hypothetical statement is thrown, while the others keep going Leonard and Penny stops to fight over that statement.
It's seen, already seen, again seen and ALWAYS seen.

And why in hell do they fight over hypothetical changes!?! There are NO chances! Their lives will stay the same! It's TBBT for god's sakes!

Other than that, Penny's still an alcoholoic, Raj's still pathetic, Stuart's still useless.
Anything new? Oh! No, it's The Big Bang Theory, nothing is ever new.
Mar 15, 2014
Well, lets just sit down because I'm sure we were all just blown away by the fact the Leonard and Penny haven't talked about their future. I know it was just so shocking, right? SMH. Leonard and Penny are just too dumb right now. Leonard's jokes I;m getting tired with and Penny thinking of being an A Lister I'm not liking, well her thinking she's going to be one. What I thought of last week after my post on here. Just do a Married with Children route, Penny getting commercials gigs just like that Kelly did. I don't know through. They're just so dumb right now.

Raj getting another game going was good, but everyone's excitement for it just ruined it.

I'd give MVP to Stewart. He wasn't a glooming guss in the episode, but the last scene got me a laugh.

Shelton and Howard bonding trip continuing was fun. Like Shelton and Howard, definitely the 2 best.
Mar 15, 2014
I don't mind her thinking she is going to be an A lister - I assume most actors think that - but how many auditions has she been on since she quit her job? There hasn't been enough. I always compare her to Joey from Friends in my mind. He had delusions of grandeur at times, but he also went on a lot of auditions
Mar 14, 2014
Well, I guess I disagree :)

To me the Sheldon/Howard storyline was mostly akward and except for the bobble-head, not really funny. While I agree that seeing your mother haveing sex is not among the things I need to experience, the way they handeled that - I don't know, it just didn't resonate with me.
The murder-mystery at the apartment was also more 'meh' than 'olé'. Except for a few laughs from Amy and Penny there wasn't much to laugh about. I get that they wanted to discuss Leonard and Penny's future, without actually doing so, but still - all that bickering - meh.

So imho this was, compared to last weeks episode, a weaker installment of TBBT.
Still, I am SO glad the show got renewed for 3 more years.
Mar 14, 2014
The bickering, again.
I wish they would go a few episodes without it.
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