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Its Thanksgiving on The Big Bang - and that is meaningless to me as I'm not American ( I think it has something to do with John Wayne, Indians and turkeys ) - so apparently this counts as a holiday special.

So it turns out Penny got married in Vegas - (squeals "VEGAS BABY!!") - in a drunken haze and didn't know it was real. This led to some understandable friction between Penny and Leonard, and the reappearance of Zack -(I was waiting for Amy to go "whoo" when she saw him but it didn't happen).

Penny's embarrassment and her anger at Leonard seemed to make sense at the end of the episode, with her professing that the next time she gets married it wont be a mistake. This kinda dampens my theory of a pregnancy (Howard and Bernie) being the series big thing and brings up the possibility of a proposal from Leonard to Penny (or vice versa). This was actually the sort of development the relationship needed instead of the mishandling of a couple of episodes

Also, everyone was invited over to Howard's mothers house for dinner, and Bernie's Dad was there as well. Its been a while since he turned up and it was nice because -

A) Howard is less cocky around him and his attempts to bond are usually funny


B) We got drunk Sheldon!

I personally think some of the funnier episodes have been when the characters are drunk, and a drunk Sheldon was a joy to behold. Also drunk Mike finally gave Howard some approval at the end of the episode, which was nice

Lines of The Night -

Sheldon "It is scientifically impossible to tip a cow"

Sheldon "Now I know what the African slaves felt. Being dragged from their homes to labor under the yolk of the white man"
Amy "Are you honestly comparing Thanksgiving dinner at Wolowitz's mom's with one of the greatest tragedies in the history of mankind"
Sheldon "....yes"

Mrs Wolowitz "How can one little toe hurt so bad?"

Sheldon "Yes Miss Amy"

Raj "It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without an Indian providing the food"

Raj "My, my. The plot like my gravy thickens"

Howard "I never had a beer with my dad either"
Sheldon "Do you mind we're having a moment"

Sheldon "All I know is that you can only fit one of her into a car!"

Sheldon "She's so tiny!! Its funny when she's mad!"

Sheldon "I just vomited on a lot of clowns"

But for me the best thing of the night was a tie between Amy's face after Sheldon slapped her bum.

or Sheldons drunk bazinga face:

I thought it was an improvement on the last couple of episodes, what about you?

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